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  1. Sorry to hear that you couldn't make it. I didn't get any great pics of my setup but I had about 8 short boxes of dollar books with quite a few silver age x-men and ASM books. Compared to the last 2 shows, this was by far the busiest for me. Glad to see the state of the hobby strong in SE Iowa!
  2. That would be great if it worked out for you to stop by! This will be the third time I've been at the Burlington show. I usually don't do shows but this is very close to my home and I want to support the event. The last show probably had close to a dozen sellers of back issues and many other vendors selling toys and artwork. John Wells does an awesome job of organizing the event and making it fun for both vendors and participants. I don't know where my spot in the mall is yet, but look for a backdrop made out of PVC pipe and fittings and that will be me - would love to meet you. Ther
  3. Wanted to let you know that we're having a one day comic con at the mall in West Burlington this coming Saturday. Address is: 550 S Gear Ave, West Burlington, IA 52655 Show hours are from 10-7, with costume parade around 3 p.m. I'll be setting up and look forward to meeting any board members that may decide to attend. Here is a link to the facebook page:
  4. Congratulations, Wes! A truly remarkable achievement!
  5. Couldn't be more pleased with my recent transaction! Top notch seller in all aspects!