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  1. The store owner was the one armed. The thief ran into him as he stood in front of the vehicle with his weapon drawn and ordered the thief to stop. The thief had stuffed the comics in his backpack and jetted out the back door of the shop into his vehicle.. James was vocal about being armed at all times and a lot of people figured he would shoot anyone who came in and tried to strong arm him.. the bystanders say the thief jacked "$20" worth of comics. But, I wonder. Because WE know a single comic can be worth a good chunk of change. It is not proven what issues were taken I cannot see an owner running out the door and even bothering to chase $20 (all while leaving the shop unattended) but for all anyone else knows they could have been any comic..I haven't seen anything specific like "He ran in and grabbed 6 new issues of the latest Batman" etc Police etc normally do not have clue what the values are beyond cover price.
  2. $20 worth of comic books..seriously..I hope they nail the b)(*&&^%
  3. I am hoping the damn 911 system is spooning themselves working on a better system where someone doesn't bleed to death on hold
  4. they celebrated their 50th anniversary last week
  5. It took 17 minutes on hold with 911 bystanders took him to the fire station because 911 never responded
  7. Everyone probably saw costume was pretty noticable but everyone I have met since said I really looked like something was wrong and my normal "sparkle" was pretty dim.LOL had fun but next year will be much better
  8. Apparently I had a good excuse to forget all the booths I wanted to visit. I had a dvt with pulmonary embolism sent me into a afib situation.. most likely started Friday.or before.. .so I got to spend some quality time in the hospital.. so much for the healing powers of comicon.. I knew I felt bad and it was getting worse..but I played it off as a result of taking on a difficult cosplay involving padding and pieces that turned the entire costume into a terrarium/oven...I kept having to take breaks and felt horrible ..but I kept thinking it was stress and overwork from doing 3 costumes etc for the con.. I was apparently very lucky not to have a complete stroke right at the con.. I knew since my remission I had been living for the moment and etc..I over did it.. So for everyone I missed maybe next year..God willing...
  9. Yikes are they hoping to schedule it early enough for snow.. blah
  10. DANG missed you sorry to hear that would have loved to stop by.. to be honest after 2 hours or so I was dead and the rest of the day was a blur but would have liked to stop by anyway haha
  11. Earlier than April?? yikes.. it seemed very different from last year..
  12. Yep for sure same guy do not remember the copies but probably 500 or so. His name was Alberto..I am sure Alberto is probably homeless and his kid ..did not get a college education via comic books.. A store owner I worked for once he had quite the set up convince them to hoard multiple issues..then because those issues take up a lot of space charge them a storage fee to keep said books in the store's warehouse at the time we had 250,000 plus books and massive storage so charge an fee like $45 a month for them to keep the overpriced worthless comics they bought in a climate control warehouse where the wife wouldn't see them..and the customer couldn't just roll up and get his books because it was a different location he had to make an appointment etc inconvenient..but also some rich fancy pants would forget for years they had these books there and if they forgot to drop a check OR forgot to pay for pull boxes..he would just keep said books (which they already prepaid for before they were even ordered) We did have about 4k copies of each Xforce cover (gatefold etc etc) and someone abandoned them.. store had a sale "#1 XFORCE ALL VARIANTS HOT INVESTMENT" special..1 of each for $3.00 each book...10 of each for $2.50 a book.etc up to 100 sets for a "sale price" We had multiple long boxes of all those special covers ..variants, 1/2 books, you know all the "special" books that would be super rare and htf and worth $$$$$$$ not...
  13. blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah that is all..
  14. Somewhere ..out there one of my old customers is trying to figure out what to do with the 2500 copies of Beavis and Butthead #1 he swore were such a good investment he would never have a problem sending his kid to college He also bought 1200 copies of a lady death book..because we would not order 1200 for the shop just to get him a special variant cover He is probably trying to find someone to buy those