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  1. Hello All, Gave up selling on Ebay and have started an Etsy store. Has done well in the first month, better than Ebay where there was always more watchers than buyers. Check it out and favorite it as I will be adding more as I go through my collection / hoard! Here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/GraphicEquation Follow on Instagram for updates: http://www.instagram.com/graphicequation/ Thanks!
  2. Know someone that worked at Marvel in the 80-90s and they said that this guy actually worked at Marvel. Not sure who he is or what he did there...
  3. Hadn't seen this. I get what he said about the page was Superman breaking the chains and that's where it started... Saw the slabbed last page of AF 15 for sale with Peter waking away and the "With Great Power---There Must Also Come Great Responsibilty" Iconic and that's where it all started for Spidey fans... Was tempted 'cause don't think I'll be able to own AF15 in this lifetime... Hope he gets his page...
  4. I've been seeing slabbed and unslabbed single comic pages for sale. Some pages from keys and just some general GA, SA & BA books. While I have in the past picked up some complete GA & SA books with no covers. I did for the purpose of reading them as they were first released instead of reprints. I'm assuming people are buying incomplete books and pulling them apart and selling single pages. Can't imagine that someone is pulling apart complete books to part them out. That would be crazy, but all the power to them if that's their thing. Wondering what other peoples thoughts
  5. 6.5 - Is that bottom staple rusty or is it just the lighting and angle? I inherited a run of SI from 1 on from an Uncle. Unfortunately the swimsuit issues, Conigliaro (black eye) and the Steve Prefontaine issue were missing. I suspect my cousin "appropriated" the swimsuit issues as soon as they arrived...
  6. Just picked this up. Thinking 3.5...whadya think? Thanks!
  7. Something I did when I was a student in mid 80s! Graphite on Illustration board... ©2021
  8. Had posted in Original Comic Art thread last month. Got this at a show in Boston in the late 90s. Great action / fight page by Sal Buscema with sig on the back.THWOPP BRAKK! SMAK BROKK! KRAK! THUD!
  9. Just broke my treasuries out of storage. Had forgotten that the first Spectacular Spider-Man reprints ASM 90 - Death of Captain Stacy which is one of my favorite Spidey issues!
  10. Thanks Jimmers! Invoice sent.
  11. $30.00....First IN THE THREAD takes it. Best Offer PMs are Welcomed. All pieces included for both puzzles. Pieces have some rips, tears, soiling, creasing, writing, etc, Both boxes have some rips, tears, soiling, creasing, tape & tape residue, writing, etc. Cool puzzles and classic FF, Spidey & Thor in decent condition! Payment by Paypal Goods and Services only. No returns. Packed securely and price includes shipping. US Shipping Only.• No probies, bad people, etc...Thanks!
  12. $50.00....First IN THE THREAD takes it. Best Offer PMs are Welcomed. Over 150 cards, but not a complete set. Singles, doubles, triples and more of some cards (4 Scarlet Witch cards, etc.) No holograms. Only 1 each of Spider-Man, Venom, Spider-Man vs. Venom & Sabretooth as shown in pics. Use to fill in and complete your set and sell off the rest as singles and make your $$ back. I don’t have the time. My loss Your gain... Message me with any questions or requests for more pics. Payment by Paypal Goods and Services only. No returns. Packed securely and price includes shipping.
  13. I agree that it was most likely miscut by the printer. Found this pic of ASM 23 (not my book) Miscut along the top. Could be safe to say that your book has a production issue and is not trimmed. Grade IMO: 6.5 as is. What looks like staple pulls and a small piece out on the spine below the bottom staple. Some corner blunting. Writing on the first O in SCORPION on the first page. Foxing on the back cover, small indents and crease and what looks like a a puncture and / or a tear near the edge. Not sure that price sticker is a problem as I've read somewhere that this wa
  14. Going through boxes and starting to sell off my collection. Starting with some toys, sports & rock items, etc. Check out what I've listed so far and save me as a seller. More to come! www.ebay.com/sch/amazingcomic/m.html