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  1. Coming up on 30 least his twitter account is timdaniel@enormouscomic. I mean, he could have changed it to timdaniel@atollcomic. Really hoping this comes back for another arc this year. I don't give a rats who the publisher is or if aftermarket is dead.
  2. Username assistance (remove the 1) azcards4ever1 It was originally azcards4ever...can you update my profile so I can get my history? Thanks!!!
  3. Keep the books coming and I think most of us who have posted in this thread will be happy. Yup, I spec'd on Enormous in the early issues and currently in hold pattern for them (I suck at spec'ing so no big whoop if nothing turns out). But I also picked up the singles from 5-12 since its a visual beauty and a great read. Also picked up some cool art (need to get those on the wall!!!) Glad you are continuing with the next arc. Please keep posting in this forum.
  4. So the big popcorn news is that it's coming back in 2017 with a new publisher? That's all great...but we kinda new that already, eh? Either way, can't wait to read the new arc.
  5. Looking to see if anyone has some high grade slabs of Tower Thunder Agents; working on my collection and would love offers for issues #9 through #19. Thanks!!
  6. That's something you don't see too often...creator stating to hold. Kinda cool.. Call me officially intrigued (as are all of the many Enormous hoarders in this forum) PSS: Also extremely intrigued after seeing that kick- Ellen figure on your Facebook site. (at least I think that is a figure). I need me that figure!!!
  7. I'll take a guess for the below: - The option/adaptation. We've moved on from our previous arrangements to something truly extraordinary. Both the producer and I have been hard at work to create something fairly unprecedented for Enormous. I can't offer details yet, but this is a BIG clue: "Moved on" means Fox deal is toast; however, the Chinese reference clue means China’s Huayi Brothers Media has "moved in" making ENORMOUS a potential global opportunity. of course all i care is u still keep on pumping out books...everything else is gravy.
  8. Thanks to this thread I bought a HP-8250 for $90 shipped; works perfect with settings stated in this thread as well. Have current software iMac and had to use VueScan; comes up as 8200 series, but works fine...Below is results...
  9. Modern Slow.. Received: 1/28/16 Graded: 3/30 Still sitting at graded as of 5 min ago...does it go to QC after graded or encapsulation? Just wondering if I'd be getting the new cases or not...I interpreted books in encapsulation process B4 today were still going to get old holders; books entering encapsulation today and beyond would get new.