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  1. Are these preview copies able to be slabbed? I wouldthink not...
  2. Superman #14 recalled version getting some action with Gold Lantern (gulp) cameo...
  3. Ultimate Fallout #4 2nd print variant (white cover) is really firing up...jeez, one raw just closed at $75!!! This was $5 in march. UF4 2nd Print Variant
  4. Yup, same back as the other one. thanks for sharing that pic of DEII...has to be the same (a reprint). Just never seen it before.
  5. Looks like a promo book; no barcode on the indicator location/no store stamp. Lists as being printed 1995... I know of the action figure 2nd print version, but not this one. Google wasn't my friend. Figured someone in this group would have an decent idea. Thanks in advance!!
  6. Old Republic Vol 1 1-6, Old Republic Vol 2 1-5, Legacy Vol 1 Complete set, Jedit One shots 1-5 Heir to the empire 1-4 (Lots 52,63,71,78,79)
  7. Books perfectly graded, fast, and shipped tightly. Highly recommend!!
  8. Please post kudo's of buys and sells. Thanks to all!!
  9. Bought a higher dollar book from Joe...smooth, fast shipping, great communication. No issues dealing with him again.