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  1. Highlights of going to the Fan Expo : some of those anime outfits...made me really like anime Seeing Greggy in his natural habitat just tearing through boxes finding the gems. The HMCS Vancouver sitting pretty in the water next to the convention centre. The star wars gear some people were wearing was very awesome. Not being at work today and it didn't rain. Seeing Mr Magik Woo argue with a few CGC employees about whom their parent company is. That was funny. He says the same company that owns Heritage owns CGC and they're like nope, not true, he says no thats true, they say nope and so on than something about a comic that came back graded less than it should have been with an defect etc I think I tuned out at that point. Dropped off a few things at the CGC booth. Very friendly and polite. Called me sir more than once They said they were flying back on red eye to Florida right after the fan expo. Poor guys and gal. C'MON CGC ! Give your guys and gal a lil more time to enjoy Vancouver! Lowlights : Not enough comic vendors but you know what, fair enough, they run the show and can do what they want, if they're making enough money than whatever, this whole thing is really more about tv show actor, actress appearances and people dressing up parking downtown is a ripoff admission price could be a bit less
  2. I wanted to say something about this earlier but I'd actually forgotten his name, Tony Moore, at the time. I thought the blown up projector was such a cool thing. I watched him sketch for a bit. I get it that this is his job and all but some of those prices...yeesh...
  3. 3 comic dealers at the show. Don't bother going for comics. You can see Canadian Comics and JigglyPig at the Croatian hall for way cheaper. Harley had some guys selling there. They were still setting up their comics wall at about 230. By the time they're done it'll be time to take it all down. Add 30% to all of Harleys prices for the exchange rate. Lots of toys, collectibles, t shirts, costumes and things like that for sale. Didn't have too much time to spend there so I quickly breezed through a few times checking out different booths. Lots of people in costumes, some really good, some really bad. Not something I would go to again. I understand now why comic dealers can't be bothered setting up here.
  4. Hooded guy is just mesmerized as the girl held hostage just happened to go commando that day. Nice book ! GLWTS !
  5. Heading down there today for a few hours. Got the early entry pass so I can get in at noon today. Hoping it won't be too crowded. Most people should be working! Are CGC and Voldemort both accepting submissions today? Will they be sitting beside each other ? Also for getting books signed and CGC certified how does that work? Very been to one of these big shows/events.
  6. first time I've made this mistake, I typed in one number and it popped in a few more, pretty stupid of me not noticing, I was ripping through placing a whole of tracking bids Have to call them tomorrow and see what they say
  7. Soooo, what do I do if I just realized I made a bidding error as my computer remembered a previous bid number I'd entered on a different auction. I meant to place a small tracking bid probably around a few dollars but somehow bid a few hundred... I entered it so fast and hit return I didn't even notice. Anyone have this happen before? The auction doesn't end for a few days so I'm hoping this can be fixed. Its obviously a mistake as its a few hundred above GPA. Cant believe that happened...so much for putting in tracking bids...
  8. Just noticed last night that "Logan" is on netflix Canada. Wife said no way to it last night but she's working an afternoon/night shift right now so yeah me! Just pausing for a washroom break and quick post. So far its really good! I felt like clapping in the opening scene when he sliced up the baddies. Finally a graphic marvel movie, besides Deadpool? I think thats the only other one. I'm not always for senseless killing etc in movies and glorified shooting scenes but this just feels right. Just got to the part where X23 is about to take out a lot of people...
  9. Id be less likely to sell off anything from my Tec or Bats runs. Where are you starting your run from? My Tecs and Bats start around 1969 when Neal and Denny started working on the titles. Seemed like a good time to start. Ive never really been a fan of the GA or early SA Bats, some really really cheesy stuff in there.
  10. I have quite a few variants and the 2nd printings in my ASM run so perhaps I'll sell off a couple of those. Maybe get them graded and just sit on it for a bit. No rush. I honestly am always surprised when moderns go up in price With CGC and everyone kinda knowing how to store properly and pick the best books you'd think supply would meet demand keeping prices quite low but nope, lots of moderns in big titles sell above $100. Still seems crazy to me. I bought a whole bunch of those Adam Hughes cat woman issues from my old LCS back stock for $1 each. Popped them in a box and now I see the Lost cover with the cleavage shot is selling for just over $200 in 9.8. I guess its a low print run? I guess its a sign that the collecting hobby is good and healthy!
  11. Question for y'all I mostly collect Batman, Detective comics and Amazing spider-man. Mainly buying from local comic shows, the boards and my old LCS. For a few years approx 6 years ago when buying at my LCS I rarely read the moderns I was buying. Just buying them obsessively and filing them away in boxes to keep the run going. I finally just stopped buying moderns. I felt I didn't have much attachment to them anymore like way back when I was kid and actually cared about the story lines. Now years later Ive noticed issues here and there that in CGC 9.8 are fetching some good amounts of money. ASM campbell issues, anti venom stuff, batgirl stuff, red hood stuff etc Do I submit to CGC cross my fingers for 9.8s than sell those issues? thus breaking up my runs or just keep as is. I have older issues I could submit too but have slight more attachment to them... If I sold these there is no way I'd ever replace them and my runs would be incomplete at which point its kinda like why bother. Some keys of different comics I've sold in the past I'd like to own again but refuse to pay the prices they command now. I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm kind of leaning towards submitting a bunch than deciding later as at this point maybe they'll come back 9.4s...or worse It'd be nice to use that money to fund some other "key" issues Id like to own but at the same time I'll be ruining my runs. Anyone else ever think this way? Curious how others feel about their...runs.
  12. I thought $8 was totally fair. I spent a few hours there. Lots to look through. I think I spent 2.5 hours there. Didn't really look at any toys, figures or anime. They should really get more people at the door taking payments for the first hour and a bit. Line was way too slow at about 1125am. Get people in faster to spend their money. Seemed like a lot of the people selling at this show don't sell at the HH show. Only complaint I overheard was someone talking about comic boxes being out of order. Thats something I don't have patience for. Looking to fill in runs using a list but titles are just all mixed together...ugh...drives me nuts. Not even alphabetical. Id rather pay someone more money that has their stuff in order and makes it easier to go through. @aardvark88 So just a random person brought the Tec 31 to sell ? or was it a collector ? Whats the full back story?
  13. Pretty good show today. Very busy. Lots of sellers. My pickups were lower grade Neal Adams stuff off Chad, whole bunch of Spidey and Bats run fillers from the Canadian comics guys (don't know their names) and a few books from Eegabeeva(forgot his name)... My 2 favourite pickups were Real Life Comics 7 and Romance without Tears tpb from Eegabeeva The Romance without Tears is pretty cool. Reprints a whole bunch of Matt Baker romance stuff, Id never seen one before.
  14. plus one on the $100 which is crazy to me but that appears to be what people are paying
  15. My eyes aren't the best but whats happening at the bottom left corner on the front cover? tearing? I see what looks like a small crease on the front top left corner.