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  1. I tried facebook but its been weeks and my message has not been seen. I was hoping someone here could help me out. There could be a couple bucks in it for you if you can. I can explain further if you message me.
  2. Beautiful and Large Swampthing Cover painting for sale. Listed this on ebay.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Swamp-Thing-148-Original-Cover-Art-Painting-by-John-Mueller-1994-Oink-Creator/324110718067?hash=item4b76811473:g:9VMAAOSwE0dedoLe
  3. I saw some on Bill's website yesterday. Check it out.
  4. Hello, Does anyone have a great Batman piece by Bruce Timm? I have cash and art for the right piece. I am not looking for prelims or head shots. I would like to find one representative example for my collection. Please do message me if you have a high end Timm Batman. best, Matthew
  5. In my search of a Dark Knight Frank Miller page, I am also looking for a definitive Neal Adams Batman example. I only need one example for my Batman collection. If you have something by Neal Adams that you think would make for a great representation for Neal on Batman, please message me.
  6. Serious collector here looking for a nice example from the Dark Knight by Frank Miller. Please message me if you would like to talk cash and/or trade.
  7. just a bump for anyone who has not seen these whimsical sets =)
  8. Hello Guys and Gals, Here are some items I consigned to Heritage. These are some of the most beautiful chess sets I have ever had in my collection. These are all hand made from scratch. Do not be confused by the hand painted cast molds you will occasionally see on ebay. These are among Doug Anderson's finest works. They are all in MINT condition which is very rare. They retail for 8-10k each. I do not expect them to go anywhere near that amount being many collectors of his work do not know about this auction. They are of a comical nature so I thought I would post a link.. https://fineart.ha.com/c/search-results.zx?N=3166+793+794+792+2088+4294946329+4294967041&type=friend-consignorlive-notice They make for a stunning display.
  9. I am some what of a Bisley expert and you are definitely right about your thoughts on the Conan sketch. Biz art from 1998 which is just around the time he stopped painting motorcycles and got his job on ABC warriors is hard to come by and definitely more sought after by Biz nuts like myself. Conan is also a theme with his work from his start to current day. If this sketch was done yesterday it would be worth a fraction of its value being from 1988.
  10. Thanks Bird! I am going to contact him now. The only reason I did not was because I asked in the past and they were all spoken for. Thanks for the reply my friend =)
  11. Hello, I am looking for an example from 300 by Miller. Does anyone happen to have one they would like to trade or sell? If so please contact me. best, Matthew
  12. I am going to end this,lol. Nothing to see here folks =)
  13. Dude the boards have become so hostile. I post an innocent post recognizing the people who have posted in the past as real gents and I get attacked. Mr.Seffinga, get a life and stop trying to impress people on a message board like a child.
  14. Hello Guys! I was hoping for more art pics. Last year some real gents took slews of pics for us that could not make the show =(