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  1. Nice book...was looking at a 4.0 recently, but lucked out on an eBay auction.
  2. I forgot to add this pick up. Another copy with incredible eye appeal for a 2.5. The back cover is just as nice. I should check into the grader notes one of these days.
  3. Here is my contribution to the thread today. Got to be one of the nicest 2.0 I’ve seen.
  4. Purchased Tales to Astonish 27 CGC 3.0. Great communication and awesome buying experience overall for a key acquisition. Shipping as described and securely packaged. Would certainly do business in the future. Many thanks!
  5. Just purchased a couple really nice Pre-Code Monster CGC books from Lou. He never hesitated to send additional images and was open to negotiating on both books. In addition, he worked with me on shipping options to deliver the books to Canada. Overall great buying experience and recommend doing business with him. I certainly will in the future. Many thanks Lou!
  6. Looking for Atlas/Marvel Monsters 4.0-6.0 raw or graded in the following titles: Amazing Adventures Journey into Mystery Strange Tales Tales of Suspense Tales to Astonish Also looking for a raw or potentially graded FF 1 or ASM #1 Golden Record Reprint 4.0-7.0
  7. WTB lower grade Raw or CGC Atlas/Marvel Monsters. I'm interested in a range of grades from 3.0-6.0. Titles/Issues I'm looking for are as follows: Amazing Adventures 3 & 6 Amazing Adult Fantasy 7,8, 10-14 Journey into Mystery 5-82 Strange Tales 70-100 Tales to Astonish 4-34 Tales of Suspense 3-38 Not interested in the keys (i.e. Strange Tales 89, TTA 13, TTA 27 etc) Will pay up to $60 for raw copies depending on condition of the copy and looking to only to spend up to $100 per copy for slabbed issues (non keys) Many tx, CC
  8. Thread closing in 15 minutes
  9. CGC FF 48 3.5 and ASM 50 3.5 sold