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  1. Competing with Amazon is depleting their moral
  2. Hi I am selling my X-men #1 , 1st take it posted buys the book . I haven't sold anything on the new boards yet so take it easy on me , I can give references on request. Shipping will be overnight air ( USPS) and is included in price . Feel free to pm any questions it could take a day or so for me to respond as I am busy. Only for sale in continental U.S. Payment by check or money order only , checks must clear before I send it. Thanks for looking , Wes $ 19,500.00
  3. Price drop on Avengers #1
  4. Thanks ! I check in everyonce in awhile
  5. TOS 39 8.0 Ow/w 13,600.00 shipped SOLD
  6. Avengers 2 8.5 Ow/w 1350.00 shipped in continental US SOLD
  7. Avengers 1 5.5 White pages (case is cracked at top book not affected) 3300.00 3000.00 shipped in continental US SOLD
  8. Hi everyone, going to sell off a few books today . No probies or HOS takers plz. Books are graded therefore no returns . Check or money orders ONLY no paypal .