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  1. My parents bought me transformers inferno for Christmas in the early 80s. Still have fond memory of it. JCPenney also had toy section. Not as nice as sears though
  2. Unfortunately all my childhood toy stores from the 80s have kicked the bucket. Kb toy store at vallco fashion mall in Cupertino and toys r us in Winchester Blvd in San Jose. bought many transformers from that kB store. Most of my genesis and Super Nintendo games were bought at toys r us. kiddie world in San Jose on Stevens creek and San Thomas expressway. Bought my first gi joe in 1982.
  3. Updates:(7/5) - TFOU, the kids’ programming strand of leading French commercial broadcaster TF1 who will premiering the brand new The Smurfs series (locally titled Les Schtroumpfs) as part of their Autumn/Winter 2020 programming highlights, has released new details about the new series!The Smurfs will feature iconic Smurfs such as Joker Smurf and Baby Smurf, Grouchy Smurf and Musician Smurf, as well as the return of villains, such as wizard Gargamel and his cat, Azrael.Smurfette has long been the only girl Smurf in the village, however, this will change in The Smurfs, when the Smurfs meet a "t
  4. 1st Gargamel and 1st Azrael. Important partner in crime. Interesting to see that Azrael is female originally and then male in cartoon show, movies, and later comics
  5. Definitely remind cgc when they encapsulate to state the inclusion of the mini story. I’ve seen slabbed copies of this book that does not mention that. Makes you wonder if cgc is aware of it or not
  6. If they have a reseller permit then they are looking really good. For the regular guy, after taxes and fees it’s a $400 flip. Not bad for a regular guy but even better for a reseller; about a $1100 flip
  7. Anyone hoarding copies in the 7.0-8.0 range 10 years ago is looking really good right now. Even at current prices a 7.0 or 7.5 is still a good deal. I see myself saying the same thing in 2030. It’ll be a bigger grail than any Bronze Age key; even hulk 181. So it’ll be in the same boat as other silver age keys
  8. Yep very true. Let it ride, it lands where it lands. Easily by a landslide the #1 silver age grail. I wouldn’t get too excited on outliers in either direction
  9. Isn’t $31,000 actually considered a normal sale price. There’s a good amount data points that point it at the $30k mark. I would not consider it a bad sale. There is a similar discussion over at the turtles 1 1st print cgc 9.8. There is a 90k sale At heritage and there’s about 3 different sales at 50-60k
  10. Over at heritage in 2019, it went for $144k. So pretty much the same price as the ComicLink, $3k less At ComicLink https://comics.ha.com/itm/silver-age-1956-1969-/superhero/journey-into-mystery-83-marvel-1962-cgc-nm-94-off-white-to-white-pages/a/7204-91064.s
  11. I would talk to a supervisor. If that person can’t answer then talk to his or her supervisor. Sounds like eBay messed up. I’ve have similar mess up due to error on eBay
  12. Interested in the actual sales transaction of this particular book. That’s quite a huge gap between $90k and $59k. It appears that a 9.8 is more in the $50-$60k range