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  1. I’m surprised that most Americans don’t even that this series existed. Been around since 1958 and some of the well known American dealers don’t even know if it’s existence
  2. Action Comics #1 1938 CGC PG Page 2 1st Superman 1st gets it no list members Will list here for couple of days. If it doesn't sell I'll send it into Mycomicshop $9250 shipped USA or Canada
  3. None of the above for books less than $10k I use my comic shop to buy and sell 1. No California tax 2. Fast shipping 3. Get my money fast
  4. Maybe a dealer can include it in his repuort. Unlikely though. Comiclink can list their spirou 1071 cgc 9.6 sale i use to read the market reports religiously but ever since I discovered the boards I stopped. It’s basically 1 year behind we’re at 14,000 views
  5. Cap 1 cgc 7.5 Conserved (staples cleaned) would seem like a good deal, good value https://comics.ha.com/itm/golden-age-1938-1955-/superhero/captain-america-comics-1-timely-1941-cgc-conserved-vf-75-off-white-pages/a/7212-91073.s
  6. Nope blue unrestored was perfect. If you need to know the condition the number is nice and clear on the upper corner of the slab. 0.5 to 10.0. A new collector can distinguish a 0.5 unrestored blue vs a 9.2 unrestored blue. The number on the label is a giveaway. Thus no need I thought this topic was more on the unrestored,restored, qualified and the color of the label that corresponds to it. not time period/rarity
  7. If we can go back in time and polled 10,000 collectors and asked if they wanted their slabs in different color labels the majority would opt for the different colors. Anyone that spends their hard earned money will spend accordingly and do his or her research . The label color doesn’t make a difference to me, it’s the Restored vs unrestored. I find cbcs blue to be deceptive. I’ve seen many instances were eBay sellers trick the buyers into thinking it’s an unrestored blue on a cbcs Restored book. Either by being vague by saying you get what you see. That means if you don’t read what’s on the label then it’s your fault. Which is 100 percent true but very deceptive. I hope Cgc will keep its 3 color designation as is.
  8. The market for restored (purple) vs unrestored (blue) is fluid; its always changing. the hobby is always evolving or changing. For me its restored vs unrestored. Its not unrestored blue vs purple or Blue vs restored blue. If CBCS wants to confuse me by putting both types of book in a blue label then more power to them. I agree to disagree that its no good for me (and i'm sure lots of other collectors). Yes, if i'm gonna spend money, I will stop myself and read that label so that I don't waste money by being tricked