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  1. Cgc color coding is a good thing. It’s transparent. Cbcs restored blue label is deceiving if presented from across the room you would think you had an unrestored book but on closer inspection...
  2. The all star 8 Cgc 5.0 and 4.0 are too similar to be in the same auction (eye appeal and grade)
  3. Both of the boardies sold them to me already. Part of the sales pitch was “I’m gonna regret selling these since it’ll be hard for me to find in the same grade again” I fell for the sales pitch and took the bite
  4. There’s a couple of other board members That I’ve interacted with that will agree with you.
  5. Sounds reasonable to me. Yeah this book would be classified as a silver age book
  6. I believe in the smurfs as part of pop culture. I’ve hoarded quite a few of these copies and really believe in the book. Will continue to hoard them. Truly believe in it. It doesn’t get the recognition because it’s not a book that originated in the USA so kids didn’t grow up with it. I’m Asian so my Asian relatives grew up with these so I was introduced when I was younger but I never realized that the 1071 contained the 1st smurfs until I joined the boards. There’s many 2nd and 3rd tier characters from marvel/dc that get more respect than these spirou but it might be because most USA collectors are not aware of the existence of spirou. Like I stated before a couple of “expert” big time comic dealers here on the boards didn’t even know these existed
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Spirou-1072-CGC-7-5-2nd-Smurfs-Appearance-1st-Smurfs-Cover-Off-White-White-Pg/224022243678?pageci=0abbe43a-8aca-470b-8c02-691587458ecc
  8. Everyone is discussing the glitches but I also don’t like the mobile and desktop layout of the new comicconnect. The old layout was 100x better. Don’t need to fix it if it’s not broken.
  9. If I guy co-signs or buys from them and mentions the books involved. They know who’s who. Especially bigger books. I know from my many interactions with comiclink
  10. Comicconnect should have never changed their website. Don’t like the current layout. The old format was 100x better. Currently their website is worst than heritage and comiclink
  11. I agree. I had that experience. Pgx missed the color on a 9.0 that I had. Scrape off the color touch to get an unrestored 7.0
  12. Cgc is similar in brand to say Nike vs the other shoe companies. Once you got that brand in your brain it’s irreversible.
  13. Pgx 6.0. Not even joking here based on past personal experience
  14. I have more confidence in Cgc. What if there is a small population that would prefer a cbcs 4.5 over a Cgc 4.0?
  15. Even from the pic, you can see the pressable defects
  16. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Spirou-1071-1st-Smurfs-Single-Highest-Graded-No-Rust-On-Staples-OW-White-Pages/224009371736?pageci=8cd29395-9194-4133-b888-4da693bbe18b Spirou 1071 1st Smurfs Single Highest Graded No Rust On Staples OW-White Pages Most of the spirou 1071 have rusted staples. Not this book! No rusty staples here
  17. Maybe heritage will never get paid on this book. Who’s the under bidder? Possible that we have 2 guys up to no good; Underbidder/winner
  18. 2 involved here. Who’s the underbidder. What if heritage never gets paid. Maybe we have 2 guys up to no good
  19. Depends on if sales tax is involved. Let’s assume the heritage copy required the buyer to pay taxes. So buyer probably paid close to $200k. I have no idea where the cc will hammer at but it’ll be 10 percent less if the final bidders needs to pay taxes. For me 10 percent is a huge deal. I don’t care how rich you are but 10 percent is a huge deal
  20. $15 for grader notes seems like $15 well spent. For me my threshold for grader notes as a requirement is anything $1,000 and more
  21. Recently AT&T had an iPhone 6 for $99 with $45 monthly fee for unlimited usage. I’m on that plan and the phone is very easy to use
  22. Closed 1st gets it no list member paypal within 48 hours