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  1. That is one of my all time favorite covers! Never owned a copy. Love it! With the group here, looks like a 3.5 to me. Outside shot at 4.0. (Assuming nothing catastrophic on back cover.)
  2. That's great. They love the idea of someone out there in the world sending them "stuff". Gives them something to look forward to. I have another lot for the bored adults out there that I'll be posting.
  3. Is it okay if I pick another? My oldest daughter would love this. They're both bored to tears as our county wasn't really prepared for virtual education, so they've been forced to attend what they both refer to petulantly as "Daddy School". As I'm making them do worksheets and the like that I can find online. They hate it, but... At least they'll be somewhat prepared when they finally go back.
  4. Taken via PM! For that adult stuck at home wondering if they’re going to lose their mind if they have to listen to one more stupid TikTok. (Oh wait, that’s me...). Hope it goes to a good home. I ended up with two...