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  1. Wow. Can this help with that? If I wasn't already divorced I'd buy it just for that if nothing else!
  2. Looking to pick up some Spidey run books in mid-grade. These should all be hole-fillers with no major keys. (Couple minors such as 96, 120 and 299.) I'm looking for raw or potentially slabbed as long as they're cheap. Not looking for $100+ books for these books and preference is to buy multiples from a single seller. Let me know what ya got! 60 82 thru 88 90 thru 94 96 118 120 132 134 141 thru 143 152 299
  3. So, this is the oldest 10 of the 1991 series essentially. And there aren’t any 10s of the 1963 series. So oldest 10 of a series specifically titled “X-men”.
  4. That's a really cool book! Aren't their 10.0s in Uncanny? I think issue 160 has a 10.
  5. Great buyer! Bought two books and paid right up! Good guy!
  6. Last Call 20% Off on anything left in the thread until midnight tonight. After which, this one is closed and I'll work on getting a raw thread opened.
  7. It’s an unexploited market. The money is there for someone. I know startup costs are probably daunting.