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  1. Owned this copy for several years.
  2. Had a great transaction with Ro. We traded multiple books and everything went smoothly. Would not hesitate to deal with again.
  3. Interesting, I read through a couple pages of this and as far as I could tell no one listed Schomburg... 1. Jack Kirby - Prolific, Action sequences are amazing, Almost single handed jump started the Hero genre in the 60s. 2. Neal Adams - Changed the game in the 70s. 3. Alex Schomburg - Crazy cover layouts that just worked. A one man Ally propaganda machine. 4. John Romita - His work on Spidey is just epic. ASM 39, ASM 50, ASM 67 Classics! Honorable mentions: Matt Baker - His rendering of the female form may be the best in comic history. LB Cole - His horror and romance covers are some of the most sought after in collecting. Instant classics. (See Mask 1 and Mask 2) Frazetta - Some of the most amazing covers in the genre. If he was just a bit more prolific he'd be in my top 4.