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  1. Unforutnately, I've had a check in the mail that I sent for over a month at this point. It was to Canada, but still.
  2. I totally understand your feelings on this. I've known some of you for a decade or more now, so I don't give it a second thought for those I know well. To be fair, I don't regularly cut checks in the four and five figures.
  3. I think we need further elaboration as to why paypal payments are "Pending" as well.
  4. Across an international border? That's extremely unwise...
  5. I don't get this at all... We all make mistakes. Just fix it and move on. Even if your moral compass is wonky, there's the fact that the boards are filled with numerous great sellers to fill the void of bad sellers and you're running the risk of being blacklisted by deep pocketed buyers who have numerous other avenues to turn to. Fix it as fast as you can and hope to avoid public condemnation. Common sense!
  6. I do this all the time and have had board members send me five figure checks so I wouldn't get hit with paypal fees. This is such a good place. Where genorosity and trust still thrives. It's so repugnant when things go off the rails like this. It's also sad.
  7. Hi Jon, It's not the right place, you'll be wanting the "WTB" forum. This is for sales only. Welcome to the Boards!
  8. Looking for a copy. Paying market value (GPA) for a 9.2 to a 9.6. Show me what you got.