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  1. neither can i, only that I know 2 folks that reached out to Lee also reached out to me, so I was just confirming Lee's report of more issues from more folks...outside of that, I have no skin in this
  2. I think 2 of the folks are on your list that reached out to me.
  3. I’ve had two other board members reach out to me to ask if I know top city as they too, are having problems. So seems to not be 1 or 2 but multiple issues. Clearly a bad pattern emerging.
  4. If those were Pete’s o bought some of them
  5. He’s here in Florida doing fine. They lost power for 30 min. That’s it.
  6. When you auction a collection like that you don’t pay any seller fees and probably get a piece of the buyer premium too
  7. The answer is pretty clear but not my place to discuss
  8. its the way business has been done forever, not sure why cgc doesn't allow, but as mentioned, its the sole reason I am not selling here I mean, why wouldn't a community want to help its members...by giving the "discount" to the cgc board member versus giving to paypal seems like a good thing to me?
  9. Cash can be in the form of checks or wire etc., it’s basically saying “fee free” payment method. But some folks don’t have “cash” at time and need to use PayPal/credit cards , so to restrict to just cash/checks can remove/alienate potential buyers as well as a seller I’m interested in my “net” but don’t want to restrict any pool of buyers
  10. I think some are confusing me with Rick (rickneatstuff?) that works with heritage now. i don’t
  11. Weird. I see posts from those I follow when they post. Wasn’t aware there was any posting delays?