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  1. Can’t imagine there will be any discernible pattern from a 1930s print run ?
  2. The back cover (interior and exterior ) is shared by multiple ga comics. Impossible to know “if” from a 27 unless provenance to prove
  3. Very cool to own one There are 38 certified copies by Cgc alone, so it is not “rare” by comic book standards. if we were to apply the Gerber scarcity index just to “known “ copies it would likely be a 7. Add in extrapolated “unknown” copies and more like a 6 (uncommon) congrats on acquiring
  4. Picked up 4 copies so far. Anyone else selling?
  5. John went to almost all the heritage auctions. His kids just taking up mantle.
  6. Might have been 10 years ago. Can’t remember. It wasn’t a “good” price at the time, but was a good looking copy
  7. I remember almost paying Leroy’s 30k asking for his 5.0 at c2e2 some 7+ years ago
  8. Talked to the owners. It’s not for sale. but if anyone needs to contact them, it’s comic heaven and their contact info is in the ospg
  9. Would like to buy multiple copies. Generally Paying gpa average for certified copies.
  10. Comics.org is pretty good source Overstreet too , but takes some work keltner index will give you titles too and from there easier to identify cover artists
  11. Not this year. I have to be in Honduras that week. Too bad c2 moved from April to feb.