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  1. SPAM, really?...is nothing sacred any more
  2. [CLOSED] BATMAN 181 + HOS 92

    I will take them at both deal

    As jaydog mentioned universal still has namor rights, not marvel or Disney. Wouldn’t hold my breath on this one. Though maybe one day.
  4. Batman #1, Larsen on eBay?

  5. Batman #1, Larsen on eBay?

    Back off people. I’m winning this gem. Woohoo!
  6. My Favourite Story from C2E2

    It’s all relative. Bob mentioned a hos92. I had a Cgc 9.0 ow/white pager priced at right about what bob was asking, slightly ahead of gpa as that is a trending up book. It was first book to sell Friday morning.
  7. My Favourite Story from C2E2

    At least I used a different color post it note!
  8. Is Cap #3 the Action #7 of it's title run ?

    Cap 46 is third highest demand issue
  9. Centaur Comics

    Predominantly reprints iirc
  10. Centaur Comics

    Cool. Check out my Centaur a day thread
  11. Heritage May auction

    I suspect it will go way north of 40
  12. Heritage May auction

    Rosie and John are surviving children
  13. Heritage May auction

    My thoughts exactly