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  1. actually, restaurants and movies are my call...clothes, no way, all her
  2. Just realized as I'm trying to pick 5 for a group shot that timely was not in there beyond usa5. Like cap 3 or 46, mmc15 or 40 or 44 or 46 or ht 5 or subby 12 etc. or usa7???? just not sure how anyone could decide!
  3. Funny Picture Stories 2/4
  4. I'm leaning on including.
  5. Indeed
  6. Many here cup runneth over. That's the challenge of this thread. Pick 5 fav.
  7. I love my aman26 and aman22. And I love amf2/10. I'm not even sure what my top 5 centaurs would be! But top 5 has to have diversity. So I'd limit to one from 5 diff publishers. And fp40 is visually my favorite. Though Aman 26 will always be special to me
  8. I want ice cream!!
  9. I do have multiples of Whiz 2 (1) but it's not a top 5 favorite book (top 20 for sure) not sure any batman book makes top 5 either. I really like 11&18&47 and own multiple copies, but not top 5 picking 5 is so tough whiz 22, terrific 5, funny pages 40 are 3 likely top 5...but Where does superman 14, pep34, usa5,zip 22, punch 12, detective 73, detective 31 etc etc fit in
  10. It wouldn't make my top5
  11. 5 different books is better
  12. I believe you have at least one more on my short list (maybe both)... I must be transparent
  13. that might have been a different copy...there was a 6.5 shopped by a Collector (not a dealer) to dealers and all declined... at below retail (not cut rate by any means), but a price that "if" the market was where some think it is, would be a no brainer purchase