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  1. Batman 15 golden age

    Bunky Brian took care of me
  2. ComicConnect Nov auction

    Didn’t even know you had a pgx book
  3. Hello all. Looking for a decent presenting and reasonably priced Batman 15 for a friend for Christmas. Can anyone help?
  4. ComicConnect Nov auction

    As a ga collection you have to know by now there is really only one reason a seller would put a Cgc book in a pgx holder...and that reason should be obvious
  5. Probably sell off everything and move to the Bahamas
  6. 1-probably a grand 2- what grade 100? i have a nice 4 in that range I believe
  7. Need help finding a topic

    Smart. Didn’t think of that
  8. Need help finding a topic

    Ty. How did you find it and so quickly?
  9. Need help finding a topic

    A few years ago I posted a topic about setting up at a convention but I cannot seem to locate it at all (I’ve tried search Etc to no avail ) can anykne link me?
  10. Probably more fun for me but enjoy sharing
  11. And this journey comes to an end with issue 80