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  1. Just meant I hadn’t been on eBay since 2011 so until I started selling sideshow and hot toy figures on there last few months I wouldn’t have even known my password to login to report
  2. I have recently started selling some hot toys on eBay so I know my password again ! I haven’t researched this but I’m speculating this is a copyright infringement or violation ?
  3. has anyone reported to ebay, via a copyright violation? just curious
  4. I bought that aa16 raw from a friend in 2009...he graded it a 2.5 due to silver fish damage...I remember when we sent to cgc and it got a 3.5 I paid him another 5K after the fact... traded it to Verzyl at nycc 2010 for those Mile High Zips I had...ah, to go back in time...
  5. I typed this response a few days ago, but never hit "send"...Im a big price guide fan, and a big Bob O fan, but didn't want to be "negative"...but what the heck (kudos to bedrock on the market report bias, I touched on that a bit): as most all know, OSPG has not been "price" relevant in years and years, on the majority of demand books (its just fine for the vg book no one is talking about)...it serves a wonderful purpose with a myriad of fabulous information, comprehensive title and issue listings, articles and advertisements and market reports (many self serving), etc, but isn't a relevant price "guide" any longer...like most all print, it can't be effective released once a year... that said, it has its place in our hobby, just not as a price guide... and there is no need for a monthly update...we have daily updates via so many sources that with just a little bit of work, one can form a pretty good idea of FMV for virtually any comic...
  6. To about 5.5 i got 13500 for a 6.0 recently and sold a 5.5 for 11
  7. X-men 1 been trending to 2k a point for a while now. I sold a 2.5 for 4750 last month.
  8. Why not Just send an eBay message asking if on Cgc boards?
  9. detective has been published bi monthly for the past few years