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  1. the cover on the ebay one is produced exactly as original, without the alterations that all official reprints have
  2. it was made on a printer...complete reproduction I suspect
  3. I don't think Ritter is on the boards, but I know a little bit about his business model from our previous discussions ( I don't think it is a secret). One part of his model is to identify books that have upgradable flaws (certified or raw), crack them and fix those flaws (via pressing, or reattaching with tape, etc). He then sells the "improved" book at the grade he feels it is (and he is pretty darn accurate, from my experience) and a price relative to the grade... I've never known him to just crack a book and inflate grade/price...I've viewed a ton of these type raw books he offers (why pay for grading, as that cuts into the profit margin) ...he always "improves" the grade somehow...
  4. There are between 110-130 “known” copies (obviously we are including the slabs, and mileage varies as some copies known from diff sources might be same ). There has to be, statistically speaking, a fair % of existing but “unknown” or unaccounted for copies (copies we’ve not identified ). while 100 or so sounds nice, I’d bet the farm that number is 50% or more low
  5. You are correct. There are no rare or even scarce issues. In fact , I’m sure 15 is not “scarcer” than 16 and 77 is not “scarcer” than 76 in terms of existing numbers. what might be is an appearance of one less available than another in the marketplace due to a myriad of reasons , the Main being value/importance Superman 76 is a minor key. More buyers want this issue so more sellers feature it. But I suspect if you box dig, there are plenty of issue 75&77 available, just not visually apparent.
  6. I believe It was glued
  7. The value gap between Superman 1 and Batman 1, grade for grade has widened significantly over the last 5 years (Someone mentioned 5 years ago they touted bat 1 as better...exact opposite has occurred). . With Superman continuing to distance itself from Batman 1.