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  1. Incredible Hulk 181 Cgc 6.5 Q $3495 via PayPal goods and services + Fedex ground shipping costs (based on zip code) This book is part of a small consignment we are offering. PayPal payments will be made directly to the consignor.
  2. Giant Sized X-men 1 Cgc 9.2 $12,995. PayPal or wire on this one. same rules as ff1
  3. Hello all Formerly listed on ig, now exclusively offered here on the Cgc boards. Consignor is closing on a real estate deal Friday so payment needs to be received by Thursday, meaning payment options limited to wire or certified bank check directly to my consignor Fedex shipping included domestically. International sale possible , but shipping details would need to be worked out. no returns first take it on thread or pm works (time stamp if necessary) offers strongly encouraged if $54,995 asking price is not met. I would be willing to financ
  4. Hello all. check out Instagram ID Newforcecomics for some great sa and Bronze Age keys some highlights :
  5. They’ve been found and purchased
  6. I had this commissioned about 10 years ago. Heard it was made into a poster. So if anyone wondered the inspiration for the piece, here it is
  7. https://www.comicartfans.com/my/GalleryRoom.asp?GSub=216464 I think I did this right ?