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  1. The third 9.0 has never been publicly offered for sale that I am aware of...so I’d like to see it too
  2. I wouldn't ever again...I bought a superman 1 pgx...the back cover was a repro...huge $ loss...big mistake buying pgx
  3. the diff is many won't buy a pgx (me included) but I would buy a cgc for way more than a pgx would get...since you don't need cash fast, but at some future point will sell, send to cgc now and get it over with...2.5% of todays' fmv cheaper than 2.5% of tomorrows fmv...pgx will sell 10% less or more, so well worth the 2.5%
  4. Those staples were chia pet rusted. I’m guessing the cover will detach at both staples at some future point. Ain’t no removing that rust
  5. its the 3rd 9.0 upgraded to 9.4...not these 2
  6. No. When I was offered this book several years ago, I showed it to someone that “confirmed” it would likely be a Cgc 1.8/2.0 due to spine split. Of course what would happen today , who knows
  7. Cumulatively I’m sure they are now older. But at time of purchase I’d guess most were younger than that ... it’s all relative
  8. I dont ask every buyer their age but I know of at least 5 in the last couple of years that I know are still in their 30s. That’s the majority of copies sold over the past couple of years I’m aware of
  9. The question should be what percent of new owners. 60 year olds that bought their copy in 1982 have no impact on current pricing. But the majority of new owners in the past 10 years are 30-50 year olds