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  1. I will take the 227 per pm
  2. 4th post for those at home keeping score
  3. G.A.tor

    Ask Gator

    And yet there is so much widespread depression and frustration here, I’m sure not everyone feels fortunate
  4. G.A.tor

    Ask Gator

    Supplies and workers are scarce been over 4 months and we are still months from any meaningful results
  5. G.A.tor

    Ask Gator

    Thanks no store opportunities yet so still a little depressing in this neck of the woods. But we wake up every day so could be worse
  6. G.A.tor

    Action Comics 1 newly graded FMV?

    It was Cgc walk through today
  7. G.A.tor

    Action Comics 1 newly graded FMV?

    That’s the posts. Grail attained led me to believe it was for their personal collection. But if they sold it good for them.
  8. G.A.tor

    Action Comics 1 newly graded FMV?

    I read her posts as if it was a personal grail. I could of course be wrong. Only Adam/Danielle can answer that
  9. G.A.tor

    Action Comics 1 newly graded FMV?

    The bat 1 was just an inventory book we owned, they still have their personal copy I’m sure.
  10. G.A.tor

    Action Comics 1 newly graded FMV?

    It’s filter81/Danielle’s. Don’t think they are selling it
  11. I think lists would vary greatly once criteria is defined... value? demand? historical significance? characters relevance today? scarcity? popularity? etc etc
  12. From a demand standpoint, been asked for cap 3 much more frequently than 10+ issues listed above...mileage may vary
  13. G.A.tor

    Punch Comics 12 - Anyone ever see one ?

    I did blush will be absorbed into my inventory for convention sales