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  1. Away at basketball camp. 4 day hiatus from posting books
  2. Negative juice. Meaning consignor gets a cut of the bp
  3. 90 sounds reasonable
  4. I'm guessing he's still paying 10% best I've seen on heritage is 12.5 and clink pretty firm at 10% too
  5. Looks like Goldman finally selling those amfs he got last year.
  6. Seems to be at least 2500 for lower grade verzyl not selling the 9.8 so that is moot
  7. I think 300 is a little high. I think 200 is likely. But really can't/likely won't ever know
  8. Yes. "Meh" means unlikely to me? Appreciate the clarification
  9. Good points. There very likely are not more than a small % of copies that could garner 7 figures. Those copies 7.0? And above. The majority of existing copies are likely restored or lower grade and until recently didn't even sniff 6 figures. I think many I've talked to over he years that can't accept a Higher than 100 exist # seem to be from the camp "show me or I don't believe". Doesn't work that way, of course. That first published estimate of "less than 100" originated long ago, pre internet/Information Age. We likely know slightly different now.
  10. That's part of it too...the "gut" feeling from experience. Most "claims" I dismiss, but after 40 years in the hobby, you can get a "feel". Again, could be wrong. No one really knows. I just like to hear folks opinions and insights
  11. Little Giant Movie Funnies 2 last of the small centaur digests (one more oversized to post when I get to the U's)
  12. Of course most is hear say. This isnt a court of law requiring proof its mostly conjecture and opinion, but experience and first hand knowledge do validate some opinions slightly more than others, or maybe not And many do share. Like the lawyer we (yes pickie) met in sdcc a little while back that did share pics of his 3 fortressed action 1s (among others). That said, no one likely will ever know. I shared my conclusions and why...how bout share yours?
  13. Mf52 is still a golden age key...spectre just doesn't get the same love itnonce did, but doesn't change the fact it's a very important ga key