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  1. I imagine it was pressed before graded. Can’t imagine ow
  2. Agreed...March would be even better load in was great. Load out not so much. We had our dock pass but police wouldn’t let us enter south dock. Sent us packing. Had to load out to the parking lot. Other than that nice con
  3. The book has been confirmed by the top graders in this hobby to be at least a 9.2, and probably a 9.4 (nm) snyder confirmed it is untouched (no resto from chuck to Dave) dave is obviously not interested in promoting or showing off the book. It’s the mile high/church copy. He doesn’t need Cgc to inspect it or grade it or slab it (I’ve often wondered if it is ina fortress?). Dave is more than qualified to “inspect” it, grade it etc My understanding is chuck has pic(s) and had shown, in the past. I could be wrong on all counts of course, as I’m not privy to anything other than what I’ve heard or been told
  4. Bedrock is a huge vintage draw. One of my favs for sure. A diff maker. That said, Ive set up at both mega con and heroes con ...for the 10+ years from 2004-2015 megacon was always a better sales show and here’s the main reason why...that show has always been before heroes. My inventory was better. Stuff I sold at megacon often could not be replaced for heroes. While this obviously doesn’t hold true for every vintage dealer, and since I haven’t set up at megacon for past 5 years , I can’t say for certain which is better now, and heroes was a show oIhaven’t missed setting up at for 15+ straight years (so that says something). For the shopping experience, heroes might be a better venue, but selection might be better at megacon.
  5. I set up at megacon from 2004-2015. Load in was always a bit of a hit or miss hassle. Have to admit today was about as easy of a load in as I’ve ever had. Pray load out is just as easy.
  6. The spine of the cover would certainly suggest it was from a bound volume. It’s the potential for trimming im curious about
  7. Ive seen quite a few badly Miscut marvel 1s. Are we sure this one was trimmed. Other former bound volume jacquet books that have been graded by cgc were not notated as trimmed?
  8. I missed the part about attached by jacquet...if that’s the case, it could very well have been the first issue “completed” versus someone just stapling a cover found after release. I suspect that confirmation would be difficult to obtain , so unless someone can definitely say one way or another, hard to say ow? also, a proof cover is a single piece , so interior cover would represent what we call front and back.
  9. This copy recently traded hands (not mine disclosure)
  10. Correct. It wasn’t the complete interior but still graded 9.0 universal ...special jacquet consideration I suspect
  11. Cgc has graded jacquet mock ups (eg amf 2/3) in universal labels , FYI , so the precedent has been established
  12. That’s my problem. It’s basically a coverless copy with a married “proof” cover but not a production cover. Ow it wouldn’t have been gone