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  1. SD Con 2017 Gathering

    Always a pleasure to visit peter and family and comic friends.
  2. SD Con 2017 Gathering

    Oh looks can be deceiving
  3. Western Picture Stories 2
  4. that would be cool...but most of these issues whimpered in the Berk auction...and if his copies can't generate any real interest, then...
  5. Western Picture Stories 1 im guessing these last 10 books will have the least amount of interest. Unfortunately the publisher does not alphabetically go out with a "bang". Nonetheless, our countdown to completion begins 10:
  6. Uncle Joe's Funnies 1 Bill Everett cover a few days ago mentioned wasn't sure why stars and stripes started at 2, this book is the only one I've heard speculated that the numbering could have been continued from...though no idea if true or even probable
  7. My amf wins give me the first 10 issues in 7.0-8.5 grade. I'm typically not grade conscious, but given the opportunity, I couldn't resist!
  8. Correct 507 is from a diff fox title 507A is the fantastic bc
  9. There are also 2 fc interior variations too, in case anyone was curious.
  10. The back cover is wrong on the interior, hence wrong bc color touch likely on the pages