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  1. Okay, I'm standing in front of the mirror now. Joey Post JoeyPost JoeyPost Hmmm, nothing happened.
  2. Oh joy, another thread without pictures, that should have pictures.
  3. Almost looks like coffee and coffee grounds. If so, just brush off the debri and call it a day. I would be willing to look at it in hand if you still think it might be mold.
  4. I tried and failed to find discussion in search. What I want to know is has anyone at CGC provided an explanation as to why special label books ( Marvel labels) have to have their own shipping and invoice fee?
  5. Trimming leaf-casted material hasn't been called "trimmed" in the past, and that would bother me if that is what's going on now.
  6. So, I was under the impression that "trimming" was considered amateur, and always got a "C". Anyone else notice this?
  7. It's not we want less, but CGC wants us to know less, and call even less. Example: Remember when you used to be able to see the grade and the type of label it was going to get before it shipped? Then you could call if something didn't seem right. I totally get it, cgc gets a ton of calls a day, and they're just trying to find ways to streamline their customer service, and processes. Hopefully a biproduct of these changes equals faster TaT's.
  8. +1 and seeing "very light" and they are strick right now in high grade.
  9. Also best to visuslly confirm the crease really doesn't break color if in an inked area, notes don't always include "color break" in noted defect. 😉
  10. You can use another back cover from just about any Marvel from the same month. Romance is about the only except. Make sure the coupon code matches, and you have a match.