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  1. MastrCntrlProgram

    WTF signatures gone?

    Did I fall asleep at the wheel, I don't see signatures at the bottom of people's post anymore. Is there some special setting that I'm missing, or did that feature get eliminated?
  2. I think pressing would benefit this book, non-color break creases and finger bends can be pressed out by a professional Presser.
  3. MastrCntrlProgram

    Collectibles Insurance Services

    I have CIS, and I find they are great for a dealer policy. However recently I found a better deal for personal collections. These guys are backed by a big Fortune 500 company, but much less rate.
  4. MastrCntrlProgram

    I remember when

    We can remove writing indentations, but only trial would reveal if the lead would come off completely. I seem to remember some sever lead imprints leaving a trace. There are impression removal examples on our site.
  5. MastrCntrlProgram

    I remember when

    Some of the best South Park episodes ever!
  6. MastrCntrlProgram

    I remember when

    I wish I could say I remember those days, but I never participated in that. What I can say is that now I'm dry cleaning most of those prices off the back covers. LOL
  7. MastrCntrlProgram

    I remember when

    This is a topic about the good old days, what topics do you remember in the good old days worth heated discussions about, that now gets a thread easily locked for? I remember the days when you can talk about your dissatisfaction, whether it was with cgc, someone else or some other presser. you could talk about restoration or pressing or grading, without being censored. What do you miss? Times have changed, I get it, just reminiscing. It's Friday night! Remember those days!
  8. MastrCntrlProgram

    Pressing a multi-cover comic?

    It's unlikely that any professional presser would reject your books, or charge extra for a specific pressing defect.
  9. MastrCntrlProgram

    Folds vs Missing Peices

    Please just send to us for pressing manipulation.
  10. MastrCntrlProgram

    How to spot restoration....?

    better than no sequel at all, right?
  11. Green label books do nothing but enlist confusion, best to go for blue or purple.
  12. MastrCntrlProgram

    Pressing a multi-cover comic?

    Send to a professional!
  13. Shame on you! Tape erodes paper!
  14. That's wisdom !