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  1. MastrCntrlProgram

    Pressing Questions

    Surprisingly, you can accomplish a lot of DYI projects from YouTube videos, but comic book pressing is not one of those. Anyone willing to share their process is either not doing it right, or not sharing all the information needed to do it correctly. Part time effort won't cut it in many cases, you need to be in it as a career if you seriously want to pursue pressing, and that pie is continually shrinking, so good luck if you decide to do so. As others have mentioned, doing it for fun would be okay, except these books end up in the market at some point. Not to mention you won't have many comic friends if they know you are ruining good books, by pressing or any other action.
  2. Others may suggest more stringent criteria, but my opinion is anything over 2.0 in grade, and under $1500 in value will not make a good restoration candidate. Also, not every candidate that fits my minimum requirement is still a good candidate, every book is different. Exceptions could be tape removal, or conservation.
  4. MastrCntrlProgram

    Foil covers and pressing?

    What changed? You use to say foil covers couldn't be pressed?
  5. Usually ink bleed through is along the spine where the paper is weakest. If none exists along the spine, then in the middle of the cover color touch bleed through as unlikely.
  6. Reglossing can simply mean that the natural gloss has been restored to the cover using the original glossing material, gelatin or methylcellulose, both are used for sealing in color touch, and replacing what is lost during the wash process.
  7. This, get it up to 6.0-8.0, and see a much better return. Hero Restoration specializes on AF 15ns.
  8. MastrCntrlProgram

    WTF signatures gone?

    Did I fall asleep at the wheel, I don't see signatures at the bottom of people's post anymore. Is there some special setting that I'm missing, or did that feature get eliminated?
  9. I think pressing would benefit this book, non-color break creases and finger bends can be pressed out by a professional Presser.
  10. MastrCntrlProgram

    Collectibles Insurance Services

    I have CIS, and I find they are great for a dealer policy. However recently I found a better deal for personal collections. These guys are backed by a big Fortune 500 company, but much less rate.
  11. MastrCntrlProgram

    I remember when

    We can remove writing indentations, but only trial would reveal if the lead would come off completely. I seem to remember some sever lead imprints leaving a trace. There are impression removal examples on our site.
  12. MastrCntrlProgram

    I remember when

    Some of the best South Park episodes ever!
  13. MastrCntrlProgram

    I remember when

    I wish I could say I remember those days, but I never participated in that. What I can say is that now I'm dry cleaning most of those prices off the back covers. LOL