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  1. We press tons of post 2000 shiney's. Plenty of keys there to press, but you might be surprised how many modern books are sent in for a press and grade, with values as low as $5, or that is what it says on the form, I am not a modern market follower.
  2. The temp just needs to be turned down, paper prefers "less is more".
  3. It's funny, I was thinking, You can take the CGC forum out of Joey, but you can't take Joey out of CGC forum. Go Go Caveman!!!
  4. It's been my philosophy, if it is worth grading, its worth pressing.
  5. Yeah, I thought so too. My observations of life is, everything is impossible until someone figures it out. Been so busy pressing my brains out, I haven't had the time to do the research. They don't go away every time, and I'm not sure why it works half the time and the other time half of the time it doesn't, yet.
  6. Really glad to hear he found a donor, dialysis is a horrible process to endure.
  7. Okay, I'm standing in front of the mirror now. Joey Post JoeyPost JoeyPost Hmmm, nothing happened.
  8. Oh joy, another thread without pictures, that should have pictures.
  9. Almost looks like coffee and coffee grounds. If so, just brush off the debri and call it a day. I would be willing to look at it in hand if you still think it might be mold.