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  1. It actually isn't the actual, same book -- is it? The middle scan is a Planet with a different serial number and White pages, while the other two have Off-White pages. ETA: There's a slight difference between the top and bottom scans, but not nearly as dramatic as what the middle image presents. I'm under the assumption that all three scans were all supposed to be of the same book.
  2. Picked up a sharp slabbed Tec' from Sean, and the transaction couldn't have gone any smoother. Great communication, shipped super-securely, and he even waited for me to return from a short trip before sending it off. Top-notch across the board, and I look forward to more deals with him in the future.
  3. Can I second this request? I couldn't find the current Batgirl series either. The Middleton covers have been in pretty good demand, as pointed out. Thanks in advance.
  4. They don't get any better than Sharon. As a seller, or as a person. My most recent pickup from her reminds me that I should pick up more things from her whenever possible. A one-of-a-kind credit to the boards.
  5. Absolutely second this. I picked up my ASM #1 from him a while back, and he couldn't have been any easier to work with.
  6. Thanks again to everyone who purchased. Thread is officially closed. If anyone has interest in anything remaining, don't be afraid to shoot me a PM.