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  1. Is this place deader than ever?

    Well, I'm still here, for whatever that's worth. I didn't read through all 39 pages, but I skimmed through a little and saw some familiar faces, and other not so-familiar ones. Logan510's comment kind of hits it on the head for me. I've been here since 2009, and I lurked for a couple of years before that, so I've seen a lot here -- a lot good, a little bad, a lot of funny, and I've gathered an incredible amount of knowledge about comics and collecting that I couldn't have found anywhere else, and for me, that's made a huge difference. There was a time where I was on these boards literally every day for hours at a time. But I changed jobs (starting working a casino job that made the hours I was awake wacky compared to most people), I got sick (I had a mild stroke, was diagonosed with Fibromyalgia, and then sleep apnea -- which is getting worse, and has two of the best sleep specialists in the region baffled as to what's going on) -- so my health, even though I'm in my late 40's, is slowly deteriorating with my physcians unable to come up with any answers to help. My mother passed away last April, and I haven't recovered from that, and my father had a stroke in September, and his health is shaky at best. The last two years have been at times a nightmare, and there doesn't seem to be any reprieve coming. All of that means that the time I spend here has diminished, for no other reason than, as much as I love this place, other life matters have taken priority, and I'm not here as often as I once was. It's a stark, extreme example as to why there's plenty of reasons why people move on. A website can change its format. People move out of the hobby. People get ill. People have other priorities take precedent. There are still new people joining, and barring something out of the ordinary, they still will. As another example, I used to be a heavy poster on a popular fantasy baseball message board and stopped posting when they changed their format around (and I discovered THIS message board around the same time). I thought the board was on its death knell then -- much to my surprise, I recently discovered it's still ongoing today, nearly a decade after I stopped frequenting it -- not what I remebered it as, but still something worth going to. It's a reminder that things inevitably change, and that there's some level of irony in remembering how things "were" here, on a board centered around a hobby based largely on nostalgia. None of this means that things are perfect here, or that they can't be improved or tweaked for the community's benefit. It also doesn't mean that, as Logan510 said, I don't miss certain people or wish I saw other people who aren't here as much. There may be a day, likely sooner than later, when someone here may ask "Whatever happened to that ChiSoxFan guy?" as well, but my disappearance won't mean the end of the world for this site. The boards have evolved over the years, in both positive and sometimes not-as-postive ways, but that's part of the natural order of things. For now, I still like hanging around here, and I hope to so as long as I'm able. For familiar faces I like seeing post, whether it's in the sales forums or the regular forums, I hope I continue to see them. For new faces, hopefully they can integrate into the community (we were all new here once) and keep it going strong, so that these boards can be as much an attribute to someone new down the road as they once were for me a decade or so ago.
  2. Coming (hopefully) next Monday -- my 5th Annual Spring Sale. It's usually my biggest sales thread of the year, though after the one I ran at the end of last year, that probably won't be the the case this time around. That said, I'll have some nice new undercopies I haven't listed before, and the leftovers from my last sale. Hope to see familiar faces stopping by to say hello.
  3. I have a bought a LOT of books from this thread. and the two previous ones, lol. And as everyone has said, they're awesome copies, Francisco is great to work with, and it's for a great cause. If you're sitting on the fence about picking something up, jump off and grab it (and save my wallet the hit ).
  4. I'm not going to need the money for White Sox World Series tickets, so this is as good a place to spend it!
  5. Kudos thread for entalmighty!

    I've dealt with Rob on multiple occasions as a buyer, and every time, the transaction is as smooth as it could be. Great, friendly communication, quick shipping, solid packaging -- all-around, as good as an experience as one could have buying on here. I'm always happy to see one of his sales threads pop up in the forum.