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  1. ChiSoxFan

    Summer Sales Thread(CLOSED)

  2. I checked for myself as well, and it said the same thing. I had used a similar promotion, though, not that long ago, so it may be limited to how many times within a certain period that a user receives it.
  3. ChiSoxFan

    Need advice on a sale that is going sideways

    (Seriously, though ... it's been almost ten years? I suddenly feel even older than I normally do).
  4. ChiSoxFan

    Need advice on a sale that is going sideways

    My wife saw the bolded part as I was reading the replies. I won't repeat here what she said to me upon seeing it.
  5. ChiSoxFan

    Need advice on a sale that is going sideways

    Why would I feel irritated? You've mentioned several times since coming back here that the presence of the "third party" is what made you nervous -- presumably, because you believed that the "third party" involvement would lead you to being screwed over. I'm the "third party", I don't like any implication, intentional or not, even now after the fact, that I would be a party to anything unethical. My reputation means everything to me. If you can't understand why my reputation -- and any possible slight taken at it (again, whether done intentional or not) -- is causing me to react in such a way, then maybe that says more about you than it does me. The board member you dealt with who vouched for Jeff -- Crassus -- is ironically someone who has also done a huge number of deals with me over the years. If you had bothered to ask him about me once you did have my personal info -- which, if you were as worried as you said you were, I would think would have been a logical step to take, no? -- then you wouldn't have been nervous for a second, as Crassus certainly would have assured you of my integrity, and that you would have absolutely nothing to worry about so far as being scammed in any way. You may not have been here for much of the last two years, but I've been here for almost ten now, and as was pointed out already by Number 6 (almost embarrassingly so, lol), I am ... ahem ... often seen buying in the sales forums, selling there several times a year, and I post here and there in other sections of the board. I've bought from so many people here, you almost could have picked any seller at random in the sales forums and found someone to vouch for my character who'd dealt with me before, if you were that worried about it.
  6. ChiSoxFan

    Need advice on a sale that is going sideways

    You keep mentioning the "someone else" that the books were being sent to. That someone else was me. I was going to be doing a show, offered to buy some (or all) of the books as inventory so he wouldn't be out on the deal (I had just finished buying a large book from Jeff, and have done multiple deals with him before, and I felt bad about the situation he was in). Jeff offered to have the books sent to me, with us working out something on how we would settle things with what did and didn't sell (and Jeff was overly generous on what he was offering to do, IMO, even over my protests to the fact). In the end, after the books arrived to me, and before I did the show (which was actually just this past weekend), another buyer stepped up privately to purchase the entire batch. Jeff also made a substantial donation of his proceeds to Brittany's GoFundMe, which was an incredibly selfless gesture on his part, to make something good come out of it all. I'm posting this as a synopisis so you can be caught up, since you've admitted to not reading the thread. And since you were so "wary" about the transaction, if you had done any checking into Jeff's background or into mine on this board, you would have seen that neither one of us have ever backed out of a deal, tried to pull anything on anyone, or anything even remotely underhanded, and that should have eased your mind. I'd appreciate if you'd stop using the shipping to me as an excuse for anything you did or did not do regarding this matter, since even the slightest bit of diligence on your part to verify my integrity -- which umpteen people here would easily have vouched for -- would have and should have been sufficient. As I stated earlier in this thread you haven't read, I don't like the implication -- at all -- that I would have been a party to any sort of shenanigans.
  7. ChiSoxFan

    Summer Sales Thread(CLOSED)

    Pile of DC Universe Variant All are $1 each Superman 53 - NM/NM- 9.4/9.2 X 1Batman 532 - NM- 9.2Superboy 15 - NM- 9.2Superman 118 - NM- 9.2 X1Superman 29 - NM- 9.2Aquaman 2 - NM/NM- 9.4/9.2Batman 511 NM- 9.2
  8. ChiSoxFan


    Looking back at the orginal listings, the ASM #800 is stated in the listings to ship on May 30 (the scheduled release date from Marvel). I stopped collecting new books, for the most part, years ago, so I didn't even realize that it wasn't out yet. With that the case, then did the buyer on that pre-sale not pay attention to the shipping date when pre-ordering? (Five of the negative feedbacks came from the same person for a total of $2500 on the ASM #800 -- the most recent two were on a Venom #1 that I believe has shipped, but I may be mistaken on that -- the store's shipping date was listed as the beginning of this month). I would think that one buyer would have known the release date of the book, considering the hefty cost they were shelling out. I'm not sure about why the seller wouldn't be addressing the feedback -- maybe it's a case of them trying to get the negatives removed through eBay/ That said, this may be a case of "the buyer is one that should be avoided" if they're complaining about never getting shipped a book that hasn't even been released yet. As @fastballspecial said "The perils of the pre-sale" indeed.
  9. ChiSoxFan


    That probably does happen, but in this case, that's not likely. Multiple feedbacks -- including one reply to a negative feedback -- mention the seller having a store, so unless it's a one-man operation, that's probably not what's happened here. Of note, there's also three recent feedbacks -- all dealing with pre-sales like the recent batch of negatives -- that were revised from a previous neutral or negative, suggesting that someone on the seller's end did something to placate the buyer. Whatever that was, they're not doing it (yet) for the other unhappy buyers who are out money. In any case, whatever the reason, there's plenty of reason to avoid this seller like the plague at this point.