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  1. I have dealt with Dan before, and the transaction where he snagged several books from my recent sales thread went like every previous one -- completely flawless. Instant payment, and absolutely such a nice guy to talk with. I always look forward to my dealings with him, and the boards can never have enough guys like Dan on it.
  2. And that's likely going to be it -- thanks for looking!
  3. Amazing Spider-Man #67 -- F/VF -- 7.0 -- $45 -- $40 A pretty nice copy except for a little tanning inside the covers and a pretty heavy blunted corner at the bottom left of the book.
  4. Amazing Spider-Man #116 -- NM- -- 9.2 -- $90 -- $80 Gorgeous copy. Nuff' said.
  5. Amazing Spider-Man #119 -- CGC 9.0 -- OW pages -- $130 -- SOLD to Spideyfan68 Selling after upgrading. Awesome Romita cover,
  6. What's for sale: Three books, all Amazings -- one graded, one holdover from my last sales thread, and one new offering. About me: I have had a very large number of transactions that have gone very smoothly with many long-standing members here, including many, many sales threads -- you can see my kudos HERE I've done deals with so many people here, I've almost lost count! If anyone has questions, don't hesitate to send a PM and I'll do my best to answer them for you. I'll be happy to answer any PM's, but the in the thread is king if we haven't come to a definitive agreement. If f
  7. Closing up tonight at 9 PMish CST -- last call for the remaining books. I'll send invoices out tonight. Anyone who wants the three remaining TOS books -- take all 3 for $50! Anyone who'd like the All-Star and the Brave and the Bold (the latter is such a sharp copy!) -- take them both for $75!