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  1. I've definitely have had a lot of those show up for me, making me the beneficiary of putting items in my watch list, I guess. Sometimes, the discounted offers leave the item still above what I'd be willing to pay, or they come at a time when I'm not looking to buy anything. On the other hand, I had a seller with mutliple items of his in my watch list send me an offer on two of them that made them too good to pass up (and this was last week when eBay was running last weeks eBay Bucks promotion) -- I took the opportunity to accept them, and sent him a message on a third item (that he hadn't sent an offer on) asking if he'd be willing to work something out on that one as well. He sent me an offer, and I ended up getting all three. I like the feature, and I encourage anyone who has items I might be watching to utilize it.
  2. My prediction is that in three years, this pick-up is going to look like a steal.
  3. This thread is definitely a trip down memory lane. Lots of hilarious moments mixed in with some eye-rolling ones. I've been here for 10 years -- boy, it doesn't seem that long. Clearly, a sign I'm getting old.
  4. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, but in this case, that's now gone. Checking out the buyer's profile, they apparently are okay -- at least enough for them to log into the boards on Sunday, according to their profile page. They have not, however, read either PM I sent them, including the one informing them that they were being nominated to the PL. I hate to do this over such a small amount, but at this point, the radio silence and ignoring the PM's are far more irratating than the money. As anyone who's ever done a transaction with me should attest to, I am VERY easy to work with, and if something had come up, I'm sure we would have worked something out. But that ship has sailed. Robert -- if you can add them to the PM list, that would be appreciated.
  5. Update! So, I spent time first thing this morning talking with eBay again, mostly to make sure that they had informed the seller that the purchase of the item in question had been fradulent. As I explained to my wife, even though I know I'll get my money back, the seller, having shipped (according to the tracking number) would be looking at being out of an item, and I wanted to do everything I could to make sure that didn't happen, as well as making sure these thieves couldn't pull this again on someone else. I had considered emailing the seller myself, but thought better of it, as I didn't want it to appear like I might be trying to get one over on him. Let eBay do their job was my thinking, which the person I talked to this morning reaffirmed that I had made the right call in handling it in that fashion. What I did do after my eBay conversation was to get on the phone with the police to file an official report. I talked to people in the sheriff's department from both my home parish, as well as the city where the package was going to be delivered. I emphasized strongly to all parties (including the eBay rep this morning), that time was of the essence. It's entirely possible that the thief in this case was using the address as a drop location and doesn't actually live there (it well could be someone who lives nearby, and who knows that a package left outside a door of an apartment complex is easy pickings to just be snatched up), and tomorrow -- the scheduled delivery date -- might be the only chance to salvage a happy ending for the seller, either by the thief being nabbed trying to get their ill-gotten prize, or by somehow stopping the package from being delivered in the first place (and presumably it then being sent back to them). My last call today was to the USPS, to their department that handles criminal activity investigations. Talking with the woman there, she informed me that, though the tracking number is showing on my end that it's scheduled to go out for delivery tomorrow, that she showed on her end that the package had been intercepted, and will hopefully be returned to the seller (the estimated delivery date on my eBay purchase history has changed from tomorrow to Friday, and there's a notation that the item listing has been completely removed from eBay, so I'm hoping that's a positive sign that the item will be headed back to the seller). I don't know if that happened from the seller contacting the USPS themselves, something happening from eBay's end, or something from the police department's end (they had gotten both the tracking number as well as the item info from me), but someone, somewhere, hopefully did what needed to be done so that these theives don't end up with their loot. The police officer I talked with told be that someone would be in touch with me in a week or so (or possibly sooner) to update me on what happens next. I sincerely hope that the person or persons who did this end up in the back of a squad car in cuffs.
  6. So, it's been well more than 72 hours and no word. The buyer still hasn't been on the boards since the 29th. Not sure what happened, and I hope that he's okay obviously, but I'm guessing this means he's on the PL now. correct?
  7. The Baton Rouge area code is 225, if I'm not mistaken. That number I think would be for the company that owns/manages the complex. Not sure if they would be able to connect directly to the apartment. And I did do a google search on the address.
  8. ChiSoxFan


    So as some of you know, I work in the casino industry, so I work late hours. I'm off today, and as I woke up about an hour and a half ago, I checked my email to find that I had hit the BIN in my sleep apparently on a non-comic book item, to the tune of $120 or so. I immediately got onto the phone with an eBay customer service representative, who was VERY helpful in getting the transaction cancelled, and the seller notified to not ship the item to the address that was added to my account. A quick check in with my credit card company (I had one card linked on eBay, though I almost always use PayPal for transactions there) showed that there were apparently two other failed attempts to use the card on other transactions (I was told because the shipping address didn't match what my card address is, though that didn't stop the first one from showing as a pending transaction for whatever reason, which I thought was strange ).Hopefully, the seller was notified before they dropped the item in the mail, and they won't be out anything. I'm not sure what end I was hacked from, since it could have been eBay or possibly my email -- I've changed passwords for both, and added 2-step verifications (which require using codes sent to your phone by text to log in) to hopefully stop these shenanigans from happening again. Needless to say, this was an aggravating way to start my day off. I know there's an address in New Jersey that items are shipped to (and that has been discussed here in a lengthy thread) that are fradulent -- just in case, here's the address that my item was being shipped to that was obviously not me. If anyone sells on eBay and sees this show up as an address for their item, it may be a fraudulent transaction. 13675 COURSEY BLVD APT 623 BATON ROUGE, LA 70817 The other weird thing is that this address is very local to me -- I live an hour or so away from Baton Rouge. I'm wondering about contacting local law enforcement, and I'm not going to lie -- I'm tempted to take my day off tomorrow to make a trip in person to introduce myself.
  9. Just started reading through that thread -- it was even before my time as a lurker, so I wasn't familiar with it -- but I see that the seller in question was actually ComicSupply, one of the earliest Hall of Shame members, who was apparently pulling shenanigans four full years before he ended up on the HOS list.
  10. I sadly never got the opportunity to interact with Nik -- I had just joined the boards a few months prior after lurking for a period of time, and I didn't get a chance to get to know him. But even ten years later -- and it's hard to believe that much time has passed -- I remember clearly when it happened. I distinctly remember the outpouring of grief by so many over the loss and the outpouring of support for the man's family and friends from the community here. I was genuinely moved by how much this man I didn't know had affected the lives of the people around him. My loss was in not getting the opportunity to have known someone who meant so much to so many, though it pales in comparison to the loss felt by those who were fortunate to have known him. Rest in peace.