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    Nominating Asteroid-Comix

    My last . If **I** had been in the OP's shoes initially, I would have done the following: 1) Sent the seller a PM before claiming the book, requesting if a later ship date would have been okay, since it would be a request that would not be par for the course for nearly all sales transactions here. It wasn't an unreasonable request (I've had buyers in my sales threads request a book to be delayed to sent, though never as long as in this case -- though I would have likely granted it), but the OP would have gotten his confirmation right there and then, since the seller was in the middle of running the sales thread (and since an invoice was sent, I'm guessing, would have seen the request to answer it beforehand). 2) If I had tried to contact the seller after January 1 for a tracking number and hadn't gotten a reply, I would not have immediately jumped to the nuclear option -- a nomination to the PL -- to resolve the issue. Considering everyone could presumably still be dealing with holiday-related matters (the OP himself was going on vacation, so there could have been any number of similar, understandable reasons why a PM wasn't being answered at this time by the seller, or during the time following the intial payment being sent), I would have looked at a number of other options available, such as bringing up the matter in the Probation List Discussion thread, with full disclosure on the transaction, such as "I bought a book on "X' date from board member "X", requested it be shipped on "X" date. but I haven't heard anything since. What should I do?". The replies would have likely been helpful and all over the spectrum. Possibly anything from "You changed the shipping date, so you can't bring up a PL nomination until "X" date" to "I've dealt with board member "X", you're going to get your book" to even maybe "I know board member "X', and he hasn't been on the site, probably because it's been the holidays -- let me try to reach him for you" or "Post in the General Discussion forum to see if anyone has heard from board member "X". I'd guess that almost no one would have advocated either a PayPal claim at this point (particularly since PayPal has moved their claim period to that whopping 180 days), and almost no one would have advocated for a PL nomination. That extended PayPal claim period would have easily protected the OP in this case -- a few extra days at this point wouldn't have mattered, and having done the first point -- requesting the later shipping date before purchasing -- would have made a PL nomination a non-starter anyway. Doing both of these would have resulted in the seller likely getting helpful advice from a number of others, and then finding less than a day after asking said questions, the book delivered, and any damage to anyone's reputation being averted. Instead, while the OP did answer here (after I asked) whether the book had arrived, and after myself and at least one other boardie asked whether the PP claim was dropped, he still has never addressed why he left out the most pertinent info -- his request to delay the shipping date -- from his initial detailings here. I've had books go "missing" for short periods thanks the the USPS before on rare occasions (from a buyer's perspective) and I've had very trusted board members here who've I done large purchases with who weren't immediate with their replies to my PM's (sometimes, I have had to wait days to get a response on something, such as request as to whether a book had shipped or not). I've never moved even to the PL discussion thread before with any complaints, because I try to vet the sellers I buy from beforehand, and I have the patience to wait out the situation an appropriate time and consider all possible factors (and in this case, the holidays could definitely have been a factor, since I was barely on here during them myself, whereas I tend to be every day at some point otherwise during the year). Sometimes, before you jump to the highest-level response, you have to have restraint and not rush the process. And Logan510 is right with a point he brought up -- I had more sympathy for the OP's position as a relative newcomer here -- until his previous bad buyer's behavior in bcc's earlier selling thread was pointed out. A pattern of issues as a buyer -- seemingly rash decision-making (immediately nominating the seller for the PL at the first available opportunity and retracting a claim to purchase in a case of what looked like buyer's remorse in the other mentioned thread) -- are what makes me (and others) update their own personal lists. Following a more patient and restrained course of action would have made this entire thread unnecessary.
  2. ChiSoxFan

    Nominating Asteroid-Comix

    The most pertinent question for me is, when making this nomination, why did you choose to omit the fact that you had initially specifically requested the book to be shipped after January 1? That would seem to be very relevant information to the proceedings, wouldn't you think? Another board member has already asked this question of you earlier in the thread, and you are either ignoring it -- or dodging anwering it. I -- and almost everyone reading this, I would think -- already suspect the answer to that question: that admittance to that fact up front (your request of the changing of the terms of the initial purchase contract, which by asking the book to be held for such a long period of time, could be argued to reasonably constiute that) would bring into question whether a PL nomination would be even valid at this point, or if you had any culpability in any miscommunication along the way. Despite the seemingly obvious answer, an answer on your part as to why you thought that was irrelevant information somehow would be enlightening. A word of advice to anyone reading (and not just the OP) -- complete transparency is always the only answer when a dispute arises. The worst thing to do when resorting to the PL for resolution to any dispute or issue is to play loosely with the facts at hand, or to omit relevant information, especially when the relevant information being omitted isn't going to be 100% in support of the narrative you're trying to advance. That's a recipe to cause people to completely dismiss any issue you might have (whether legitimate or frivilous), and the end result is that it calls into question your credibility when making a claim. Lastly, the tracking number that was provided in this thread shows that you currently have the package and book in your possession (or that it was delivered 9 hours or so before your last post in this discussion). Have you dropped the claim through PayPal? When you mentioned being held "accountable for my actions" in your last post, is there a reason you chose not to let everyone know here at that time that you had presumably received the book? Again, is that info somewhat relevant to the discussion?
  3. ChiSoxFan

    Nominating Asteroid-Comix

    Wow. I'll take "Unintended consequences for the OP for $500", Alex. I've dealt with asteroid-comix on numerous occasions, and never once had anything resembling an issue. Saw this thread started yesterday and figured the whole story wasn't being shared. Not surprised at all to see today that was the case. Sorry you have to deal with this one, Frank.
  4. ChiSoxFan

    eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    There are a lot of sellers on eBay who go the extra mile to give as detailed a description as they can -- and then there's this seller. Even the handwritten note isn't a clearly taken photo.
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  6. ChiSoxFan

    Ebay coupon just popped up 15% off

    I've never seen one that amount before. I just picked up a pricey book when they were running the 10% eBay Bucks promotion the day before, so I didn't really want to see this one show up in my email yesterday to tempt me into more purchases. If their current business model is somehow connected to draining my wallet -- these continual promotions are working very nicely for them.
  7. ChiSoxFan

    Very Sad News regarding Stormsurge (Rich)

    Very sad to hear. Condolences to his family.
  8. ChiSoxFan

    [CLOSED] Closed

    Payment sent -- thanks again, and have a wonderful holiday! Randall
  9. The only problem with having a limit on the number of posts per day is, ironically, sales threads. I've had some where I posted 50-100 books in a day (each with an individual post, to avoid the issues mentioned earlier in the thread with single posts that have a ton of books as a part of them). An across-the-board limit would be problematic, only feasable if that limit could be encoded to work only with "new" members, or those with a limited number of overall posts on the forum (which is probably possible, but the more work that would entail for CGC, the less likely it would be to be done).
  10. I particularly liked their response to why they didn't remove the bag before scanning (and the time it would add to the process), with that of "When you have thousands of comics to scan Bighaley21, those '10 seconds' start to add up." As someone who has sold (or tried to sell) numerous comics under $10, and who has always used as clear scan as possible of any unslabbed books, even for books that were as little as $2-$3 (and even though it takes forever to do for large sales threads), watching someone who won't take that "10 seconds" to do the bare minimum to sell a single book they're asking $175 for speaks volumes. As did all of the things they didn't do initially in the thread (state a return policy, payment options, shipping methods, etc.) until they were called on it. All of that tells a story indeed, of yet another person showing up on the forum to make a quick buck who can't be bothered to even take a few moments to get to know the place before shopping their wares. Oh, well -- one to add to the ignore list.