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    Looking back at the orginal listings, the ASM #800 is stated in the listings to ship on May 30 (the scheduled release date from Marvel). I stopped collecting new books, for the most part, years ago, so I didn't even realize that it wasn't out yet. With that the case, then did the buyer on that pre-sale not pay attention to the shipping date when pre-ordering? (Five of the negative feedbacks came from the same person for a total of $2500 on the ASM #800 -- the most recent two were on a Venom #1 that I believe has shipped, but I may be mistaken on that -- the store's shipping date was listed as the beginning of this month). I would think that one buyer would have known the release date of the book, considering the hefty cost they were shelling out. I'm not sure about why the seller wouldn't be addressing the feedback -- maybe it's a case of them trying to get the negatives removed through eBay/ That said, this may be a case of "the buyer is one that should be avoided" if they're complaining about never getting shipped a book that hasn't even been released yet. As @fastballspecial said "The perils of the pre-sale" indeed.
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    That probably does happen, but in this case, that's not likely. Multiple feedbacks -- including one reply to a negative feedback -- mention the seller having a store, so unless it's a one-man operation, that's probably not what's happened here. Of note, there's also three recent feedbacks -- all dealing with pre-sales like the recent batch of negatives -- that were revised from a previous neutral or negative, suggesting that someone on the seller's end did something to placate the buyer. Whatever that was, they're not doing it (yet) for the other unhappy buyers who are out money. In any case, whatever the reason, there's plenty of reason to avoid this seller like the plague at this point.
  3. Eternals #1 -- 30 cent variant -- VF/NM -- 9.0 -- $185 -- SOLD to Lpgk This is a really sharp copy. Wear at the top upper right corner and a tiny, tiny ding on the upper left corner are barely perceptible but there. Was very tempted to call this a NM-/9.2, but wanted to stay conservative.
  4. I collect 30 cent variants (along with everything else, lol), but I'll never put together a set, so this is one I'm happy to part with. The rules: About me: I have had a very large number of transactions that have gone very smoothly with many long-standing members here, including many, many sales threads -- you can see my kudos HERE . I've done deals with so many people here, I've almost lost count! If anyone has questions, don't hesitate to send a PM and I'll do my best to answer them for you. I'll be happy to answer any PM's, but the in the thread is king if we haven't come to a definitive agreement. If for some reason someone takes it in a PM while someone is taking it in the thread, the time stamp will determine who gets the book. Book must be specifically claimed in the thread or via PM. No HOS or Probation List members, please. I reserve the right to not sell to anyone I may have on ignore (not that it's many, but if I do, it was for a reason. ). Shipping: Shipping will be by U.S.P.S., packed securely in boxes, via Priority Mail and at cost. Sorry, no Media Mail. Sorry, only U.S and Canadian orders at this time. I should be able to ship to you within 24 hours of payment. Payment: PayPal only preferred on this thread, no personal. If wanting to pay by check or money order, I'll do so if I've done business with you before, but please contact me by PM first. Payment is expected within 5 days of an invoice unless you check with me before buying. Returns: Returns are accepted for any reason so long as you let me know within 5 days of receiving your order. Buyer pays return shipping, unless I've made a mistake, in which case I promise I'll make it right. I feel my grading is solid, but I'm as human as anyone else and might make a mistake. In the end, the main thing is that I want anyone purchasing here to be happy when they're done.
  5. Avengers #138 -- 9.2 -- $25 Avengers #151 -- 9.4 -- $20 Daredevil #102 -- 9.0 -- $20 Daredevil #122 -- 9.0 -- $10 Daredevil #132 -- 8.5 -- $10 Daredevil #134B -- 9.4 -- $15 Daredevil #160C -- 9.0 -- $15 Daredevil #161 -- 8.5 -- $10 Justice League of America 42 – 8.5 -- $50 Marvel Team-Up 44 30 cent price variant – 9.0 -- $30 @ 40% off if still available