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  1. G.I. JOE THREAD YO JOE!!!!!!

    Great score - CONGRATS!
  2. G.I. JOE THREAD YO JOE!!!!!!

    SWEET sketches! As always OV you get your hands on some awesome Joe stuff! Jealous as always!
  3. I went to see it this morning - lots of fun. Loved all the references to previous Batman movies and stories!
  4. Star Wars: Rogue One

    Really?!? He is credited for it; maybe just because they used so much of the original soundtrack?
  5. Star Wars: Rogue One

    Just went to watch it a second time; the theater was nearly full on a Christmas morning showing! It was even better the 2nd time. Such a great story! You know what truly ties this movie together with A New Hope? The music of John Williams! I do not think that man gets enough credit for the success of the Star Wars universe.
  6. Star Wars: Rogue One

    I thought the same thing (maybe 2nd to Episode VI) but I'd give it a solid 8.5/10 or better. Loved it and plan on seeing it again next weekend! The cameo's were great but the real surprise was the CGI cameo at the very end, a very cool final few seconds. Made me want to come right home and watch Episode IV! After seeing this I want a side-bar/connected movie for Episodes V & VI as well.
  7. G.I. JOE THREAD YO JOE!!!!!!

    Sweet! I kept looking for Bright for a few years hoping he would attend a convention so I could get a SS book from him but never saw him anywhere. Great job and awesome sketches!
  8. G.I. JOE THREAD YO JOE!!!!!!

    Thanks! I'm just focused on getting G.I. Joe sketches by Joe artists now. I'm aiming for the original Marvel series artists and inkers. Wait until you see the next four sketches I got! I never thought I would get sketches by this G.I. Joe artist, as I've never seen him attend a comic con in all the years I've been looking for him. I'll post them as soon as they arrive to me. I'm excited to see them!
  9. G.I. JOE THREAD YO JOE!!!!!!

    You always get some awesome sketch covers!
  10. G.I. JOE THREAD YO JOE!!!!!!

    SWEET! I'll do my best to get one!
  11. What was Ronald Reagan's first appearance?

    Donna Reed
  12. G.I. JOE THREAD YO JOE!!!!!!

    Neat! I love seeing foreign variants of my favorite comics. Very cool! +1 Very nice!!!!
  13. G.I. JOE THREAD YO JOE!!!!!!

    Not surprised especially when it comes to the modern ones. Lot of those books are $2-$4 in the longboxes so why pay $50 when you can get them cheaper. I see the hardcovers already be discounted as well usually around half price. Then you look at the arah reprints and while maybe the first and second volume is ok you can get the softcover for like $15 a volume and in certain numbers of the 155 you can find those original books at $2 a piece for decent quality originals and get it cheaper in the end. Bad news indeed, I was planning to get all of them. But as you say, I guess there isn't much point in them when most of the issues you can find in the dollar box. Ugh! I hate when they do that!
  14. G.I. JOE THREAD YO JOE!!!!!!

    That would be an awesome story line!