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  1. PGM ASM 2

    I'm also guessing a scan would show some nice eye appeal that's not being picked up by the picture.
  2. My first thought was a Fine (6.0) but I'll say Fine + (6.5) Cool book!
  3. PGM Daredevil #4

    Tough book to grade because there's a lot going for it but I'd have to say a Good- (1.8)
  4. PGM ASM 2

    From what I can see, personally, I'd say a 3.0 but I'll say the CGC grade is a 3.5.
  5. That's a little tough to judge by the pictures... a scan would certainly help but I'll say a 7.5 (VF-) from what I see here. Reason for my grade is the thumb "smooch" at the top. Otherwise, it looks like a nice, solid copy!
  6. PGM FF48

    7.0 (F/VF)
  7. PGM Batman 181

    I'll guess a 4.5 (VG+) and I'm not sure if a press will do anything but flatten that bottom edge a little - not enough to change the grade, in my opinion.
  8. First time seeing this and I'm going with a 3.5 (VG-) ... just saw the grade.
  9. ASM 56.

    From your scans, I'd say a VF (8.0) is right on target but could certainly see it go higher.
  10. PGM Batman 121

    1.0 (Fair) I think with the chunk out, the tape stains... spine split, etc. - despite the low grade eye appeal, on the 'technical' grade, I have to say Fair.
  11. PGM ASM #300

    I'll say a 9.4 (NM)
  12. JollyComics Kudos Thread.

    Bought a raw silver-age comic from Michael... arrived well packed and agreed on the grade assigned by him. Thanks again!