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  1. Hibou

    Digital Staples.

    I'm guessing some people might've turned their social media accounts into hourly PSAs as the news was updating by the hour. Through the remaining weeks of March and going into April so much was changing that many of my family resorted to the same activity of informing other family and friends of these changes or where certain stocked items might be found. It was also around this time that in multiple states they were asking people to restrict travel... and that's when I received my Travel Authorization papers from my employer. That was weird. As if everything else that was happening wasn
  2. Hibou

    Digital Staples.

    As things progressively got worse around the country and around NY, I still had my job to do and that was actually going to be required more now. As I went from state to state and city to city the signs were all starting to point in the same direction... This was figuratively speaking of course... my roads that I would travel daily remained opened, but for pretty much everything else, things were closing by the day and by the hour. Ultimately things turned for the worse when they announced that the public schools were going to close followed by hints that soon all 'non-
  3. Hibou

    Digital Staples.

    When we entered the store, at first it just seemed 'busy' but it didn't take long to evaluate the severity of what was going on once I saw the lines of people. We quickly found my daughter at the register and I asked her if she was about done and how long things had been this way. She said she would be relieved shortly by someone else coming in and that the situation had been this way for a couple of hours in her view. My wife and I waited for her to punch out and then we all just stood there for a moment to take in the moment. In Upstate New York we had been through many heavy winter storms a
  4. Hibou

    Digital Staples.

    This next part is where we all will have our own personal stories and experiences to tell. For many of us, these won't be memories that we'll wish to hold on to (or retell) but for others, they will almost feel as ubiquitous as when we hear the phrase, "Where were you when _____________". Kennedy was shot. We landed on the Moon. 911... For me, the first images and video I began to see online made this appear as some sort of weird propaganda campaign coming out of China. Images of teams of people in hazmat suits spraying some kind of aerosol on public transportation were f
  5. Hibou

    Digital Staples.

    February begins. The Superbowl is here. Things are starting to get 'different' out there... Whatever. It's my father's birthday and we'll go over there and have a visit and then go to a small Superbowl party. Wait, what?! The Chiefs came back? WOW. February.
  6. Hibou

    Digital Staples.

    January comes to an end... Life is good and much to look forward to. The past few weeks were wonderful for my family and I... especially for my daughter who had been through more than I had hoped for but ultimately was able to enjoy and experience something of what I'll call as of this entry, "The old World". As the days in January passed and progressed to February, my mind is starting to reconfigure to what will be this new reality when she's gone away to college and starting her own life. The days of silly jokes and silly drawings are... well, drawing to a close. The days (of which
  7. Hibou

    Digital Staples.

    This is where things get weird. I've been holding off on writing this next part because we all know what happens here. It's almost like this: "The last thing I remember is my friend and I were drinking beers at the brewery..." So Rob and I were discussing the sickness of Art Adams' Instagram posts and how he can just decide to do an amazing piece whenever he wants. We were talking about these Batman 'Black and White' mini statues and how he wanted to get the Mike Mignola one. The beers were delicious and the popcorn was an option but needed. The weather was normal, as it wo
  8. Is there an estimate of how long it takes from the time books are delivered (via USPS Priority Mail) to the time they are marked Received?
  9. Since this one looks a lot better than my copy...
  10. Hibou

    Digital Staples.

    And so, the day arrived... my big get together with my best friend. I had acquired all the pieces, assembled the gift and lit the fuse. It was time! We would agree to meet at a local brewery but this time there would be a twist! You see, this time he would have to guess the gift I gave him or face the consequences... and that would be, his car blowing up! Yes, I assembled a true to life, shark repellent Bat Bomb! I made a game... over beers. I placed the 'Bat Bomb' in his car and explained what we were d