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    Rusty Treasure...

    Wow. It's been almost two years... And a crazy two years that has been. I acquired a very nice Fantastic Four collection including issues 1 - 3, I sold it (of course) and then found myself in a battle to reacquire a book that I had sold a year prior and realized that I had done something very stupid. So before I get to that, I have to post my forefront thoughts in terms of where we are now. This is horrible. So many friends and family are echoing the same feelings... They miss their families... Their businesses aren't going to be able to reopen... Their dreams have all been crushed... So what happened here? ... I'll put this in DC Earth 2 terms... We've vibrated to another frequency - another Earth. Of course I'm not serious but it sure feels like that sometimes. To all of those that I've had the privilege of getting to know and have formed friendships and relationships over these past 10 years plus that I've been on the boards... I'm sorry that this is a difficult time and I pray that we all make it out with our souls intact. That last statement might've been the Scotch talking but regardless, it's sincere, ... In time, I hope to get back to talking about the books that I love and the stories behind them... I have a doozy thanks to a spontaneous jump into here just a few short weeks ago, To be continued...