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  1. That is true. A lot of dealers and collectors want a ton of money for one. I just feel this book is due to a spike soon. We shall see!
  2. Exactly..and it's not that bad but the front cover is everything! Thanks for the color compliment!
  3. Yeah..and it has good color as well. The front cover is probably a 6.0 the back cover brought the grade down due to some paper fraying on the edge.
  4. Thank you! Never thought I would own one!
  5. Finally got mine!! Tough book to find!
  6. A Hulk 181 in 9.4 sold for $21,655 last night on Ebay. I think thats a record!
  7. I read my books on Marvel Unlimited now and enjoy it that way as I can zoom in as my eyes aren't as good as reading some of the small print. I do miss the old comic book smell as well!
  8. I really enjoyed reading this. It reminded me of my quest to obtain Amazing Spiderman 1 through 50!
  9. I bought a 7.0 stan lee signature about a year ago. Who signed yours?