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  1. great googly moogly, I leave these boards for a year and come back to find this insanity...
  2. I love this poster, it just perfectly embodies the X-comics of the 90's... (not my copy, mine's been in storage for years... I really should dig it out)
  3. per request for update - sale is on indefinite hold... reason: life
  4. Hi all… I wanted to ask a question of the community and get whatever input/comments you wanted to share, either in thread or in pm Basically I have been frustrated with marketplace options (eBay, craigslist, facebook marketplaces), and my background is in building large ecommerce sites, so I figured why not try to build what I wanted. It's taken some time (and a few abandoned versions) but I’ve finally gotten to an public alpha version of moblyn.com. This is a a mobile friendly web platform that was built with the core idea of it being very community-centric but with all of the standard features you'd expect from large market.. However, I’ve now built a fully functional platform based only on what I wanted, and before I sink more hours into a site that really isn’t what other folks want, I really need to get any type of feedback now… Cold, harsh, even blunt comments - like/dislike the site ? A feature is confusing or broken? Like or Don’t get the overall concept? Site design suck? Let me have it all! Message me or reply in this thread if you are interested in helping out. I can reply directly to give more details (i.e. don’t use real Credit Card info, I have a test CC to complete orders), I just don’t want this note to get too long… Yes, there will be bugs (and some graphics that need to be replaced, and maybe some usage issues), so you'll need to be ok with that ! Thanks all… BK (mods, if this needs to be moved to a more appropriate place, no worries, do what you need )
  5. If anyone has been wanting/waiting for some early Turtle books in (likely) high grades, I am finally letting my small collection go (details about the group can be found earlier in this thread). I just finished boxing up the comics for the trip to CGC, and then on to ComicLink for a summer sale (date still up in the air). I snapped this just prior to packing, darn nice looking group of books when they're all together.
  6. I'll be honest, even I didn't realize it was a multi-cover book, even when I first reviewed it. It was later that I opened it a second time and thought "hmm, well I'll be... look at these other covers". It would not surprise me at all that Tropics was not aware, and yes with the way that these books were labeled on the mylocks, I'm sure that it would have been noted... It's funny, you mention how great it is that these books have all been kept together and with their original bags/info. Yes, totally agree from a collection standpoint it's great, but it does add some challenges to future sales... I've discussed consigning the entire group through Heritage, and each time I can't make the decision to pull the collection apart to sell them in separate lots... It doesn't feel right. But I also know individually they'd likely sell better. So, I just drag my feet and make no decision, ...
  7. I believe the kaylab who posted it still does. He's a member here. I have the Silver but otherwise he has the Gold/White and Gobbledygooks from Tropic Comics. I would bet Archon Turtle or someone else in this thread would know better but as of my posting it was still in his possession so I gave him the back history on the collection via posts and PMs. totally random that I saw this, I've been absent from the site for quite some time and just happened to stop by tonight... Yup, I still have those Tropics Comics Turtles books, which I now know are in fact from Tropics thanks to the messages from ChrisFB.