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  1. Bought a Black Canary pin-up from Darwyn Cooke at DragonCon. When we bought our house, I sold a bunch of stuff to raise funds for some stuff I wanted to properly set up the new place (home theater, etc). I don't miss the vinyl records or the (most) of the toys, but I do really regret letting some of the art go, especially this piece. It was just a little marker sketch, I think I paid him $250 for it, and I think that's about what I got out of it when I sold it. At the time I thought, "Well, I can always pick up something else from him at the next show." Of course, had no idea that Darwyn would be gone so soon, and there would be no "next show" where I'd get to see him. I was a big dummy.
  2. Same, had no idea about the rarity, but it makes sense. I look at a lot of toys, and I can't remember the last time I've run into any Dino Riders stuff, if ever. Must be pretty scarce.
  3. I haven't opened the box yet, but last week I got one of these, plus two of the Halloween II Michael figs, and the Gremlins Christmas set, all from Target. Target has (had? haven't checked this week) all of the NECA stuff on sale, plus for me 5% off with RedCard and free shipping. Couldn't pass 'em up! I'll post up pics whenever I get around to opening the boxes.
  4. Aw man, I just (practically) gave away one of those GoT Wall playsets, if I'd known you wanted one you could have had the thing! Love the figs, as always.
  5. Get well and keep abiding, Dude!
  6. How much for an extra wig, just in case I feel a little freaky?
  7. i GUESS so, I was trying to figure that out myself. There's...a lot going on here ha
  8. Yeah, thanks for looking out, I had the coupons but didn't find much. I'd hoped to use the 50% coupon on a Mickey Mouse Color Sundays box set I'd had my eye on, but someone beat me to it. So, didn't really find anything to use it on. Oh well!
  9. A couple of dollar books from HPB today. I pretty much never run into the Rebirth newsies around here. Would love to put together a set but it'll be slow going, I'm afraid.
  10. I haven't been buying much lately (preparing for Louisville Galaxycon in a couple of weeks, and Xmas shopping after that) but I did get this FF 110 error copy. Always loved this variant. This one is an absolute rag, but I still dig it. Not much else to report, just some low and mid grade Kirby books I've found here and there.
  11. Found this today while bagging and boarding some beaters. Previous owner apparently not a fan of law enforcement. Could use some work on their joke phrasing here, though, maybe do it more like a Bazooka Joe zinger: "What do you get when you soak a cop in vinegar", something like that.
  12. They also have a gloriously stupid Thanos R/C car, where the design of his helmet is integrated into the chassis, and the gems are on the engine. I have no idea why it exists, and I don't normally care much one way or the other about Thanos, but this is exactly the sort of dumb thing that tickles me.
  13. I have a pretty good hunch (as in I saw her buy it) that I'll be getting one of these for xmas!