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  1. Ha, well Tom Cruise is definitely not in Prometheus, so now I'm wondering what movie you DID see? ha
  2. Hive is also a personal fave, particularly for the Kelley Jones artwork, but I also loved the plot. The stuff about Cyberantics, the Royal Jelly, all of that stuff, approaching the universe from a scientific perspective. I really dug it. The original mini is still my favorite, just because it blew my mind as a kid. I thought Mark Nelson's artwork was amazing, and I loved all of the surreal world-building, from the grotesque machinations of Weyland Yutani, to the religious sect that worships the alien. So many great ideas, beautifully rendered.
  3. I saw Alien 3 four times in the theater because I was finally old enough to SEE an Alien movie in the theaters, so I was going to make the most of it. I'd only seen Alien and Aliens on VHS (I was 9 when Aliens came out) so Alien 3 was my chance to enjoy the big screen Alien experience as much as I could. I remember reading the novelization, and it made a lot more sense than the theatrical release, but I still enjoyed the movie. I think Prometheus is a really beautifully shot movie, which makes sense, because Ridley is one of the best shooters in the business. He does that gritty but beaut
  4. You know, as dumb as it is, there are still a lot of things I like about Prometheus. Despite its flaws, it felt like the film Ridley wanted to make. But Covenant, ugh. Terrible. Covenant felt like Ridley trying to give audiences what he THOUGHT they wanted, and instead, he delivered something that NO ONE wanted. Man, it's terrible. Agree totally on all of this. Those first three Aliens series in particular told a much more interesting story than what we got with Alien 3 and Resurrection. And again, while those movies aren't great, there are things I like about them. The producer's cut of
  5. Con Report! This weekend was the inaugural GI Joe Winterfest, here in Louisville. This show is produced by the folks who do the Kentuckiana GI Joe Expo every summer. This year will be the 8th, and it's cool to see how the show has grown. So, this weekend they thought they'd see if there was any interest in a similar winter event, a way to kick off the convention calendar for Joe collectors. Based on what I saw, the answer is a definite yes. This was a scaled down version of the summer show, restrained to a single ballroom, whereas the summer show is spread across three rooms as
  6. I bought all of the Kenner Aliens stuff as it was coming out, but eventually sold it all off because I just don't care for it. I'm a huge fan of Alien and Aliens, but thought that the Kenner stuff cheapened the brand, much like Alien vs Predator. I dutifully bought all of the NECA stuff as well, but when they started releasing THEIR versions of the Kenner stuff, I'd had enough. Sold all of that as well, except for a few pieces (Queen, Powerloader, Ripley/Newt, and the 40th Anniversary Alien series.) I'm a lifelong Alien fan and collector, so I just put that money into getting the vintage stuff
  7. Yes, Aliens/Wildcats, I always conflate it with Stormwatch as that's basically where the Authority began.
  8. Oh cool, thanks for the heads up on Aliens/Stormwatch! I thought it was weird that it had totally bottomed out, I guess it’s been swept up in the Aliens buying frenzy since Marvel announced their new title. I got a copy a month ago for a buck. Now to tell myself it’s ok to let a few of these go...
  9. I paid $180, which seemed pretty good. I figure I can squeeze a bit more than that out of it. It's complete and it has white pages, so it at least has that going for it!
  10. My LCS doesn’t really do graded books, unless they pick them up in a collection. I wasn’t looking for this book, but when I saw it behind the counter, I thought I should rescue it. It’s likely only making a temporary stop in the collection before it heads to eBay, as it’s a little rough and isn’t a priority book for me. But the price was right. In other news, I bought some new books for the first time in a year or two. I don’t do new books and I don’t do variants, but I DO collect Aliens, so I had to have these. I ordered two of each cover coming out, and three or four copies of the ones
  11. The Aliens/WIldcats was a $20+ book at one time, but I see them a lot in dollar bins these days. So, I pick 'em up! As you pointed out, I always pick up 37, as you will still find that in dollar bins occasionally. Stormwatch v2 #4, however, I just never, ever see that book at all. Such a classic run. Great stuff.
  12. It's been worth more than a buck for a long time. I just sold a copy on ebay for $40 a day or two ago, and Halloween II for $45. Still have the Halloween III sitting out there at $45, has some watchers but hasn't moved yet. It will, though. It always does. Got all of them in a collection I picked up last weekend for $150. Horror fans are a different breed, sorta the same way Star Wars fans are a different breed. They want what they want, and they'll pay up to get it. And they want stuff that "mainstream" collectors wouldn't look at twice. That's why I always pick this stuff up when I
  13. As for Darkhawk, it may seem like a joke to a lot of us, but there are a lot of people who legit LOVE that character. When I was a kid, he was huge with the other kids I ran around with, as was New Warriors. I think that generation has come into its own, and still likes the stuff. I never got the appeal, and I'm sure there's a "haha Darkhawk" contingent, but a lot of folks straight up think he's cool. Who am I to argue? I've never read a Darkhawk comic, but the costume is pretty cool!
  14. I'm sure I've told this story before, but when I was a kid, NFL SuperPro seemed like a sure fire investment to me. It's football! It's superheroes! Who doesn't love football and superheroes? (I don't care for football myself, but anyway...) I sought out the NFL SuperPro trading card, and bought one at a comic show at a local shopping mall for $7, which was a big investment at the age of 12 or whatever for a piece of cardboard. Now, not only is the card worth only a fraction of that (maybe a buck?) I'm not even sure where it is.
  15. Have to give a huge thanks to @Buzzettafor the amazing hook up! Scarlett arrived today, and she's lovely. Face sculpt is amazing. Here she is with her less attractive identical sisters.