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  1. I've neglected updating my tally, but I have been reading! I've finished the first three volumes of the X-Men Children of the Atom box set, which comprises the complete SA X-Men run right up to the point where Neal Adams starts, or nearly there, at least. I count about 65 issues in all, I think, as it includes appearances of the characters in other titles as well. To me, aside from the super snazzy presentation of the box, that was the real draw: all of the appearances of the X-Men, chronologically presented, in one nice edition. SO, as for the material, I'm on the record as not bein
  2. Yes, precisely. Sure, maybe the seller is honest and really IS going to put that $1k+ key book in your box...but why would they? If no one is there to see, who will know the difference? This may just be my own cynicism, but yeah, I'll keep my money.
  3. I'm not an Iron Man guy, but if they're going to actually do the Soviet Super Soldiers figures, I may need that wave. The Dark Star is nice, and that Ursa Major is beautiful!
  4. The Ark was $159.99, which seems about right for a Titan. I appreciate your looking out! I have gone back and forth on Omega Supreme. I keep telling myself I don't REALLY buy "new" toys, so I've mostly made myself stick to the Studio Series 86 figures, and others related to Transformers The Movie. But my resolve is legendarily weak!
  5. yeah, nothing for me, thankfully. I don't collect Classified scale and I don't really care about the Snake Eyes/Ninja stuff. I will get the Scarlett, but that's probably it. Wow, the Transformers Ark has already sold out on Pulse, didn't make it to the post-premium window. Oh well. Hopefully BBTS or someone will have some, doesn't look like it was an exclusive.
  6. That's a healthy list! I will have to get What If 1 & 2 for sure, and likely Man-Thing as well, to replace the one I sold once upon a time. The only thing I have coming up soon is the Marvel Aliens Omni, and I'll buy both covers on that one for the collection. Otherwise I'm happy to take a little break. 2021 has been brutal for X-men collectors so far, glad to have a breather!
  7. Yeah, I think the Hot Rod figure was a pretty nice value at its size, but $80 for Rodimus is a bit much, especially when I only paid $60 for Jetfire. I'll be waiting for a sale on that one for sure.
  8. Ha, yeah, I'm the same. "Oooh, talking, auto-transforming Optimus! I need that." "It's $699." "Turns out I don't need that."
  9. Anybody else watching the Hasbro Pulse fan thing? @Buzzetta? That Transformers Titan Ark has me very excited!
  10. Oh believe me, I always have my joystick handy! I think it was actually released in 87, one of the few bits of licensed merch released for the movie at that time. I would have bought it in 88, when I was 11. I remember that pretty vividly. Edit: Looking at ye olde wiki, it appears that the C64 version was released in 1986. I saw Aliens on VHS, so that would have been around 1987 at the earliest (because movies took a lot longer to hit home video back then) so yeah, I'd say I definitely first bought it 87/88.
  11. Nice! I was getting this series from my shop, and I was supposed to get both the regular and variant covers ,but for some reason they missed this one. I thought all of the variants on that series were super nice.
  12. yeah, I picked up a couple of them out of dollar bins over the years, but those days are long past.