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  1. I'm out of space too...but nature finds a way! Here's today's delivery. Happy to have the AF Omni back in the collection (haven't cracked it open to see if there are any improvements over the first printing), and keep the LoSH collection rolling. I'll have to check, but I think this closes out the silver age stuff. As for Bloom County v4, I recently realized that while I was sleeping, vol 4 & 5 had sold out at IDW and Amazon. Luckily IST still had 4 in stock. The hunt for the last volume at a sane price is on!
  2. She Hulk by Byrne is also back up at IST if anyone still needs it. Not for me, but I know there are fans.
  3. Hey bud, thanks so much! i sure am glad I never bit on that $90 Amazon price. Awesome! Order placed, much appreciated!
  4. The Sentinels. Visually striking, and from a character perspective they represent the scariest parts of the "world that hates and fears them" aspect of the X-Men mythos. Plus they're the only characters that the X-Men can truly unleash their powers on, storywise. If you let Wolverine do his thing against every bad guy that showed up, they'd all be butchered in seconds, so there always has to be some lame reason why the X-Men aren't at their full strength, are taken out of the fight, etc. With the Sentinels you can let Colossus bash away, Wolvie slice things to shreds, etc without any concerns about the violence.
  5. Yeah, I'm surprised that they're not doing pop culture trading cards, seems obvious. I realize most of the Marvel Universe cards are worthless, but hey, most modern comics are worthless too...until you put 'em in a slab! Seems like the same would hold true for MU cards. This is the sort of thing I'd like for them to grade. BTW, if anyone has one of these, please send it to me. I assure you it's worthless, and I will dispose of it properly.
  6. Was very confused by this thread until I realized that I was misreading "chars" as "chairs".
  7. Thanks man! I am trying to consolidate all of the comics stuff into my office, which is in the back of my "man cave" (not a fan of the term, but I guess that's what it is.) The books used to be spread out around the place. Now I'm trying to get the comics stuff all in that room, and move the toys and books that used to be there out into the main space. Having to do some juggling. The larger Joe pieces are still there until I can find a better spot for 'em out in the bigger room. Yup, there's a carded SW Wolvie, Hobgoblin and Iceman. They'll move eventually too, when the time is right! Didn't mean to highjack the thread, hopefully Capra is getting some ideas!
  8. Still working on the reorganization, but here’s one corner. The aforementioned oddly sized shelf gap turned out to be a perfect spot for Jack Kirby New Gods figures!
  9. I reorganized my shelves last night, and man, it's a hassle. I was working on two decent five tiered bookshelves with adjustable shelves, but the Absolutes throw everything out of whack. In order to get the Absolutes to fit, I had to raise the shelves which made the other shelves uneven. The middle tier is fixed, so you can't move it, which made for an awkward space. I finally got those two all done, and am mostly happy with the results, but I still feel like they're kinda crammed in. ANYWAY, my personal advice would be to put the heaviest stuff near the bottom, even if you are anchoring the shelves. Omnis are heavy, but I'd put the Absolutes on the bottom as that will be your tallest/heaviest shelf. From there it's a matter of personal preference.
  10. I think some of the gimmick covers back in the day are pretty fun (glow in the dark, metallic ink, chromium) but that prismatic foil stuff just seems so cheap, because I vividly remember seeing notebooks, folders, etc covered with the stuff when I was in school.
  11. Yeah, they're great! Like I said, it kinda drives me nuts that they changed the trade dress with HoS Vol 2, but at least they're giving us the material. I was finally able to retire my black and white showcase trades.
  12. Yeah, things have been very spotty since the COVID shut-downs. Some books come and go in minutes, some hang around for weeks. Some sell out immediately and then reappear in spurts. Uncanny X-Force and Astonishing X-Men reprints sold out super fast. I've since then seen Astonishing pop back up on IST, though UXF has yet to reappear. I'd have to imagine that this is a supply train issue, and that in time we will hopefully see more of these books released. The one that burns me is the X-Men Children of the Atom Box Set. I was stoked for that. Disappeared instantly, now it's $500-$600, which I refuse to pay. I have to imagine that there are more coming, because none of the other boxes they've published have sold out that quickly (and most are still available at a discount) and surely they'd account for the popularity of the X-Men in their print run. So I'm assuming we'll get more somewhere down the line.
  13. You know I never really used to worry about it, but I opened two in the same day that had issues, so now I'm going to be checking them as they arrive. One omnibus had two pages that were miscut (the corners extended past the trim size) and folded into the book. The other had a big tear on a single page in the middle. And these were all brand new books bought from IST, so I know they didn't repackage defective volumes. So, yeah, I'm an opener now!
  14. Check out the Moderation Policy Discussion thread in the Moderation Action forum. It confirms that there are Admins and also Mods who can/are sometimes Boardies. There's also some pretty amusing bickering to enjoy as well. Trust no one! Even your best friend, your scout leader, or your pastor could indeed be a secret mod!
  15. You're welcome. Now, would it kill you to keep the hair cleaned out of the shower? Geez.