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  1. Nice little MASK pick up from FB today! A couple I needed for the personal collection, and some pieces I can use to complete others. I was stoked to find that Jackhammer still had the machine gun and Raven had both discs. Also two Matt Trakkers including a short mask. The guy said that he's starting to dig all of his stuff out, so hopefully there will be more cool stuff coming.
  2. Yup! Better hurry, as soon as they were announced eBay was flooded with copies of the first prints, not sure how much prices have dropped. It's insane how expensive the Inferno and Fall of the Mutants Omnis have gotten. Sold mine for what I thought was good money, man, they've double in value since then. Wish I'd held onto them. I wonder if they're too obscure to warrant a reprint one day. I'd like to have them again, but am on the fence. I'm afraid of waiting too much longer in case prices keep going even further up, but I'm sure that as soon as I spend $300 a pop on them, they'll announce a reprint. So I guess I'll just hang on and hope to either find a bargain or await the reprint.
  3. There you go! Thanks @punksdropdirtysrh for saving me the lookup. I don't have the patience to sit through Omar's videos, I usually just wait for them to come out and then someone on the MMW will post the relevant info ha
  4. And yes, can't wait for the UXF omni. I had the individual Premiere hc's as well, so I wasn't in a hurry to get the Omni, then that sucker went OOP in a flash. Have regretted skipping it ever since. Will definitely be picking it up, I think that's the best X-Men comic in forever. It was steeped in continuity and fan service while still forging ahead and breaking new character and story ground. Also my favorite incarnation of Deadpool. Just a great series for X-fans.
  5. The X-Men reprints were announced earlier this month, or late last month, I believe. I read about it over on the marvelmasterworks forum. We're getting reprints of the Claremont/Lee Volumes, as well as UXM Omni 2 & 3. I'll see if I can dig up the announcement...
  6. DC was nearly sold to Marvel in the 80's, so it's not unprecedented. But things are different now, and DC and Marvel are part of mega corporations like Warner Bros and Disney, so I just don't see that happening again. Plus, Marvel is allegedly unprofitable in their publishing as well. Can't see them wanting to take on another albatross around their neck. There is money to be made with these characters in paper comics. But I think it takes a whole new paradigm to make it successful. But if DC folds entirely, that may be the final nail in the coffin for many comic shops and I'd imagine Diamond would struggle as well. Could be the beginning of the end. So, at the end of the day, I just don't see things going down that way. WB may shutter the DC offices, they may even license the characters out, but someone somewhere is going to be making Batman and Superman comics as long as comics are made.
  7. Yes, I think the original omni was strictly the mini series, but this one will have EVERYTHING. Looks super sweet, will definitely be picking it up!
  8. Yes, exactly! DH has a stellar history with licensed properties, I'd love to see what they could do. I don't think any of this is actually going to come to pass, but it's fun to think about.
  9. I always love the offbeat color profiles of those old Spideys, with their mint greens and pale yellows. So weird, so cool, which also sums up Ditko's art!
  10. Oh yeah, you absolutely should! UXM 1 has a ton of fun stuff in it. If you have any interest in X-men at all, you can't really go wrong with that collection. Definitely more entertaining than the silver age X-Men Marvel Omnis. While historically important, that material is a bit of a slog. Not Jack and Stan at their most inspired.
  11. Yup, this is what I've been waiting for. I bought the first Eternals Omni right off the stands, sold it when prices went nuts. Figured this would come one day. But boy did they make us wait for it!
  12. No idea if these rumors are true (and don't trust EVS at all) but it's obvious that even if AT&T shutters DC publishing, they will license the characters out SOMEWHERE. As long as there are print comics being made in the world, there will be a Batman book on the stands. The money may not be worth it to AT&T, but it's definitely worth it to someone. Marvel? Eh, maybe. I'd like to see what IDW or Dark Horse could do with it.