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  1. I'm fond of https://www.tfw2005.com/boards/ I've never bought and sold on there, so I can't speak to that, but otherwise it's a very active community with lovers of TF's of all eras.
  2. Yeah, I feel like, at the time both lines were coming out, DCUC were just the better toy. The buck they used was so sturdy, just a good solid toy with good articulation, and the sculpts were the definitive toy versions of those characters. ML's felt a little thin and rubbery to me. Nowadays, Marvel Legends have upped their game, and the toys seems solid and the sculpt and paint are dynamite. So I'd say current ML's are better than classic DCUC's, but DCUC's were easliy better than ML's at the time. And I tend to be more of a DC guy, so DCUC are one of my favorite toy lines of all time. Every wave had at least one or two '"I can't believe they made this" character in it. It was a lot of fun.
  3. I'd say that they're on par with Legends, are at least were at the time they were coming out. I feel like Legends have upped their sculpting game the last couple of years, and I believe they've added some articulation as well. I'm not as much of a stickler for articulation because I'm not much of a "poser" with my figures. I tend to go with bland museum style pose, and leave 'em be.
  4. Well, I'm not sure who you'd recognize. One of the things I love about DCUC is that they embraced the full roster of DC characters. They did the icons, sure, but they also did the B and C listers. They gave us a complete set of Metal Men, and a Legion of Super Heroes collection. They made Deadshot, sure, but they also made BRONZE TIGER! They made a slew of New Gods! They remade all of the characters that had previously been exclusive to the Super Powers line! It was just such a thrilling assortment of characters, and the sculpts and apps were top notch at the time. Probably not "iconic", but here are some of my faves, off the top of my head. Not my pics, just stuff I pulled off the interwebs. Most of these were "Holy carp I can't believe they made this???" selections.
  5. Yeah, we've been waiting for a classic Storm for a looooooong time. Would love to see it finally happen!
  6. F For Fake

    Venom Funeral Pyre 1 Error Variant

    To be clear, I don't really CARE about this. I just thought it was amusing that I took a guess at CGC's reasoning, and according to their response I apparently pegged it. Stay tuned and I'll also provide the winning Powerball numbers for this weekend's drawing!
  7. F For Fake

    Why people hate most modern books

    Hob Gadling! A great character!
  8. That's interesting, I hadn't heard anything about that. An interesting read! I was holding off on Toy Fair before I buy her again, to see if she'd be rereleased or not. Looks like I may have to just bite the bullet and buy her again.
  9. I like Marvel Legends a lot, but I think the Four Horseman did a stellar job on the DC Universe Classics line, giving us the definitive versions of the characters. The line was a perfect mix of sculpts, articulation, and character selection. I thought Marvel Legends were lagging behind in the early Hasbro years, but they've really turned things around in the last couple of years, and are also doing great stuff. I'd like to see them stay with Marvel just for the sake of continuity. While the line survived the transition from Toy Biz to Hasbro (though the early Hasbro stuff was kind dire) it'd be nice to see them just keep rolling along. Which makes you wonder what Mattel is going to do. They've licensed the Master of the Universe classics stuff to Super 7, they're losing the DC license, so when it comes to collector's "boys" toys, seems like they're going to be seriously hurting.
  10. F For Fake

    Why people hate most modern books

    Sandman is indeed a great tour of various world mythologies, including the mythology of the DC Universe. I've had many friends over the years who claimed that Sandman was too "arty" or pretentious or whatever, and I always point out that while Sandman is artful and worldly, it is also awash in DC comics minutiae and nerdery. Cain and Abel, Brut and Glob, Hector Hall, Element Woman, there's all KINDS of DC goodness in the pages of Gaiman's Sandman.
  11. F For Fake

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    I picked up plenty of them in $1 boxes over the years. I remember when I worked at the LCS (this was 20 years ago or more) we'd pay ten cents a piece for them, and sell them for $10 at a steady clip. And even only paying 10 cents, we still got TONS of them. It's for that reason that I still have a mental block on paying more than $1 for them, even if they sell for $20+ now. There's just too damn many of them out there.
  12. F For Fake

    Venom Funeral Pyre 1 Error Variant

    SO, CGC's answer was exactly what I theorized, and I have been vindicated. @Lazyboy and @ygogolak I'll accept your apologies in the form of doughnuts.
  13. Man, it's about time we had a new "Classic" Colossus. I sold my Toy Biz one several years ago, and the recent ML figure is a modern version that I don't care for. I'd love it if they reissued the Juggernaut figure, because I also sold that one, along with that entire first X-Men wave, when I decided to get out of ML's again. Since I decided to get back into it, that first wave sold out and is selling for stupid money. So I'd love it if they reissued Juggs, Rogue and Phoenix (though Phoenix is still pretty cheap on the secondary market). I have no use for the modern figures (new versions of Havok, Iceman, Cable.) I held onto my Kitty Pryde and I got the Vintage Wolverine, so I don't need two of those. Here's hoping the vintage X-Men wave gives us some creative reissues, repaints, etc.