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  1. I love Crossed. I've been able to assemble nearly the entire fun from 50 cent and $1 bins over the years, very slowly, but it's satisfying to almost be done. I think I only need about 7 issues of the Badlands series and a couple from the spin-offs. It hits the sweet spot for ridiculous gore horror. Love it.
  2. I think the cheapest pieces started at about $250 or so for some small illustrations, and then it went up substantially from there for the larger and more polished stuff.I bought a couple of prints and got a couple of sigs, so I was happy to meet him. He's one of those guys that I feel should have a line around the block to meet him, but since it's a model kit convention, there's not much interest in the art guys. Same with Bill Stout, who is at Wonderfest pretty much every year. Super art, and a great time to meet them and talk to them because chances are there is no one else in line.
  3. That's great. That book is tough to find at all, much less in 9.8. Congrats, that's a keeper for sure.
  4. Was at my LCS last night, and they'd just gotten a copy of IMSM 1 in, had it up on the wall. I've always liked the cover. It was $78, not sure about the grade. I considered taking it down and looking at it, but anytime I have that impulse, I think about Cal's stash, and decide that there's no point. Seeing the world of Cal and the noob boardies collide has been pretty amusing this afternoon. For the record, I've always enjoyed the...color...that Cal's posts bring to the boards. I suspect we share very few life philosophies, but at least his posts are entertaining.
  5. Also, as far as reading, not much value, but Grendel, Concrete, Nexus..there's tons of great stuff from DH.
  6. These are some of the least common Stevens books, in my experience. I practically never run across them in the wild. Had to order my set online.
  7. Thanks! Took me a long time to find a nice raw copy at a price I wanted to pay. Probably should slab it at some point, but I'm still not 100% sold on the newer slabs and quality control these days. So, until then, it's sitting in a mylar/fullback in a top loader.
  8. Saw that on his FB page this morning, gorgeous. Mark used to come to a little sci-fi model kit convention here in Louisville, Wonderfest, quite a bit, and he always had such nice stuff for sale, but I could never afford more than a print. Hoping he'll come back again soon and I can get something nice. Probably not THIS nice, though. Beautiful stuff as always.
  9. I had the magna heroes Batman as a kid, and have been looking ever since for a nice one at a price I want to pay. SOOO much nostalgia in that one for me. As always, love the collection!
  10. Genuinely sorry to hear that the puppers aren't with you any more. Whenever I see your avatar I think "Those are some happy pups!" It's never easy to say goodbye, even 6, 10, or more years down the road.
  11. Love the Wolf. I'm just one Ice Viper dagger away from having mine complete!