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  1. Hello everyone! So I've finally decided to let go of most of my Amazing Spider-Man Variants and I'm starting with this gem! I've enjoyed this book but it's time to pass it on and help out fellow collectors in completing their runs! First gets it and trumps PMs. No probation or HOS members please. I'll only be doing this sale within the U.S. so sorry, International boardies. I'll cover shipping via USPS Priority insured & payments can be made via Paypal or money order within 14 days of invoice. Or, if it's convenient for the buyer, we can meet & they can pick up at Wizard World Chicago since I'll be attending Sunday all day. I want to make sure it's a safe & easy deal for both parties so hit me up with any questions you may have before purchasing. Thanks! $2800
  2. Thanks for the feedback on the book so far. I don't have a scanner but I was able to take some straight down pics to see if that helps anyone with it.
  3. Hey all thanks in advance for helping me out with this book no interior defects and pages are off-white to white. Very light spine roll otherwise all other defects are shown in the pics.