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  1. Yes, my whole family within minutes had 4 day and preview. This was the 1st time in years I had success earning them smoothly. Last year, I struck out and had to win the tickets off of EBAY with the SD Comic Con museum at a heavy premium. Well worth it now looking back. Can't wait, my 22nd year will be in 2020!! My child streaks uninterrupted now at 12 years. Our annual vacation is a go. Good luck to all in November if they do it like last year. Next is the parking and hotel nightmare.
  2. If this thread exists let me know. I couldn't locate one. 5th Turtle introduced to the TMNT, female TMNT Jennika (Jenny). Also, a great story line and cover art for 95's. FYI - 1st time in costume as well in #97. Post photos if you have raw or slabbed books of any of the covers/variants/1st or 2nd printings. Sleeper hit of the summer and just wait if she is introduced into the animated tv show or the movies!!! No one knows of Jennika except collectors. Best. 9/23/19 - Photos added of my 95's (1st & 2nd prints) and a few 97's because I love the cover and her 1st time in a costume. I'm still grabbing 95's if I can. Turtle Power!!
  3. Great time. Finally Star Trek stuff there, Hall H, a booth in the exhibit w/ CBS, Picard museum outside!
  4. some of the exclusives you can't obtain w/ an exhibtor badge, such as lego exclusives and some signatures. FANTASTIC 50TH SDCC!!!
  5. Less than a week. $ check. Credit card check. Want list check. CGC here I come. Have fun all if you are going. A lot of cool stuff outside of SDCC I see,
  6. RCVD my tickets in the mail today!! Very Happy. Also, different 50th anniversary pins in the boxes. They look great. SDCC banners up in Downtown already.
  7. I saw a few of these come out and sell for thousands on EBAY when the news broke. I see a few listed on EBAY now for just $100. Does anyone know if MARVEL S.T.A.T.I.O.N. destroyed the copies not sold and the ones being sold were just purchased before they were pulled from the shelves? It looks like the original price on the books were $200 based on receipts in the thread. I'm very curious why the ones listed for sale are so cheap all of a sudden. Any one have any info? I can't really find anything on line of significance.
  8. I have lost interest in the BATMAN franchise since B.A. took over for BALE. Those were good movies. DC will never produce movies like MARVEL in quality. The DC animated movies are better than the live action.
  9. Group 1 users for ACE PARKING today had some issues. The server went down. If you were in que to pay, you were out of luck like me. After the site started working again, all my locations were sold out. Ended up buying somewhere deep to park. Guess parking tix is better than no parking tix. I'm hoping my Group 2 next week there isn't any issues w/ a server and they open up my spots I want. Then I can cancel my original tickets for just $10.
  10. Type this into EBAY, I see a lot for sale still. This is how I purchased mine recently. Also, cause I have an adult pass, my minor child gets in for free as well. Two Comic-Con International 4-day Badges in Support of the Comic-Con Museum
  11. Ebay SDCC Comic Con Museum has listed multiple pairs of tix for sale, 4 days, no preview for sale. Not sure how many they will list. I have tracked about 20 sets so far and bought a pair since I lost out on the lottery. Good luck on your hunt.
  12. Just saw this, wonderful movie with great surprises and little Marvel nods everywhere. Just loved it. great way to wrap it all up. 'Nuff Said
  13. great show, I haven't gone in a few years due to work. Far larger than before and found a lot of good BA, SA, GA books to negotiate for. I also loved the DC booth and Stargate items they had there.