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  1. Hi, I'm looking for Invincible Returns 1D (1 in 50) in 9.4 or higher. If you have it I'll be happy to work a deal! Cheers!
  2. Certain genres were losing market value and didn't have larger print runs and are more difficult. Westerns, horror,cartoon, and reprint titles are notoriously difficult.
  3. There's an ASM 667 CGC 9.4 at c2e2 taking best offers....
  4. There's an ASM 667 CGC 9.4 Del Otto at c2e2....
  5. Nice find! Reece's Rare Comics is at the show and has a good number on hand. Just look for the tab labelled PV as they have both 30 and 35 centers. I don't know of any other national show vendors that consistently carry these. And there's a guy with a del otto spidey 667 slabbed 9.4 it's sick.
  6. Price variant at a flea market? I've never been that lucky, congrats! I usually end up just buying a couple of bottles of water or soda.
  7. Props to Metarog for this youtube vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEThbym7VQ4
  8. Jhonen just tweeted this pic with the following caption : "Here’s a first look at NNY’s new design from his upcoming CG/live action movie!" " https://twitter.com/JhonenV
  9. I'll be setting up at this show (Outer Space Comics) and will be bringing 20+ fresh longboxes of bronze to modern that haven't been at any previous show. Come say hi!
  10. Haha! If we can petition CGC to name heretoforunknown variants according to those that "discovered" them (like comets) I'll swap you when I find another copy! I helped lighten a lot of people's wallets and gave sellers a ridiculous flip and created a monster by bringing it out of the shadows. Still seems to be centered around Chicago... https://www.ebay.com/itm/1993-MARVEL-COMICS-THE-UNCANNY-X-MEN-302-WITH-NO-PRICES-OR-UPC-CODE-RARE/264206501010?hash=item3d83ef4492:g:bREAAOSw~odb7LPE:sc:USPSFirstClass!60030!US!-1 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Uncanny-X-Men-302-Error-No-Price-Blank-UPC-Variant-Rare/202574615039?hash=item2f2a6351ff:g:yxAAAOSwviBcSO-r:sc:USPSFirstClass!60030!US!-1
  11. Nice-I've never seen this one either.I pick up the mini comics from dvds anytime i come across them. Usually they come in box sets and are pretty fun.
  12. HI, Here at comicecom.com we offer a specialized comic book and eCommerce solution exclusively for the comic book/pop culture crowd. Whether you have an existing site/sales outlet or not we'd love to discuss your needs and how we can help. Our team has decades of experience in comics, web development, site design, programming, and comic conventions. Our Fantastic Four would love to help you as well! With our experience helping clients leverage multiple sales channels (company site, ebay, amazon, google shopping,etc..) allowing our clients to reach sales goals and growing ROI,we're sure that we can help your company grow! PM me if you have questions and please visit our contact page here http://comicecom.com/contact/ if you'd like to schedule a meeting! Cheers! Steven
  13. Modern Fast Track 8 Books Shipped Jan 17 Delivered Jan 21 Received/Verified Jan 24 Shipped/Safe 1/29