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  1. The Hulk (apr 78) meets The Hills Have Eyes (july 77?)
  2. Always loved this book and gonna have to get a graded one at some point... the interior art was especially awesome as a kid... picks pulled from internet
  3. misread the OP title... thought it was this LOL ... figured the speculators were gonna go wild
  4. I enjoyed watching the monster fights... the rest of the story was and meh...
  5. Really enjoyed this... makes me want to get the comic out of my Q and finally read it!
  6. Just finished watching the Chris Claremont's X-men documentary on amazon... I found it interesting ... anyways I know there are a ton of comic related documentaries out there... these are just two that I've enjoyed and are well worth the view... throw some more out there! Watch Chris Claremont's X-Men | Prime Video ( (922) Batman and Bill: Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Documentary - YouTube
  7. Hey I got my raffle prize in from DiamondCityComics... or rather I finally got home so I could open it LOL! He tailored it to the things I enjoyed and it was amazing!.... I'm gonna just drop a picture here and again throw major kudos his way! Thank you!