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  1. Prize 78: A mystery something donated by DiamondCityComics
  2. when the kids asked what I wanted for Christmas.... i said i needed to re-bag and board my collection or some boxes (can always use more LOL)... my daughter wasn't really happy about it... but the boy understood... they came through amazingly!!!
  3. Great Big Shoutout to Oldmilwaukee6er (Justin) for an awesome selection of Bronze Horror! Things to read... wear and fill... and if you can't tell... yes... that is a magazine size magnet! Thank you so much! Loving this Justin! Went back and checked the pic... if you can't tell... yes... that is a Messy Jesse Garbage Pail card!
  4. I love to binge watch... but weekly isn't a deal breaker (all the puff up over The Boys!)
  5. This show was hilarious... after one or two false starts for me... i dove in and was very surprised!... glad they renewed it!