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  1. A couple of things from a different submission.
  2. Was sending some stuff in for a buddy and threw a couple of books I had lying around into the submission. Just back this week.
  3. Thanks for all you are doing, Jeff. Truly inspiring!
  4. Beautifully said and well done, Jeff. In the video, you said you couldn't understand why you were getting so emotional. It's always hard to lose a part of our collecting history and especially such a big part with whom you had a personal connection. Thanks for posting.
  5. I think everyone knows how much I like the Cookeville collection. It's like a hometown collection for me. The town is about 80 miles from my home. I have numerous ties to the area and I was really close to the two dealers that first brought the collection to the market. Having said that, I disagree with its designation of pedigree status. It's a nice collection with thousands of Golden Age comics, but I don't think it meets the criteria for a pedigree. Of course, in and of themselves, the criteria are arbitrary. It's not like there is a Federal Department of Comic Book Pedigrees.
  6. There is a Comic Cavalcade #11 in an old school 9.2 label. May have been the first Cookeville that I owned, but traded it away as a raw copy at a Chicago con many, many years ago. It was in the Overstreet grading guide as a VF if I recall. https://comics.ha.com/itm/golden-age-1938-1955-/comic-cavalcade-11-dc-1945-cgc-nm-92-off-white-to-white-pages-wonder-woman-flash-and-green-lantern-make-cover-appea/a/14031-16254.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515
  7. Definitely a Cookeville. My communications have been spotty. We are still dealing with the after effects of the Christmas bombing here in Nashville.
  8. Very nice. Didn't know Matt was still doing restoration work. Figured being the primary grader would take up all his time. I wonder how he took the pages from "rather brittle" to off-white?
  9. Yeah, when a pretty 6.0 sells for $15,000 in the July HA auction, this price was a surprise to me.
  10. I have one more nice addition to my collection that might arrive before the end of the year. If it does, it will hold the #1 spot, but for now I would put these at the top of my pile. Fight Comics #15 was the last of the three Super-American covers that I needed and it completed my mini run of the series up to the switch to jungle covers. Pep Comics #38 occupies my number 2 spot for the moment. Schomburg war cover, yes, please, and the Rockford pedigree is a nice bonus.
  11. Only $50? ComicLink charged me $60 to ship one book. It does seem excessive. I don’t remember it ever being that much before.
  12. Very sorry to hear this sad news, Cat. My condolences.