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  1. “To be sold as a collection in a single lot.” Wow, that’s going to narrow the bidder pool.
  2. Love it. Apparently the Jungle Lord is a fan of vinyl. I’m guessing the guy in the foreground tried to steal his record player.
  3. In regards to “lowering your bid on what you are really willing to actually pay,” I would respectfully disagree. Even if the auction house charged a 100% markup for buyer’s premium, shipping, handling fee, service with a smile, and sales tax, I would still PAY what I’m willing to spend on that book. Let’s say I wanted a book at $1000. If the auction house charges $100 for shipping, $100 in sales tax, $100 BP, $100 for a box to ship it in, and $100 just because we can fee, then my bid is $500. If I win, I pay $1000. So while technically my bid is less than what I was willing to pay, I still paid exactly what I was willing to pay. You just have to think of your “bid” as the final out the door price, not what you enter on the bid line.
  4. Especially for the Golden Age market, I find that auctions offer a good selection, convenience in regards to avoiding travel and crowds, and are, at the very least, price competitive with dealers at conventions.
  5. Not to derail the discussion about the Mystery Men and Wonderworlds, but thought I would post my only Allentown.
  6. Billy, when I searched for 1940 comics in my registry sets, it came up. After I posted it, saw the 1/41 date and pulled a switcheroo.