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  1. The only time CGC damaged one of my comic books during grading was my Fantastic Four #1. An edge crease became a tear during grading and they estimated the tear dropped it from a 3.0 to a 2.5. They contacted me immediately, were apologetic, and offered me a credit towards future grading fees equal to the difference in FMV between a 2.5 and a 3.0. It was handled professionally and quickly. Well, maybe the comic wasn’t handled as professionally as it could have been, but accidents happen.
  2. When I think green wearing comics, I think Hornet Lantern Arrow
  3. Kind of like trying to NOT hear the score of a game you recorded before you get home. Almost impossible.
  4. Fawcett Hitler and football...a winning combination
  5. Wise Hooded Nazis, flamethrowers, and a Cookeville copy
  6. Could you add a set for Real Heroes, Parent's Magazine Press, 1941. Issues #1 to #16. Thank you!