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  1. Okay. last one for this thread (which should now be renamed the Comcav Invitational). Not too often that you can find a nicely presenting Cap for less than an arm and a leg, but the back cover damage brings the grade down. Just look at the front cover and don't turn it over and you will be happy with this book. Captain America #40 1.0 $450 SOLD to Silver_Couch_Surfer
  2. How about a couple of relatively affordable Timelys? "Affordable" and "Timely" are two things that aren't usually used in the same sentence. USA #4 3.5 $600 SOLD to gunsmokin
  3. These little comics seem to be quite popular. A lovely Black Cat cover with Nazi skeletons Pocket Comics #3 $900 SOLD to Comcav
  4. Let's start with a popular Schomburg cover. Fighting Yank #13 $600
  5. Typical Board rules apply. No probation listers or Hall of Shame members, please. First in the thread is the and trumps any PM negotiations. PM's are always welcome. Since these are all CGC comics, no returns. Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail: US = $15 Canada = $25 Sorry, no international shipping. I'll accept PayPal, MO, or check.
  6. The imagery on this one is really dramatic. A deteriorating space suit and a presumably dead astronaut spiraling towards a star...whew!
  7. Regretfully, I don't have a lot of old sci-fi digests, but I do have a few with Schomburg covers. Here are two: This one is an interstellar take on Noah's Ark.
  8. I traded a back cover of a GA comic for the hardcover edition of Chroma.
  9. Got an email on Friday that my win was scheduled for FedEx pick up.
  10. That's a great point. I would guess they were putting their initials on every comic book that was sold at the store. Could this situation apply to other pedigrees that have store stamps or markings as the primary identifier? Still lots of questions that will never be answered about this pedigree.