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  1. I have always liked Schomburg's patriotic take on the American soldier on this cover:
  2. Thanks for the information. I always assumed that the reference to Tule Lake was for the internment camp. I did not know that there was also a POW prison nearby. Since the escapees in the Captain Midnight cover were wearing civilian clothes, I didn’t think they were POWs. I know that a Don Winslow cover depicts POWs, but they’re clearly identified with prison uniforms and PW emblems. Of course, the escapees may have stolen some civilian clothing to facilitate their escape. The dead or wounded guards and the weapons would fit with escaped POWs.
  3. I was thinking about the internment camps this morning as I read this story on NPR's website. https://www.npr.org/2019/10/04/766755755/before-he-animated-for-disney-he-sketched-cartoons-in-an-internment-camp
  4. A 10 book Value submission Received 5/20/19 Grading/Quality Control 10/2/19 Shipped 10/4/19 I was expecting it to sit at Grading/Quality Control for a longer period of time, but was pleasantly surprised. Now, on to Newton Ring and scuffed case watch.
  5. It almost seems blasphemous to post these after the stunning high grade copies of Timelys that have been recently posted, but here are two recent additions to my collection. I'm happy to have a Rockford and a Cookeville in the box.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this cover and Green Hornet #19 are the only two that reference the Japanese-American internment camps. At any rate, I'm happy to have this one in my collection (even if the case is badly scuffed). By the way, I can recommend George Takei's graphic novel, "They Called Us Enemy," for a personal look at the internment camps through the eyes of a child.
  7. And one of my rules of life is that when me and my family see @Sqeggs hanging around on a ledge outside our cave, we are coming out swinging!
  8. Us poor folks only bid on one item at a time. I think what gets me is the anticipatory excitement. Let’s say I put in my max bid at $900 and I hold the high bid at $600. Clock ticks down, I think I’m going to win at a bargain, and with 2 seconds, someone goes $650. Now I’m high bidder at $700, so I’m still happy. Maybe a little less so, but still happy. 5, 4, 3, boom, $750. OK, I’m still on top at $800, but I’m losing some of my excitement. When that third last second bid drives my winning bid right up to my max, it almost feels like someone knew my max and was teasing me for an extra ten minutes.
  9. I don’t mind the extended bidding format, but I don’t like people acting like they can snipe a lot bidding with 2 seconds left. Then we drag it out for another 2 minutes and 58 seconds and they try again. By the third time, I just quit watching.
  10. Wow, if this is the shop that I think it is, they never seem to have anything like this when I stop in. Congratulations!
  11. walclark

    Sad News

    Oh, man, that's terrible. I enjoyed meeting Don and grabbing a burger with you guys. He seemed like a good guy and an old school collector.