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  1. Taking Pictures of CGC Books I'm forever trying to take better pictures of my CGC books. My legal size HP scanner does an okay job but the pictures come out a bit too dark for my liking. I like the high resolution of my iPad Pro, but it's difficult to eliminate the flashes. Here are 2 examples. To avoid flashes, I have to angle the books. Another problem is reflections. I find both of these pictures disappointing. I think I've found a solution. It's a combination of 3 things. First, a photo box that you can get on Amazon. It costs about $75. Second, you need a tripod for your iPad or iPhone. Third, you need a Bluetooth trigger so you can stay out of the picture (and avoid reflections). Here are 2 examples of pictures I took yesterday. I think they look a lot better. Thanks for reading.
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    Son of My 50 Year Junk Obsession

    Is that a black and white cover?
  5. Patriot - Thanks for stopping by, and for your question. It's always nice to see that people other than @Robot Man reads this from time to time. As for Casper, I rigged up a CGC display that I screwed into a shelf. I can store about 10-15 slabs there, and I rotate the one in front for display. At the moment I've got the Casper there. In the background you can see my "Say Anything" Lloyd Dobler figure signed by John Cusack (at WW Philly last year). After many years of searching, I finally found an affordable Richie Rich #1 last year. I've also got an affordable Little Dot 1. This is the first appearance of Richie and Little Lotta, so for me it's a super major key. I store the 2 books on this shelf. The Little Dot is behind the 2 Murano wine glasses. At the moment, Richie #1 is behind Little Dot #1. Thanks for reading!
  6. Using a Tripod to Get Better Pictures of the Comic Room Recently I bought a tripod for my iPad, to get better pictures of my comic room. The room is packed pretty tight so it's hard to get good angles when I'm holding the iPad. With the tripod, the angles are much better. Also with the Bluetooth trigger I can avoid reflections of me in the pictures. Here are a few examples.
  7. This book is now on my want list!
  8. GGA Bondage - Stealing Beauty (Injury to Face) Here's the most disturbing GGA bondage category. I call it "Stealing Beauty." Others might call it "Injury to Face." The concept is, a pretty girl is being held against her will, and she's being threatened by disfigurement of her face. It could be a knife, branding, fire or (the most chilling to me), acid. I've included a couple of Wonder Woman silver age comics as they are good examples of the category. I find these covers to be the most chilling of all the GGA bondage categories.
  9. I love these 2 comics. I'd agree this would be a category but are these the only 2 examples?
  10. I've never seen this one before ... wow this one is chilling!
  11. GGA Bondage - Branding Okay now we get to the really demented categories. There are 2 in my list of categories, and this is the first one, branding. So the concept is, you've got a pretty girl, she's tied up, and you're going to brand her. How demented is that? If anything, pulps were more demented than comics. It makes you wonder what was going on in the heads of comic and pulp creators back in the golden age. This text from the recent C-Link auction (or maybe it was C-Connect) describes it pretty well:
  12. Yeah I've got a few of those too.
  13. I hope you keep posting. Always one of my favorite reads.
  14. Have you checked out GPA and Ebay? I think your comic is only worth about $300-$400. And stores will have to buy it for less, as they would have to sell it for about that.