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  1. I don't often upgrade. Since I have a big want list, I prefer to get more comics than better comics. Having said that, I have a few under copies. Someday I'll try to sell them. I think you have to have the time to do that, what with having to ship stuff and deal with potentially unhappy customers. Maybe when I retire I'll get into it, and probably then it'll be fun to flip comics.
  2. I couldn't believe how high this sold for (about a week ago on eBay). My max bid was $110 and I thought I had a pretty good chance at getting it, depending on who else was looking at the time. But it closed at $787! Holy cow.
  3. Dastardly GGA Won this pulp on eBay last night. Let's see, pretty girl tied to the treads of a tank of Nazi-types, about to be crushed. Definitely dastardly good girl art!
  4. Bill Ward Jest Magazine Recently I bought a copy of Jest from 1960 and it had a wealth of Bill Ward art. I have a few Ward collections, but there are a few here that I've never seen.
  5. n2wdw

    high grade pulps!

    take Future Science-Fiction / Jul 50 / F/VF / $20 Thrilling Wonder Stories / Feb 1947 / F / $20 Astonishing Stories / June 1940 / F / $20
  6. n2wdw

    Golden Age Mexican Editions

    Very cool books! Looking forward to seeing more.
  7. n2wdw

    Son of My 50 Year Junk Obsession

    She lives close to LAX so she probably didn't have to evacuate but better safe than sorry. What is your favorite place to surf? Her boyfriend surfs every day but they just moved there, so he would probably appreciate recommendations.
  8. n2wdw

    Son of My 50 Year Junk Obsession

    My daughter who recently moved to LA opted to evacuate.
  9. Food Update I haven't posted any food pictures in a while, so here we go. Last weekend we went to Atlanta to visit my daughter who goes to Georgia Tech. When we visit my daughter always wants to go to the same restaurant, La Grotta. It's a nice Italian restaurant but what makes it special is black truffles. You can have them shaved onto any dish. We stumbled upon this place her freshman year and she fell in love with the taste and texture. Here are the black truffles all ready to be shaved onto delicious food. I don't know if you're like me, but I always carefully study the menu when I'm at a restaurant (as that's one of the fun parts of going out), but then usually I order the same thing. At this restaurant, every single time we've gone (I think 4 times now), I've gotten the veal chop with shaved black truffles. It is amazing! This week, I had to go to SF for work. One night for dinner, I went to Osso steakhouse. This restaurant is also known for its seafood, especially their version of San Francisco's ubiquitous hot dungeness crab in garlic sauce. This dish is really good; one of those dishes so good it should be its own food group. But I always end up getting the bone-in rib eye steak. As it turns out, Osso -- the name of the restaurant -- means bone-in, as in bone-in rib eye. The steak was huge and delicious. In this picture I should have put my fork, to show scale. It's really big, I could only eat half. I started the meal with a dry martini. Lately I've been into the James Bond martini -- 3 measures gin, 1 vodka, half part vermouth. Actually it's Lillet blanc apéritif which, if you're a fan of the Daniel Craig Bond movies like me, you know isn't really vermouth. Usually when I order this I just order a Vesper, which has become the name of this James Bond martini. But many bartenders don't know this, so then I just order a dry gin martini with a splash of vodka. I'm embarrassed to order it reciting the parts (3 measures gin, 1 vodka, etc.) as then I feel too much like a James Bond geek. And I've never found any bar stocked with Lillet.
  10. I agree. I guess in a way CGC is trusting the other company's grade to a certain extent. Because they obviously cannot grade the insides at all while in the slab.
  11. I think he's asking whether, after you tell CGC to proceed, if the same pre-grader person grades your book, or if it is graded by another grader who does not know about the pre-grade.
  12. Interesting question. I am emailing back and forth with CGC on my crossover book, so I will ask. Although they may consider this part of their confidential grading process. I'll report back with what they tell me.
  13. That's exactly my thinking. With the current crossover promotion, if the grade drops, the re-grading and putting in the CGC slab is only $10.