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  1. Here's a page from the catalog where Mitch advertised GL 76, page 4. You can find links to other pages in the catalog here and see contemporary Kirby art prices: http://comicartads.com/content/page-2-1 Although the Kirby listings are limited, mostly Jimmy Olsen and second run Cap pages. The Byrne/Marcos Avengers $25 pages and Byrne/Hunt MTU $25 pages are nice though. I would have taken 10 of those over an Adams GL page.
  2. Hello! I have two pages of art from Scooby Doo #32 (2000) ending tomorrow night on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/SCOOBY-DOO-2-pages-original-comic-art-Dave-HUNT-NR-Velma-Daphne-MUMMY-nice/113818213421?hash=item1a80181c2d:g:Q70AAOSwNkxdK-mL This auction consists of Dave Hunt's inks on vellum, along with copies of Joe Staton's pencils for the pages. Thanks for looking! Best, Lee
  3. Hi all! I have an eBay auction ending this Sunday for three pages from Teen Titans Sell-Out #1 (1992). You can see the auction here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/TEEN-TITANS-SELL-OUT-original-comic-art-3-pages-John-COSTANZA-Dave-HUNT-1981-NR/113810584272?hash=item1a7fa3b2d0:g:XKYAAOSwX6JdIqDf Thanks! Cheers, Lee
  4. I agree with Daren, my gut says Hall, not Pollard.
  5. Just a reminder that these eBay auctions end in less than 24 hours. Some nice potential bargains here.... Thanks, Lee
  6. Hi all! I listed some more original art on eBay last night, including 2 Scooby Doo pages by Joe Staton, 2 Superboy pages by Kurt Schaffenberger, and an Action Comics pages by Schaffenberger. You can see them all here: https://www.ebay.com/sch/leebenaka/m.html?item=113786425344&hash=item1a7e331000%3Ag%3A~goAAOSwbiNdBvXA&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Thanks, Lee
  7. Just a reminder, these pages are currently very cheap and end in less than 24 hours! Thanks, Lee
  8. Hi all! I found some time to write up some new auction predictions for this week's Heritage auction. Lots of interesting art this week, including Zeck Spider-Man, Starlin Dr. Strange, and an Estrada Wonder Woman splash. You can read it all here: http://www.comicartads.com/content/heritage-weekly-auction-ending-61619 Thanks, Lee
  9. Hi all! I have another round of eBay auctions, including a good-looking Jose Delbo Wonder Woman page and an unusual Teen Titans page drawn in a "Tiny Tunes" style. You can see the auctions here: https://www.ebay.com/sch/leebenaka/m.html?item=113777672485&hash=item1a7dad8125%3Ag%3AKYAAAOSwEzNc~cdX&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Thanks, Lee
  10. Good evening! Just wanted to remind folks that these auctions end 24 hours from now. Lots of good deals to be had! Thanks, Lee
  11. Good morning! Last night I listed four lots of original art on eBay, including Video Jack pirate battle pages by Alan Weiss, Charlton romance art, Tiny Tune Adventures pages, and Kurt Schaffenberger Superboy pages. You can see the auctions here: https://www.ebay.com/sch/leebenaka/m.html?item=113770220134&hash=item1a7d3bca66%3Ag%3A7nkAAOSwPaNc9IVb&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Best regards, Lee
  12. That was from Mitch's catalog--good eye! I kind of assume that most of what Mitch had in his catalog sold, although once in a while some of the same pieces would show up in subsequent catalogs at lower prices (what a concept!). I don't know enough about Mitch's pricing approach and whether he was dealing with consignments much in 1994 as opposed to art directly from artists. I do assume that Mitch likely offered his opinion on pricing where necessary. One can really go down a rabbit hole thinking about how things were priced in 1994, but what really kills me is the prices for my favorite artists like Byrne, Colan, and Perez at the time.
  13. The price for what appears to be a fairly similar quality piece of Mignola Hellboy art had doubled by 1999.
  14. Back in 1989 or so, you could have gotten a nice little stack of McSpidey splashes for $1K. This list comes from The Spider's Web, which apparently was Todd McFarlane and his brother-in-law's store. McSpidey covers at this time were priced at between $750 and $1,000, apparently. Cheers, Lee
  15. Mark, I think that is one of the few old catalogs I don't have. But if anyone happens to be going to the East Coast Comic Con today, please stop by my booth (#745) because I brought a lot of great old catalogs to be browsed. Best, Lee