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  1. Fun day today, lots of great art to see! I sold three pages and just lowered prices on several other pieces. I am unexpectedly "dropping" a few more pages tomorrow, including a sweet Gene Day Master of Kung Fu page (see below). Good luck tomorrow everyone!
  2. I'll be there too, and I just created a separate Marketplace post with some preview images. Lots of bargain-priced art (from me at least), should be fun! Cheers, Lee
  3. Hi all! I will be selling some pages from my collection this weekend. All pages will be less than $300! You can see a preview of some pieces below. Look forward to checking out the art and hopefully making some sales! Cheers, Lee
  4. One more for now, and this one goes way back to a Supersnipe catalog John Buscema Thor Annual 5 https://comics.ha.com/itm/original-comic-art/john-buscema-and-tony-dezuniga-thor-annual-5-story-page-26-original-art-marvel-1976-/p/7236-193013.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 http://www.comicartads.com/content/thor-annual-5-page-29
  5. Here's another.... I wonder whether it will hit five figures. Erik Larsen Amazing Spider-Man 327, page 19 https://comics.ha.com/itm/original-comic-art/erik-larsen-and-al-gordon-the-amazing-spider-man-327-story-page-19-original-art-marvel-19/p/7236-155005.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 http://www.comicartads.com/content/amazing-spider-man-327-page-25
  6. Nice work Vodou! Just to clarify, the December 1992 ad was from TriState (Hans K.), not Horvitz. In the very same ad, you also had these covers, one of which (at least) was similarly aggressively priced: http://www.comicartads.com/content/ghost-rider-9-cover http://www.comicartads.com/content/what-if-24-cover And here's a few more covers offered in December 1992 from other sellers (mostly Ike Wilson): http://www.comicartads.com/content/classic-x-men-27-cover http://www.comicartads.com/content/captain-america-108-cover http://www.comicartads.com/content/amazing-adventures-6-cover http://www.comicartads.com/content/nick-fury-agent-shield-3-cover Another other bargains or bad investments? Kirby v. Kaluta? Cheers, Lee
  7. Did someone say we need some new topics on this board? I often see pieces in Heritage Signature auctions that have been offered up before through CBG, dealer catalogs, etc. from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. For the upcoming November auction, I decided to list some "familiar" pieces so bidders can know a bit more about their provenance. Only three so far, but I will continue to update as more scans are posted to Heritage: Dale Keown She-Hulk #13 cover https://comics.ha.com/itm/original-comic-art/dale-keown-and-ernie-colon-the-sensational-she-hulk-13-cover-original-art-cover-marvel-19/p/7236-40004.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 http://www.comicartads.com/content/she-hulk-13-cover John Byrne She-Hulk 36 page 9 https://comics.ha.com/itm/original-comic-art/john-byrne-and-keith-williams-the-sensational-she-hulk-36-story-page-9-original-art-marvel/p/7236-40006.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 http://www.comicartads.com/content/she-hulk-36-page-9 Ross Andru DC Comics Presents 16 cover https://comics.ha.com/itm/original-comic-art/ross-andru-and--giordano-dc-comics-presents-16-cover-original-art-dc-1979-/p/7236-193002.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 http://www.comicartads.com/content/dc-comics-presents-16-cover
  8. I started www.comicartads.com in 2015. The site not only has a searchable database of thousands of old original comic art ads, but I also have scanned several complete catalogs from the 1970s and 1980s (e.g., http://comicartads.com/content/comic-art-showcase-1-tony-dispoto-1974), and have posted some interviews with folks who used to regularly advertise art in The Comic Buyer's Guide (e.g., http://comicartads.com/content/will-gabri-el-interview) I do collect original art myself and have most of it displayed on CAF: http://cafurl.com?i=25200 I appreciate your interest in ComicArtAds!
  9. Thanks for the kind words Dr. Donald! It is likely that this Strange Tales #89 cover was one of the recreations offered in the June 1994 Sotheby's auction. These recreations have been a source of controversy. To get one take on the recreations, you could read this (offered without comment on my part): https://ohdannyboy.blogspot.com/2011/10/original-art-stories-mystery-of-jack.html Other pieces of art from the June 1994 Sotheby's auction, including pages from a lot of all 20 of the Conan #1 interior pages (which sold for $11,500 at Sotheby's) appeared for sale by Lewis McDermott in Comic Buyer's Guide in the 12/23/94 issue: http://www.comicartads.com/content/conan-1-page-2 http://www.comicartads.com/content/conan-1-page-3 So maybe Lewis McDermott was one of the earlier "Flip-of-the-Day" honorees. I don't know much about Lewis, but his son Mark has posted on the boards in past years, also on the topic of Barry Smith Conan original art. It must run in the family. And speaking of www.comicartads.com and covers, I just did a count, and I have now posted about 950 old ads for cover art to my website, with more to come. Enjoy! Cheers, Lee
  10. My name is Lee, and I'm a flipper. I bought this Jungle Action page from Billy Graham's family, via Jason Schachter (the Marvel UK credits Jason Schachter) for $800 in April 2018, and sold it to Rich Donnelly for $850 in April 2019. That's how I roll, and I make no apologies. But really, I'm just posting to celebrate the "flip thread" topping 100K views. It seems to be a thread people love to hate, or a guilty pleasure, but I think it provides at least a limited service to inexperienced collectors who may be confronted with silly asking prices from time to time. Thanks to Steve K. for (im)moral support, and to all the posters. And look out Commission Collecting thread, we're coming for you!
  11. Hi all! I have some items in this week's Heritage auction, and the auction proceeds will go comics artist Jim Craig, as well as the families of Dave Hunt and Billy Graham. You can see the auctions here, and you can see some consignment scans below: https://comics.ha.com/c/search-results.zx?N=52+793+794+791+1893+792+2088+4294945569+4294967013&type=friend-consignorlive-notice Cheers, Lee
  12. Thanks so much adamstrange! I really appreciate the help here. Best, Lee
  13. Hi all! I'm still trying to find images of original comic art offered for sale decades ago for my ComicArtAds site. I have turned my attention to the Sotheby's auctions of the 1990s. It is fun to post the realized auction prices on the site as well when I post the art images. However, I don't have the results for the June 1996 auction. If any of you do and can take some quick photos and send them to me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Lee
  14. Please check out ComicArtAds Original Art Sales this weekend at Comic Art Live 2020 for a great variety of affordable original art, with prices ranging from $225 to $1,400. Artists inlcude Gene Colan, Jim Craig, Jose Delbo, Keith Giffen, Billy Graham, Russ Heath, Jim Mooney, Tom Morgan, Alex Saviuk, and John Severin. See below for a teaser image, and thanks to Bill Cox and everyone else who helped inspire what is sure to be a fun event! Best regards, Lee