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  1. Please check out ComicArtAds Original Art Sales this weekend at Comic Art Live 2020 for a great variety of affordable original art, with prices ranging from $225 to $1,400. Artists inlcude Gene Colan, Jim Craig, Jose Delbo, Keith Giffen, Billy Graham, Russ Heath, Jim Mooney, Tom Morgan, Alex Saviuk, and John Severin. See below for a teaser image, and thanks to Bill Cox and everyone else who helped inspire what is sure to be a fun event! Best regards, Lee
  2. Thanks for sharing Drewsky! The Dr. Strange doesn't offend me too much because the eBay "flip" auction started at a lower price and theoretically could have ended at a price lower than $325. The Web of Spider-Man page, however...well, good luck with that.
  3. Thanks for alerting me to this fun thread, and for a tough trivia challenge! It has been nice exchanging messages with you. I'm glad you enjoyed Dave Hunt's autobiography, which is entitled "Dave Hunt: An Artist's Life." It was a real treat to get to know Dave while we put the book together. Dave had so many fun stories about his career, especially his time working a daily job for several years in the "Marvel Bullpen," side-by-side with Mike Esposito and Frank Giacoia, sharing inking work back-and-forth. If anyone would like to buy a signed copy of this heavily-illustrated, full-color, 130-page book, it costs $20. You can message me through this board for payment information. It would make for some nice COVID-19 shut-in reading. One of the many great things about Dave is that he kept a lot of stuff, including vintage 1970s Xeroxes of Ross Andru Amazing Spider-Man pencils as Ross sent his pages in to Marvel. I am posting a few images below, and if there is interest, I can post more. Ross Andru will always be "my" Spidey artist as one of the very first comics that I ever owned was ASM #140. Take care all! Best, Lee Benaka
  4. Another ouch from today's auction. Amazing Adventures #2 splash ($33.6K ----> $22.8K): https://comics.ha.com/itm/original-comic-art/jack-kirby-and-chic-stone-amazing-adventures-2-splash-page-1-inhumans-original-art-marvel-1970-/a/7212-91044.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 https://comics.ha.com/itm/original-comic-art/jack-kirby-and-chic-stone-amazing-adventures-2-splash-page-1-inhumans-original-art-marvel-1970-/a/7229-94070.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515
  5. I can probably dig up a spreadsheet that I put together when I was working on the book with Dave. Dave was very meticulous about recording all of his freelance jobs as they occurred, down to the individual pages. He recorded all of the information on a bundle of index cards that he kept his entire life. It was an amazing resource for the book. Here's an example of some of the cards, listing several uncredited inking jobs he did for Joe Sinnott on Fantastic Four, among other things. This is all presented in a much easier-to-read fashion in the book. (And I am happy to sell a signed (by me) copy to anyone who needs some good quarantine reading!) Best, Lee
  6. Based on the records I have reviewed, Dave Hunt did not provide uncredited background inks for ASM #171. He apparently stopped doing that with ASM #170. Dave might have still been in the Marvel Bullpen on a daily basis, working alongside Mike Esposito. Here's a self-portrait that Dave drew for DC after he started working there in the late 1970s/early 1980s. The sketch on the back of the ASM #171 page looks a bit old and haggard to be Dave, but who knows? Best, Lee
  7. I need to check the index in Dave Hunt's autobiography to be sure, but Dave may have provided uncredited background inks for this page and drew that as a warm-up on the back. It kind of looks like Dave. I'll check later tonight and let you know. Best, Lee
  8. You can see my offerings at this URL: http://cafurl.com?i=24444 I'm also including a couple of images. Most of my art is priced at $300 or less. (I would make a terrible dealer!)
  9. Do you think it will go for 100x its 1984 price? 200x? http://www.comicartads.com/content/amazing-spider-man-41-page-1
  10. A for effort! Please try again if you get the chance.
  11. Great contribution Glen, that's what we need here! And that flip is not A-OK (get it, anyone) with me.
  12. If anyone wants to read through Russ's first auction catalog, the entire catalog, with final auction prices written in, is scanned and available here: http://comicartads.com/content/russ-cochrans-comic-art-auction-1-1980 Russ was a true pioneer in this hobby. Best, Lee
  13. Yes, 1987. I meant to add that. I’m glad folks have enjoyed the article!