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  1. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Desperado director Robert Rodriguez is in talks to direct James Cameron‘s Battle Angel Alita. The Aliens director had been developing Battle Angel along side a number of projects, including Avatar, since the turn of the century. I'd rather Rodriguez direct this than Cameron. My only fear is Hollywood being hollywood they'll just whitewash the lead like with Motoko in the upcoming GITS.
  2. Seth Rogen Is Shopping An Adaptation Of THE BOYS To Cable Nets With SUPERNATURAL's Eric Kripke involved. Personally I think it's wishful thinking, I mean the budget to do such a series would be HUGE! But it would be neat to finally see this masterpiece on screen.
  3. It's been announced that a new trilogy will begin filming early next year with the original cast returning. With that I wanted to celebrate that announcement with getting this bad boy. I'd like to see what other boardies have.
  4. I will soon be a proud member of the Comico Primer Club (I have a CGC 9.8 #2 coming to me) And I intend to have a full set of this series in said grade. But I wanted to see how many of you fellow Copper Age lovers are in this club? It doesnt matter what you have are in what condition, if you have anything you are in. (thumbs u
  5. I thought I'd start this for those of us who would like to show off our books (slabbed or raw) And talk about our collecting goals with this series and maybe try and help each other completing our sets. And sense I have the first ever DH book in CGC 9.8 I thought I would start off first. I will have a picture of me holding this book when it comes in as proof of my purchase. And my next goal for this series is to get the first ten or so issues in 9.8 (with WHITE pages) as well as both covers of the first AVP Appearance book before the end of the year.