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  1. Great book Billy! First original DC Silver Age concept! There's a strong argument to be made that Showcase 6 is the first SA book given that the Challies got their own title prior to the Flash. Where would the Fantastic Four be without the Challies? Kirby was there at the beginning of the SA of DC Comics and he laid the groundwork for what would happen when Marvel's SA started with Fantastic Four 1. Stan was there to help Jack take Marvel's Challies one step further!
  2. Newton’s work on the Phantom is just one reason why he’s one of the greatest Bronze Age artists that’s also the least discussed.
  3. Great cover of one I haven’t seen before. How are the stories?
  4. That’s what the catch-all “and others” was for😉
  5. Lamont Larson is one of the greatest figures of comic book collecting during the earliest chapter of the history of the 20th Century American Comic Book. Larson, Macon, Church, and Crippen, are among the first to achieve the great collections as original owners. Thankfully for those of us who love and appreciate this art form, their accomplishments preserved comic books and gave posterity an actual view of what much of this art form looked like when it was first displayed at the newsstands. They built their collections from original purchases without any idea that they would gain serious value
  7. A double cover of the single greatest and most importnt cover of the Atomic Age of Comics! You have a unicorn!
  8. The same director will be directing WW3: