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  1. Agreed. Menace 5 is among the most significant precode horror books and I will argue that it's the most significant Atlas horror precode comic book for this primary reason: Stan Lee's single greatest precode story. Stan's recent passing has led to much focus on his contributions to Marvel's Silver Age as part of the Lee & Kirby team. As time goes on, more comic book historians and collectors will focus on Menace 5 as the apex of Lee and Everett's work together during an era without the the dominant superhero genre. The fact that the Zombie is the most notable creation to come out of the Atlas precode era only adds to Menace 5 holding a very special place in the history of: 1) Atlas Comics; 2) Precode Horror; 3) Bill Everett's precode art portfolio; and 4) Stan Lee's Atlas writing portfolio. TFTZ is the book that led me to Menace 5 and precode horror. Tracing Simon Garth back to an era where I later discovered Jack Cole, L.B Cole, Bernard Baily, Ajax-Farrell, Charles Biro, Russ Heath, Johnny Craig, Al Feldstein, Graham Ingels, Frank Frazetta, Matt Fox, Sheldon Moldoff, Wally Wood, Lee Elias, Lou Cameron, Myron Fass, Norm Saunders, Don Heck, Howard Nostrand, Bob Powell, etc. From the Bronze Age to the Atomic...
  2. Had this in my collection for a while: There are some out there that don't know the connection Stan has to this book. But for those of us who do... Alas, Simon Garth! The one and only...
  3. You have a great eye for awesome copies Adam, as always!
  4. Great seller! Great to deal with!
  5. First, I'm going to make one huge distinction between the Unknown Soldier and Enemy Ace. The Unknown Soldier is much more significant than the the Ace especially when the former carried a run that took SSWS 151 and carried the book through the BA. The Ace will always be remembered for the short Kubert run, which happens to be the among the best stuff Joe ever did. As for the Unknown Soldier (my favorite war character), keep in mind that he had his day during the Bronze Age- the last year of which took place 40 years ago. I don't know what you're defining "significance" as but the world has changed a great deal and Marie - the greatest female creation of DC's Big Five is very representative of the significant role women have had in serving their countries in wartime in the past, present, and future. Check out the role women had fighting in WW2 for the Soviet Union in Nobel Laureate Svetlana Alexievich's work That's just one example of the many that are starting to come out and the guys at DC during the last year of the 1950s created the greatest symbol of the role women could have in fighting against the greatest evil ever to challenge our freedom and very existence- Marie. We live in an age of greater diversity where women are taking advantage of the opportunities never afforded them in prior eras. Women are now in leading roles that have an impact on the world today and will continue to grow. Marie's significance will grow with it because she was the only heroic woman character in a genre dominated by male heroes. Her legend will continue to grow just like the Black Panther's will for African-Americans. SSWS 90 is an example of a storyline that successfully juxtaposed the War genre with that of the Lost World. I remember as a kid growing up in the late 70s reading about the unexplored regions of the Amazon River Basin and remote islands. The world was a much larger place back then and probably bigger around 1960. The storyline went on for a number of years and showed that such a book during the Silver Age of the Superhero worked. You think I need to emphasize the point about relative scarcity when comparing War keys from 1959 and 1960 to one another? I would if books from 1965 and 1966 were included in the poll. They weren't. I might one day have another polll making such comparisons (and I've already hinted at that) but will see what the guys do with the War Report's top 50 list in the upcoming 49th Edition of the OSPG. As far as relative scarcity being a contributing factor to a book's significance, it's important to keep in mind that it has a role in defining the significance of a book. There are exceptions and Hulk 181 and AF 15 are the clearest ones. These are iconic books that also attract more than just the traditional collector. Do you seriously believe that OAAW 83 would rank in the OSPG's Top 20 Silver Age keys if there were as many copies laying around as there were of AF 15?TOS 39? SC 22? BB 28? Relative scarcity is a contributing factor to the desirability of OAAW 83. To what degree is a question that deserves its own thread.
  6. Regarding your first point, the Rock prototypes are ranked above SSWS 84 & 90 in the top 50 War books in the OSPG's War Report. I'm saying that's no longer accurate. This poll supports my position. OAAW 151 and 168 are further down the rankings. 151 and 168 are not in this poll because they don't rank as high in the top 50. As for your second point, I'm comparing books that are much closer in terms of their relative scarcity. Again, the books in this poll hit the newsstands in '59 and '60. You think it's more difficult to find OAAW 151 and 168 in grades above 6.0 than SSWS 84 and 90?
  7. The number of participants in this poll might or might not be representative of the larger audience view of where these great books fall in terms of the top 50 War keys that are in the OSPG's War Report. SSWS 84 and 90 have been moving up the War Report top 50 hierarchy while the Rock prototypes have remained in place. The characters you mentioned have their place in the War Report top 50 hierarchy, but they are further down the line. OAAW 151 and 168 appear during the mid 60s while the latest key to appear in this poll did so in 1960. They are much easier to find so relative scarcity is a factor I considered when comparing these books. I wasn't going to compare mid-60s books to the Rock prototypes and my favorite War character happens to be the Unknown Soldier. Rather, this poll is about whether the Rock prototypes are as significant as DC's other great creations from that era. I'm not sure Rock's origin issue will surpass Marie's first appearance- especially when we are in an era where first appearances are on another plane. That said, I'm sure we'll see another poll - they're fun.
  8. Andy, Sending this over to you in case you don't get a chance to vote. Best, john
  9. Great flame thrower cover sought after by precode collectors.
  10. The WTOF 7 is my favorite Bailey cover and the best devil cover ever! Look at the depth of that cover. Simply incredible!