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  1. Welcome to the boards! The personal history you have with this book is priceless. Anyone with the money can go ahead a buy a high grade copy of this book and never have the connection and meaning you have with your copy. I see so many people come into this hobby and spend a great deal of money to buy books like ASM 1 only to see these guys sell the book and exit the hobby shortly thereafter because the connection they have to that book is superficial (especially when compared to your collecting experience). This is imho, the greatest reward our hobby can provide to a collector and money can’t buy it. Best, john
  2. In retrospect, would Marvel Comics be in a better place if Stan and company had taken Shazam and agreed to let DC Comics have the Captain Marvel title? Could Fawcett’s original creation have fared better competing against Superman from the House of Ideas? I sometimes wonder whether Marvel Comics would have put much more than DC did to bring back the rivalry that existed between the Original Captain Marvel and Superman. DC may have recognized this and worked at keeping the Big Red Cheese away from the House of Ideas. Marvel had Spiderman to match up with DC’s Batman. Imagine a Marvel Comics Shazam matched against DC’s Superman? Would have been interesting to see where Shazam would be now when compared to his DC “rival” if he were at Marvel Comics. Best, john
  3. Perhaps the slowing down here has to do with some of the fatigue people have with communicating via the internet? I for one am “zoomed out.” The last thing I want to look at is a computer and reading emails once my work day is completed. The Cons and shows for the most part are on hold. Local comic shops that are opened require limited time inside them. There’s very little direct human interaction for collectors. Let’s face it, direct human contact cannot be replaced by this medium. This hobby, like others, is centered around shared experiences and knowledge. Using cyberspace to connect with people has its place and it will always be secondary to direct human contact and has a significant role in connecting to people over great physical distances. The need to have direct human contact for interaction is tantamount for our very existence. This is also one of the lessons we can learn walking away from this worldwide pandemic. The current setup for us to interact is the safest but limited in so many ways. Fortunately for us, this isn’t a permanent situation in terms of our exclusive reliance on this form of communication.
  4. This is gorgeous! I have a theory that the ones Recil signed his name to more were his favorites.
  5. Look at how she’s taking pleasure in doing this! Simply classic...
  6. Honorable mention for this great Face-Focused thread because it’s Basil Gogos!!!