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  1. bronze johnny

    Ask the “Blazing One”???

    Petraglia had that one incredible year when he won all the major championships. I remember him constantly traveling about - he had 1- 2 guys who would travel with him in a cool van. Must have been tough to do all that traveling on the road. I also remember seeing his trophy room- incredible. Recently saw him bowl on ESPN for a senior event- has to be in his '70s - and you can see the technique of a master of the game. One of the greats!
  2. bronze johnny

    Ask the “Blazing One”???

    Let me add that some people have to travel greater distances to get to a bowling alley because there are fewer. Can make it challenging for recreational bowlers. We lost some great alleys. I remember the great days of the PBA back in the 80s - ABC coverage on Saturday afternoons. There was a time when the Firestone Tournament of Champions was one of the best sporting events to watch. We knew who Earl Anthony was...Mark Roth... Bob- ever bowl a 300 game?
  3. bronze johnny

    Ask the “Blazing One”???

    The legendary Johnny Petraglia lived two houses down from me when I was a kid.
  4. Did you get them from Sid's Luncheonette?
  5. bronze johnny

    Ask the “Blazing One”???

    Where in the world is the Count of Commack?
  6. bronze johnny

    Ask the “Blazing One”???

    Bob, Happy New Year! It's Wintertime! Will the Yankees get Machado? What team will win the Super Bowl? Will Sleepwalker 1 and Dazzler 1 become megakeys? Are they good investments for collectors entering the market? Will we see an Atari Force movie sometime in the near future? Hoping that the Count of Commack shares some of his vast knowledge and wisdom in 2019!!! john
  7. bronze johnny

    "How Astounding Saw the Future"

    Great post! Perhaps Campbell had a realization that his magazine would attract young people with his kind of science fiction given the lack of available books during that era? Science Fiction genre based books like most others weren't as accessible to the masses given the fact that libraries available to the public were limited and the idea of purchasing books - hardcovers were the standard - was applicable to the smaller population possesing disposable incomes. The Hubbard stuff is fascinating given the irony that Campbell never would have thought of or intended - the science fiction genre and his magazine would lay the groundwork for a prophet to convey a religious message that would evolve into a worldwide religion.
  8. Great article on the classic Sci-Fi magazines:
  9. DC Direct did unusual things back then. Let me suggest that you place the backing board into a Mylar or mylite- has a nice glossy effect. Remember to keep the box in great condition- it's beautiful to also display.
  10. Try inserting the backing in the slot at the backend of the diorama where it was designed to go.
  11. Beautiful! Keep in mind that the box itself is a work of art.
  12. Check the box- there's a cardboard background that replicates the original cover to make it 3-dimensional. Then you can place the book adjacent to it rather than behind.
  13. Beautiful display but I would use the backboard that comes with the statue to enhance this awesome Silver Age diorama done by Bruckner. As someone mentioned before, it might be a good idea to keep the Flash 123 comic out of constant light. This statue is also cold cast porcelin and hand painted, which will become even more sought after over time since the nearly all the stuff today is resin and machine painted. Now you need to add the following DC Direct diorama statues: Detective Comics 38; Brave and the Bold 28; and Action Comics 252. All of these are awesome!
  14. bronze johnny

    The Most Significant Silver Age Annual?

    I try😎
  15. bronze johnny

    The Most Significant Silver Age Annual?

    Marvel Tales 1 is the most significant Silver Age Annual imho if it introduced a large number of fans to these characters because they missed the first issues and origins that hit the newsstands during the years preceding 1964.