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  1. Classic cover! I have the Palo Alto copy and will say this cover is even more remarkable in hand. Congrats Jay!
  2. Agree. Perhaps CGC will come out with slabs made with the same protective material that’s used for framed movie posters?
  3. Got excited when I first saw the advertisement for the spinner rack until seeing this on $132.72 on Amazon:
  4. Great copy you have in your collection! It’s a “collector's” book for those who know its place in the Silver Age History of Marvel. It’s also a key that speculators, flippers, and manipulators haven’t yet figured a way to make money out of. There’s plenty of love for this key. It’s a book that stands on its own- like its Marvel Silver Age key brethren. The true Silver Age collector understands this and has ST 101 in their collection. Belongs in the Marvel Silver Age key portfolio. Enjoy!
  5. Fantastic! You’ve probably read All Quiet on the Western Front so I’m going to recommend another fantastic novel that is based on the journals of the writer’s grandfather. The novel is War and Turpentine by Stephan Hertmans. Simply incredible.
  6. Our Army at War #83 comes in at number 4 on that list when you add it. Not to mention Adventure Comics 247 placing at 5.
  7. Great pick-up. The only Feldstein cover to make the top 4 CSS you mention. Also my top 4 and I’ve been putting this one off to add to 17, 20, & 22. Guess I will eventually pick one up.
  8. Anymore before I start to put together a list and eventual Summer Poll for the top 10 Bronze Age War Covers?