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  1. Very happy to see this thread back on page 1. Thanks Jay!
  2. One reason why Robot Man is one of the true collectors in this hobby!
  3. This is great! Does that catalogue happen to be the only existing list of the entire WPC? Thanks for sharing.
  4. Yeah but Suspense 14 is a "double hypo" cover! Lol
  5. Suspense 14 is my favorite in the run and has imho the best in the Atlas corral for hypo-needle covers! Heath-somely great! Not to mention one of the best stories ever published by Atlas.
  6. I wouldn’t draw any assumptions about what my underlying intentions are and suggest you avoid allegations on my part to be misleading. Try not to make it personal and keep it on topic
  7. What’s the bigger SA key in terms of value and historical significance? Brave and the Bold 28 or Daredevil 1
  8. Thanks guys! I will take more photos with it outside of bag and share.
  9. Hi gang, here’s a copy of Marvel Spotlight 2 that I’ve had for a long time. Never pressed. Thanks for any help in providing a grade:
  10. My favorite “injury to eye” cover. Look at the style Morales had and how awesome he draws the transformation!