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  1. ASM #501 page 9 is my first piece of comic art, and one of the last pieces I would sell just for being the first one. When I bought it, I was looking for some out of print hardcover graphic novels in eBay. I didn't even know you could buy original art pages back then. Good memories. Thanks for sharing your pieces and stories
  2. I do agree, you never know, but also I'm not too worry about saving this art for the next owner. I use 'acid free' materials, 'UV protection' glass/acrylic, and hang the art away from direct sunlight, but that's about it. I chose to enjoy the art every time I pass by, than keeping it in a binder. At the end of the day, hopefully, we do what makes us happy. J.
  3. Awesome cover, did you manage to acquire it? J.
  4. I've only used this 1-inch tape to join boards before. J.
  5. Batman on the backside of a wolverine page by Leinil Francis Yu.
  6. One and a half boards here. When I first try to frame it, it didn't stay flat where the two boards meet. The boards are joined together with a 1-inch tape, so I used a double-sided tape on top of the 1-inch tape to attach it to the back board. It looks better now, see pictures. Tapes and boards are acid free. Here's a link to the double sided tape. J.
  7. do you mean 50 buck art pieces? there's none
  8. I bought couple of frames from The Paper Framer and they are pretty practical, you can switch the art easily, and they are protected good enough I think. You can choose Acrylic UV with or without non-glare, acid free mats, and it comes with a Mylar bag, if you wish to frame it like that. The pressure from the backboard can hold the art in place most of the time, or you can use other methods you consider safe to keep it in place. I have a portfolio with various pieces that I switch every now and then. All my frames are for 11" x 17", so they all look the same, front and back. Mat margins are 2" and art slightly bigger that 11 x17", like DC pages, can be added just the same. This is what I usually order if interested, frame was about $120 last time plus shipping. Frame 203 : Matte Black Outer Mat : C9500 White Glove Inner Mat : C9500 White Glove Glazing : OP3 Acrylic UV Protection (or OP3/P99 Acrylic UV and NG) Exact Dimensions : 11" Wide x 17" High Top Margin : 1/8" Bottom Margin : 1/8" Left Margin : 1/8" Right Margin : 1/8" Thickness: 1-10 Pages "
  9. Let's keep it going on. Avengers #2 variant cover (2018) by Ed McGuinness and Mark Morales. I bought the splash page before it became a variant cover
  10. I remember this story. You're very lucky. The art and story are so cool, congrats!
  11. Looking for some cool comic art from I Hate Fairyland issues #3 to #10. If you have something, please send me a PM. Thank you!
  12. I've used USPS Express Mail International that has tracking for that, or agreed with the buyer to send it cheaper, with no tracking, when he leaves positive feedback in advance (before I ship it) and agreed by email that he will not complain if the package is lost or damaged. I've sent both ways, and never had an issue.