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  1. Please add the following: SET: Question (1987) Additions: Question Quarterly 2 and Question Quarterly 3 Thanks!
  2. Please add the following: SET: Superman One-Shots Addition: Superman 3-D #1 and Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen Special #1 Thanks!
  3. Hi! Can you please add the following new set: Set request: Female Furies This set will consist of seven issues: 1, 1 variant cover, 2-6. Thanks!
  4. JMoses

    Help! What is this?

    I am a collector of Superman One-shots, but I am stumped by this one: Superman: The Album nn This is not a slot for Superman: The Wedding Album -- that's already accounted for. Nor is it a slot for the "Superman Record Comic," a comic that accompanied a 1966 LP. There's already a slot for that, too. I'm stumped. Looked on-line for some ideas, but came up empty. There evidently are some -- at least one -- graded copy(ies) out there. Anybody? What is this? A census search comes back only with Superman: The Wedding Album. So maybe a mistaken entry? Maybe it doesn't exist?
  5. This is a request for a removal of a recently added trade paperback to a comic set: Please REMOVE the following, a recent addition to the Mister Miracle (Master Set) set: please remove the trade paperback Mister Miracle (2017) . Trade paperbacks and compilations should be in a separate category, and are not "comics" per se. This is simply the collected 1-12 issues bound in a single volume, is presently in mass distribution,and can be purchased new at any bookstore. Therefore, I am requesting its removal from the set. If someone wants to create a "DC Trade Paperbacks" set or something similar, fine with me, but this shouldn't be in a comics set. Let me add: please do not add this trade paperback to the other Mister Miracle sets. It, like the original 2 vol. black-and-white compilation put out some years ago for the original series, just don't belong in these sets.
  6. Please add the following: Set: New Gods (Complete) Books: Female Furies 1 and Female Furies 1 variant cover. Thanks!
  7. Please add the following: Set: Superman One-Shots Comic: Superman: The Odyssey nn Thanks!
  8. Please add the the set: Ragman (complete): issue: Brave and the Bold 196 Please add to the set: Mister Miracle (Master Set) issues: Action Comics 708 Superman: The Man of Steel 43
  9. Please add the following: SET: Superman (John Byrne) issue: World of Krypton (vol. 2, 1987) 1 Syfy Special Edition
  10. I just had DC Comics Presents #79 graded, a nice 9.6, (cert 1994945006, and the very first issue 79 to be graded), but when I entered it into my DC Comics Presents set, it earned only 20 points. Every other issue in this set, with the exception of a few higher-scoring issues, rates 9.8s at 65 points and 9.6s at 40 points. Please adjust the score of DC Comics Presents, issue 79, from 20 points to 40 points to conform with the rest of the point values in this set. Thanks!
  11. I stand by my argument that issue one is more historically significant than #7, and that current prices are not the sole, or perhaps even the best, indicators of point values for competitive sets. CGC can make the call, but it seems to me that a longer view than current market is indicated. This will be my last word, and of course in the great scheme of things, this is a very minor issue. All the best.
  12. With all respect, tripling #7 is a bad idea. I reiterate the point I made about the absurd inflation of the point value of Mister Miracle #4. New Gods #7, if tripled, would carry more point value than issue #1, which makes no sense. Current, temporary spikes in value shouldn't translate into illogical spikes in the issue's permanent point value. New Gods #1 is, and always will be, much more significant than issue #7. I argue that if any point value be added to issue 7, it be meager, and not inflated beyond the value of what is considered one of the keys of the Bronze Age, New Gods 1. Just noticed that issue 7 has already had its points inflated. Certainly that is sufficient, in that it now equals issue #1 in points value. I argue that's already too high.
  13. I've noticed that the points value of Mister Miracle #4 has more than tripled, making it worth more than Mister Miracle #1. How can this be? I don't think the first appearance of Barda is more noteworthy than the first appearance of the title character. Seems to me there is a flaw here. issue #4 is popular at the moment, but that will settle down. Issue #1 will always be the most collectible in this title, don't you think? While I appreciate the points boost, it seems ill-considered and tied to current whims, not long-term value. I suggest reducing #4's point value or boosting that of issue #1.
  14. Good morning, Please add the following: Sets: Mister Miracle (2017) and Mister Miracle (Master Set): books: Mister Miracle (2017) 10 and Mister Miracle (2017) 10 variant cover Is it possible to just go ahead and add nos. 11 and 12 and their variant covers as well? You know they're coming! Thanks!
  15. New set request: Beowulf (DC) : issues 1-6, from 1975. Thanks very much!