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  1. (Actually, it's Superman vs. Darkseid: Apokolips Now! 1. vs. rather than v. Thanks.
  2. Please add the following: SET: New Gods (Complete) ADD: Superman v. Darkseid: Apokolips Now! 1 Thanks!
  3. Please add the following: SET: Superman One-Shots Addition: Supermen of America (1999) 1 cert 2037880006 (Please note that this is the 1999 one-shot, not the 2000 #1 which is the first of a miniseries).
  4. Please add the following: SET: Superman One-Shots Comic: DC Retroactive: Superman -- The '80's #1 Thanks!
  5. Please add the following: SET: Superman One-Shots Additions: Superman: Futures End #1 Batman/Superman: Futures End #1 Superman/Wonder Woman: Futures End #1 Also, I am requesting to please NOT create a separate listing for the variant (non-lenticular) covers for these titles, since there are very, very few of those graded, while the lenticular covers exist in each title in the dozens, and almost no one seems to collect the plain covers. Better I think just to combine the lenticular and plain covers into one listing (such as is done in the Action Comics 1 reprints slot). Also, please combine the Action Comics: Futures End #1, already in the set twice as main and variant covers, into a single listing. BTW, this change affects no one, since no one has anything in the variant slot. Thanks! No problem. Actually, the Action Comics: Futures End 1 Variant Cover slot was a mistake. That book should have never had it's own slot, as the entire set has regulars and variants in the same slot. Sorry about that, but I got it fixed for you.
  6. Please add the following: SET : Superman One-Shots please make these additions: DC Holiday Special 2017 #1 Legends of the DC Universe 3-D Gallery #1 Man and Superman 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 Thank you!
  7. There appears to be a points problem with the set All-Star Squadron: The points values inexplicably drop beginning with issue 11, stay low until issue 46, and then resume their former values. Here are the details: 9.8s in this set are scored at 48 points, until issue 11, when they suddenly drop to a value of 40, hold there issue 46 and then (after issue 47, Todd McFarlane's first DC cover, which is appropriately valued higher, at 96), the issues from 48 on down score 48 points again in the 9.8 range (except issue 50, which scores 64 for the 9.8. No problem with that). REQUEST: Please normalize (raise) the scores for All-Star Squadron issues 11-46 to match the rest of the regular set values; that is, please raise them to equal issues 2-10 and 48-67. Thank you!
  8. Please add the following: New Set Request: DC One Million (1998) It consists of 40 issues: DC One Million 1-4 and 36 one-shots, as follows, for a total of 40 issues. Issues: DC One Million 1, 2, 3, 4 DC One Million 80-Page Giant #nn Action Comics 1,000,000 #nn Adventures of Superman 1,000,000 #nn Aquaman 1,000,000 #nn Azrael 1,000,000 #nn Batman 1,000,000 #nn Batman: Shadow of the Bat 1,000,000 #nn Booster Gold 1,000,000 #nn Catwoman 1,000,000 #nn Chase 1,000,000 #nn Chronos 1,000,000 #nn Creeper 1,000,000 #nn Detective Comics 1,000,000 #nn Flash 1,000,000 #nn Green Arrow 1,000,000 #nn Green Lantern 1,000,000 #nn Hitman 1,000,000 #nn Impulse 1,000,000 #nn JLA 1,000,000 #nn Legion of Super-Heroes 1,000,000 #nn Legionnaires 1,000,000 #nn Lobo 1,000,000 #nn Martian Manhunter 1,000,000 #nn Nightwing 1,000,000 #nn Power of Shazam 1,000,000 #nn Resurrection Man 1,000,000 #nn Robin 1,000,000 #nn Starman 1,000,000 #nn Superboy 1,000,000 #nn Supergirl 1,000,000 #nn Superman 1,000,000 #nn Superman: The Man of Steel 1,000,000 #nn Superman: The Man of Tomorrow 1,000,000 #nn Wonder Woman 1,000,000 #nn Young Heroes in Love 1,000,000 #nn Young Justice 1,000,000 #nn Thanks!
  9. Set Request: Female Furies Issues: 1, 1 variant, 2-6. It is a six issue series. Thank you!
  10. Please add the following: SET: New Gods (Complete) Addition: Female Furies 2 (cert 2029106011) (If possible, can issues 3-6 also be added? It's a six-issue miniseries. If not, I'll just request them as they are added to the census.) Thanks!
  11. Please add the following: SET: Question (1987) Addition: Question Quarterly 4 SET: Superman One-Shots Addition: World's Finest: Our Worlds at War #1 Thanks!!