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  1. I love when interviewers let their guests talk and complete their thoughts. Whenever Zac Levi comforably refers to himself as "Captain Marvel Shazam!" too makes me smile every time. Zac also recollects one of my favorite jokes at the 12:07 mark that I first heard retold by Craig Ferguson, boy howdy do I miss watching "The Late Late Show."
  2. I need to go watch this again. Little by little, Easter Eggs are getting out I didn't even realize were there. Shazam! is not a superficial movie by any stretch of the imagination. This is Aesop and Charles Dickens medicinal quality classic Silver Screen cinema you savour and rub on your gums. 99 44/100% Pure Comic Book Movie. Reminds me of a conversation I had with my good friend Arthur Whitelaw the Broadway Producer where we both agreed on the capricious nature of audiences... "The banquet is laid though nobody comes."
  3. Interesting. Are the local theaters noting it is being pulled that soon? I have just two cinema exhibitors in my metropolis of 1M population, Reading International and Regal Cineworld Group. I searched both company websites and Shazam! in standard 2D is only being screened. Now that I've decompressed from my prior posting, I'm thinking their on-line advance ticket listings are limited to the next calender 7 days incrementally as I don't see a lot of current movies listed the weekend after next either so I may have jumped the gun and need to humbly redact my statement Shazam!'s exhibition is ending early. I was eagerly looking forward to watching Shazam! in Real D 3D again like I enjoyed last week as the cinematography is high art gorgeous and was majorly dissapointed it wasn't being screened in 3D tonight or any other night. Adamantly recommend to everyone to see this film in 3D if you still have the chance as it's more awe inspiring than 2D. Tonight's viewing makes four times for me as I can't get enough of the first 15 minutes which IMO is the finest movie prelude ever printed on film since Saving Private Ryan. I swear Shazam! has got me jonesing and gets better and better every time I see it...
  4. Interesting BTS video footage of the making of Shazam! Fast-forward to 00:39 for the actual beginning.
  5. This is a bit o' foolish nonsense, I picked up tickets to see Shazam! this evening and found that it is no longer being shown in either 3D or IMAX format in my neighborhood movie theatres anywhere as some asinine "Missing Link" movie took over all the available 3D projection screens in town. I've also noticed that I'll have only till next week Thursday to see Shazam! a few more times and it will be gone. Since when was it predetermined that Shazam! has only a limited two week theatre engagement?! I didn't get the memo on this...
  6. Watched Shazam! in 3D last week and the layers of detail in each scene is deep. When Safran and Sandberg telegraphed Easter Eggs for us Fawcett fanatics they weren't kidding around, love the depth of this film.
  7. Quite possibly the freak Midwest 'Bomb Cyclone' from Denver to Oklahoma making outdoor travel dangerous is impacting box office. It's not a reflection on Shazam! that people aren't interested in seeing it, currently people just can't get to the movie theatre to see it.