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  1. "Hey, cut that out. Why is everybody trying to start a freaking grudge match between me and Henry? That’s not… I may think that would be a lot of fun." – Zachary Levi
  2. Matter-of-factly 81 years as of last December 1st-ish. Accept no substitute he is still the Original Gangster Captain Marvel!
  3. A most Happy Birthday to outstanding Mary Bromfield actor Grace Fulton. I would love to identify Grace as Mary Marvel but some other actress was awkwardly cast to wear the super hero suit in Shazam! Same as Jack Dylan Grazer was denied his once in an acting career opportunity to portray Captain Marvel Jr. on screen which would have been the best of all possible realizations in my lifetime. Comme ci, comme ça...
  4. These schismatic cultists continue to insist there must always be a Zack Snyder turd in the punchbowl and every DC film needs to be an indistinguishable movie from the last.
  5. As an employer of creatives over the past many decades, my belief is one of the surest indicators of people who possess god-gifted talent is their keen sense at self-deprecating humour.