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  1. No diss to Henry Gayden who is channeling Otto Binder with his authentic Fawcett Captain Marvel Adventures formulation of his Shazam! screenplays, I'm praying that this DC Films Gail Simone vehicle is a New Line Cinema Shazam! spin-off movie period piece set in the 1940's featuring Captain Marvel Jr. taking on Captain Nazi and the Axis starring Jack Dylan Grazer.
  2. Outside of Fawcett Infinity Covers this could have been a comic book geek's dream, Jerry Ordway's intended Power of Shazam! #50 Homage Cover of Amazing Spider-Man #50.
  3. Holy Moley! This is unadulterated James Wong Howe and Harold Rosson high art moviemaking ingenuity!
  4. It was a formulated cheap shot to intentionally rile the anger and angst of Snyder Cut Zealots into terrorizing Zac Levi with a cancel culture personality assasination. Being well versed in social media, Zac simply dismissed this as puerile and purposely taken out of context clickbait to his fandom.
  5. I love how Zachary Levi is noticably absent. Wasn't this Brandon Davis the Internet clickbait troll who spread false and uncomplimentary rude rumors about Zac a few months ago?
  6. I'm healthy, happy, and feel terrific! Hope @ADAMANTIUM , @Bosco685 and your loved ones are as well, Cheers!
  7. Jerry Ordway. A comic creators' comic creator. I also loved reading Sub-Mariner comics in the '70s, Thor vs Prince Namor, great book!