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  1. It's possible, but I was too shy back then to ever talk to much anybody. I didn't know that he went to MSU.
  2. My first was the 1977 edition when I was fourteen. First book I ever bought with nudity in it heh heh. My 14 year old self thought "cool". If I remember right, there were a couple of revealing ads....To be 14 again....
  3. Curious Books in Lansing was one of the shops I and my friends would go to back in the 80's, but not too often as we got much better deals at Campus Comics (Campus closed in '98). Curious used to have two locations, one where they sold their comics, and one where they just sold used books. I remember before they split into two stores that the comics were upstairs at the old location. I sold them a bunch of my old paperback books back in '83 I think, and that's when I found out that they also had comics. I just did a search and Curious Books is still listed as having comics, so I may have to make a trip there again. Another good store in Lansing is close to the capital downtown and is Summit Comics. I've visited this place a few weeks ago and see that they were opening a new room with long boxes. I picked up a bunch of older cheapie books (70's-80's) there. I sometimes buy my new books there and until this year all of the back issues that I saw were pretty dreky, but with the opening of their newer room with the boxes of dollar and up comics, it is worth checking out.
  4. I live ten miles from this one, but haven't been there in a few years, maybe 2013 I think. When I went only the wife was working and all they had was drek. I remember her telling me that her husband is a collector so I figured that was why there weren't too many non-drek comics for sale. Heck, I would've probably grabbed the same ones you found had they been there, but all I saw was 1990's stuff. Glad to see that they are still around and I will have to make a point to go there again.
  5. I preferred the show about the monster of the week hunting reporter to the lolly pop eating bald guy that caught criminals. I forget, was Telly Savalas a cop or detective or what?
  6. You do not ask of Gibraltar, "who is the rock?". You also do not ask of CGC, "who is Greggy?" (I had also wondered this very same thing when I came to these boards many years ago.)
  7. I recognized that one right away. I'm not sure if mine is an original, but the cover of mine is the same as that Monster Manual shown. I did buy my copy in either '81 or '82. Now my daughter wants to play D & D so I've got to figure out how to be a Dungeon Master all over again as it's been over 35 years since I've done it. I'm so used to playing these types of games on the PC that going to paper and pencil will really be a trip down the old memory lane.
  8. Alf 48? Checked my database and I only have Alf # 7..dang. Oh well, but I do have a few of the Archie innuendo cover comics. As for Harry Potter, I would have never even read it had my kids not been at the right age where I read to them, being born in the 90's. The books are good and the movies are really good, in my opinion.
  9. A Michigan FB group that I'm a member of: They may have some info on upcoming events
  10. I joined after discovering this place when Bangzoom's thread in the Gold forum was linked on another comic book forum site. I used to check in on other forums but they were not as active as the ones here. Once I got here and discovered that this was a "live" site unlike others, I decided to stay. I don't post a whole lot, but I enjoy reading and learning, especially about the history of comics.
  11. Whatever you do, do not put them in a time capsule type container and bury them, it may not end well. Last fall my small town dug up a time capsule that was buried in 1969. All paper items, except photographs, were completely trashed. Black oozy slimy pieces of paper except for the photo paper used for the B & W photos. Even though damaged, you could still see the pictures in most cases. In 1969 the people putting together the time capsule put each document in a sealed plastic bag and then everything was placed in what they thought was an airtight copper capsule, then that capsule was put inside a concrete chamber (the chamber was donated by the local mortuary), and then it was buried just below the frost line. Somehow over the years moisture seeped in and destroyed it all. We (my historical society) had a centennial book published in '69, in there, that was also ruined. The same left over copies of that book we have in our cabinet in our history room look nearly as new as the day they were published, so we donated another book for the capsule that was placed last winter. This time the decided to place the contents in a locked capsule, but on one of the shelves in a city building. Had they just tossed the original capsule on a shelf in a city building back then, most of the stuff would have been fine. Live and learn I guess. off topic, but comic related about our time capsule from '69. Since I was in charge of scanning and posting on our FB group the original pictures, I looked hard for comic pics, but only found one picture. Back in '69 someone took pictures of every business in town and some houses too and I was really hoping that they had a picture of the spinner rack at the drug store as that is where I bought a lot of my comics 45 years ago. Whoever the person was that did the photos took pictures of the medicines on the wall, but not any of the magazine area or even the deli/ice cream counter in the back..grrr... But one picture of the grocery store showed a spinner rack and all I could make out was an Archie's Laugh issue.
  12. The LCS close to me, in Lansing MI, was not hit, even though the Chase bank and a couple of other businesses near it were. They are a block or two away from our state capitol. it was really strange watching the footage being recorded. Don't these people realize that they are being filmed?
  13. Rant on: Okay, something that I see online currently which I think is meaningless, but maybe more of a local thing (sellers in my area), that annoys me. After the item is described they will usually add "Need Gone!". Well no #$%$ Sherlock, I thought you were just posting for your health." Or "I need to sale this", um no, it's not a boat, you need to sell it. Half the time I want to tell them to go "Sale it at a Garage Sell" Rant off
  14. I remember reading in a history book that some barbers back in the middle ages and ancient times used hot coals to singe off beard and facial hair as scissors/straight edges were not that plentiful. Perhaps that's where the idea for this panel came from.
  15. Comics in the hospital..Yeah, that I think was a turning point for me in collecting as they were a relief from all of the pain I was going through. 1975, October, my 12 year old self had a broken arm and ended laying on my back in traction for 21 days straight with a pin through my elbow. Broken wrist, broken shoulder, and shattered elbow. My mother came and stayed with me every day and always made sure I had comics to read. I think that she wrote my name on the covers on nearly all of the comics she brought me. I guess she did not want the nurses to take them, for which I am grateful. I was lucky that the doctor I had, had just gotten back from Vietnam and knew how to fix me up, as I was told by other doc's that I may not ever get use of it again. Except for a scar it is all normal now. Now that I am finally entering scans of my comics into my computer, if I see one with my name on it, it gets the "hospital" designation in the database. Comic Books were an oasis, a safe haven and escape from all of the pain I had endured.