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  1. Oh..My..Gosh... That is exactly it! The Strange Change Toy. Thank you so much for finding that. Boy the memories. Making creatures, burning my hand once on it lol. I had that Lost World version with the T-Rex shown. I was five in 1968 so I cannot remember if I got it that young or maybe a couple of years later, but it was the same one pictured.
  2. I had a version of the Creepy Crawlers Thingmaker. Oh that brings back memories. I also had another similar type Mattel thing, but it used plastic squares that when heated up they would pop into dinosaur and monster shapes, and then when you wanted to change them back, you heated them up again in the machine and you used the machines press to make them back into squares. I can still see, in my mind, the Mattel trademark on the monster squares. Now going from memory of around fifty years ago, the squares were about an inch and a half by an inch and a half by maybe a half inch thick and you could buy the squares separately. It was cool to have back in the day.
  3. Don't tell me that that was Jimmy Olsen in a wig and dress?
  4. No one recognizes Robin Hoods hat? Maybe I am getting too old.
  5. It is different. I think that the one you are referring to is
  6. Thank you!! I was trying to figure out the "lower left" thing and did not realize it was all the way down..kept missing it. I'm the guy that when given something to find in a store by my daughter, will walk right by it a few times before a) getting lucky enough to notice it, or b) flagging down an employee to help me find it. Thanks for providing the "b" option.
  7. Thanks for the update, and you most certainly look younger than 66.
  8. I use this thread, but beware, it's 117 pages long:
  9. I see that there is a Berkbridge Foundation Facebook page and also there are three R Jalali's on Facebook. I wonder if any of those three is the one that runs this foundation?
  10. Thanks for posting this picture and bringing this thread to the front page. Being a history buff, I like reading about how other comic collectors put together their collections. I had heard of this, but had never read about this one until now.
  11. The CGC forums never fail to entertain... I do feel sad for the OP, or anyone who has lost something to a criminal. I just hope that those responsible for the thievery get sent to the big house and don't get off on a technicality or because the Op posted too much about them.
  12. That's cool that you're doing that, but I would recommend instead of saying "I paid too little", maybe say "because I am enjoying the comics so much". If the lady has an addiction(s), then she may not be too happy knowing that she let some money get away. But maybe I've read too many stories where a person tries to do good and ends up being punished for it.
  13. Oh my word. That was interesting. But Bettie Pages? Why not Rosie Chuckles or some such? But all kidding aside, love him or hate him, he has had a big impact on comic collecting. Keep us entertained, Chuck, keep us entertained...
  14. My brother and I had Amazing Spider-Man # 1 among a bunch of other Marvel's published from 1963 to 1969. My parents had a garage sale in 1970 and they were sold for a dime each. I really was too young to remember them, but my brother specifically remembers the first Spider-Man comic and a few other Marvels that are high dollar now. I even had a Spider-Man costume I wore for Halloween in 1968 or 1969, which was probably sold then too. That costume I do remember. My grandmother bought my mother and her sister comics in the 1940's and 1950's and when my brother and I were born she bought them for us, right up until 1981. Mom's golden age comics, like many of that era, were disposed of after being read.
  15. I had always thought it sounded like the word Mariner from the book "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and how I've heard that book title pronounced.