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  1. I'm glad to hear that. As i mentioned a long long time ago, it was someone linking to this thread that led me to the discovery of forums dedicated to comics. Comics General, the Gold forum, and the Water Cooler are three of my daily lunch time stops.
  2. I watch and have subscribed to a few comic book related Youtube video makers, some of who are in the opening post above. I just haven't seen very many that are not on Youtube.
  3. Richard Lupoff? It took me a second to recognize his name. I'm currently reading All in Color for a Dime, which I got it for Christmas. I just love reading the stories about the history of the comics industry and the people that created the hobby that I enjoy so much, plus all the stories from other collectors. It's good to see that Mr. Lupoff is out and about. Thanks for posting updates to this thread I enjoy much, Robot Man!
  4. I think that the main characters maybe needed a sidekick or two, and suspect the nephew thing would be a lot easier to explain to 1950's America then a dad without a mom. Where's mom? and why aren't you married to her? A visiting relative could be used then if no longer needed they would "go back to their parents".
  5. I used to love this stuff, and coincidentally, when I had a dentist appointment one time as a kid I had eleven cavities at once...yep eleven. But back to the title of this thread What does Quisp have to do with Aquaman? I think I may need to re-read this maybe as I've missed something.
  6. I used to eat Quisp all those years ago, my older brother liked Quake.Late 60's early 70's I'm guessing. I think at one time I had the beanie with the propeller on top (that Quisp wore). Going from memory here as I had not seen the cereal in ages
  7. My ex did that, fled there to be with her online boyfriend. She's been married to the guy four years now and is still not a citizen. Really hard to become one the way we understand it. The judge in my divorce case said his best friend moved there and it was really hard for him to get citizenship. (my ex had left the country 7 months prior to this and never came back, not even for the divorce date) The Australian immigration agents or whatever they are called wanted a heck of a lot of information about her. One of her friends had to go and get a copy of her first divorce doc from the county, and then a copy of hers and mine too, plus they requested copies of the birth certificates of our two kids, then they came back checking and verifying any time she has flown anywhere in the last 20 years - we flew to Vegas back in 2000 for her sisters wedding and they wanted to know about that. Right now she loves it because she is on a tourist visa and cannot be caught working, she said she would have to get a different kind of visa for that. She and her hubby have to leave the country every 9 months to reset her visa. Before she married him she had to leave every 90 days. I only know all this from her online chat with our daughter. I could've been not such a nice person and not helped her, but I wanted to be the better person (I hope).
  8. Now that is a comic that could get me back into buying new comics again. I used to really like the horror comics in the 70's and I tried to pick up a couple of modern horror comics just a few years ago and the art just made my brain hurt.
  9. In regards to the 10 cent versus 15 cent prices, here are the scans from two different copies I have, of the front cover, indicia, and statement of ownership (if there is any useful data there). They are dated Feb-Mar 1958.
  10. This may explain the Mickey Mouse comics from that date range I have. Not sure how I picked up three copies of the same issue, but two of the three have a cover price of 15 cents and the other is ten cents. I'm not home so I cannot remember which issue it is. Back in the late 70's, early 80's I used to buy a lot of back issues from a place out of California (mail ordered), so they, I believe, came from that region.
  11. I think 76 now. I saw an article online stating that she was going to retire, and also another article stating that she was the highest paid TV personality at 47 million a year salary. Edit: just read that the 47 million was from 2013, in 2017 she made $147 million.
  12. Kevin.J. Too bad you couldn't take the guy on Judge Judy's show. Maybe you should look into that, she would tear him a new one. (The producers of JJ are always looking for new cases - had a cousin get lawn damage from a drunk neighbor and when he wanted to take them to small claims court, a few days after filing he got a letter from the JJ show asking if he wanted to go in front of her, he didn't but I wish he had.)
  13. I am almost certain that I had the Creatures of the Sea set when I was a kid. As soon as I saw the picture of the Manta Ray in the top right of that box an instant feeling of familiarity hit me, if that's the proper way to say it. Would this set have been out in the 60's? Quite a treat to see all of these. Some I've heard of, others were new to me.
  14. RIP Mr. Stan Lee. I've never met him, but feel like I know him just a little bit. My first Halloween costume I ever wore was Spider-Man - this was some time in mid to late 60's. I first heard him speak (for any length of time) in the TV show "Who wants to be a Super Hero?"