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  1. I finally got a chance to hit some garage sales. Went to a city wide sale where typically comics are as rare as hens teeth, but I was able to find a couple of comics for a dollar each. The Huckleberry Hound is No. 39 from 1969 and the Donald Duck is one of a type I've never heard of being a European version and all. It is strange how "sleepy" from the Seven Dwarves is on the cover instead of Donald, but when I got it home I realized it was not in English. I've posted the front cover, back cover, and indicia of this one in the hopes that someone here would be able to tell me a little bit about it.
  2. Fish Police, Boris the Bear, ....Ohh man, one by one you all are listing my collection. Yep I bought them all back in the day, but at least it was for cover price less my discount. I should have sold them when the selling was good. And anyone remember the Fish Police Animated show? I remember watching it.
  3. I can remember back during the Black and White craze in the 80's there were more than a few books that shot up to the $10 to $40 range only to fall way back down. I do not remember ever paying more than cover price as my then LCS was good to me and made sure I got the issues that I was reading/collecting.
  4. To all of you who get pestered by the same "what's my comic worth?" question. I think that the above items 1 - 5 should be either printed on a business card to hand out, or on a big sign under the caption "What's your comic worth".
  5. When my Ex tried to start a business she went and picked up a stack of the priority boxes, which I just happened to find recently. These boxes are close to ten years old and I have used them to store household items as they fit nicely on the storage shelf. So now I wonder which one of us has broken the law, her for getting them and never using them, or me for discovering them years later and using them how I see fit...Sorry but this is all silly...I'll probably be arrested by the same people that will also get me for tearing off the old mattress tag...
  6. Probably for the same two reasons that I still like her at 55. I bought her 5ft tall poster back in the late 70's/early 80's. I'll have to dig that up, I've got it stored with my Frazetta (I think) posters and all of my old Eerie, Creepy, Rook, and Vampirella magazines.
  7. Thanks for the information Newshane, very interesting. The cedar I used was called rough sawn cedar and a funny thing, even though I thought it was beneficial for my books, I still laid mylites down as a liner so my unbagged comics did not touch the wood. I was a bit cautious about my books coming in contact with the wood back then too.
  8. Like a few others here, I have had and still have a whole lot of books stored in Mylar - since the 1980's, and they look just like they did when I first put them in bags. I also have the bagged comics stored right along with the non-bagged ones in cedar boxes that I built in the 80's. I used cedar for my boxes back then because it was mentioned, I think in Overstreet, as the ideal storage box material for comics. I think at the time that acid free cardboard boxes were just coming into the comic market. Anyways I have not kept my boxes in ideal conditions until a couple of years ago. I had them sitting in my enclosed non-climate controlled front room for probably 15 years or so. The books do not appear to have suffered because of that, not that I can see anyways. Even the raw books look like they did when I bought them at my LCS 30+ years ago. My LCS owner back then told me not to use Mylar as it would damage the comics because they would get stuck to it he said. I told him that all the research I did was contrary to that. I went ahead and mail ordered a few sample Mylars including something called a Timelok I think, along with a couple of thousand mylites. I think the mylites were going for around a hundred bucks for a thousand of them at the time. I'll have to check and see what they are in today's market. Anyways the cheap mylites have been good all these years, they still look the same. As for the other types of bags that are not Mylar, any time I bought comics in those I would then use those bags to go on top of my boxes to keep the dust off as my boxes all have open tops.
  9. When I eventually have some of my books slabbed, I'll just use cedar boxes like I already have, but I'll router out notches so that the slabs slide in and stay in place. But as I get older I think the next boxes I make will be shorter than the 36" lengths I made back 30 or so years ago. Darn things are a bit too heavy nowadays (after I scanned and tallied a bit of my Disney books I counted 425 in one cedar long box). Most books are protected by mylar but even those without - I do not see any difference after 35 years of touching cedar. So I do not think that slabs in cedar will do too bad, at least for me anyways.
  10. ThreeSeas

    A significant piece of comic book history is saved...

    It's a bummer they cannot digitize the pre-2002 issues. I guess I could always scan mine, but that will be after I get my comic collection scanned. As for the Buyer's Guide. I pretty much have every issue from 1984 until they ceased publication, maybe missing two or three issues. I just need to locate them all and get them organized as I have some in a spare room, the attic, and the garage..etc..
  11. Wow, I knew you all would have the answers before I sat down for lunch - coolness. Anyways I had watched this on a FB site called "The Vintage News" and they are out of Alexandria VA if you want to check them out. I didn't dig any deeper into the video on their FB page but I would guess it came from Youtube.
  12. Hey All, I was watching a vintage 1943 short film called Troop Train and when they showed the soldiers on the train, there were a couple of them reading comics. The first one was reading a Tarzan story and the second one a Disney comic. I just did a couple of screen shots and am curious if anyone here can id these two books.. I bet that these two books are of issues owned by a few people here.
  13. Okay, that looks like a nice book and I had to blow up the picture to try an figure out why they would say the cover is married. The picture is not the sharpest to me, but it does appear that there are staple holes below each staple. So extra unused staple holes = married cover. I would imagine the only way to not have it detected is to be lucky enough with both the holes and original factory trim matching up.
  14. ThreeSeas

    Sad News, Dr.X's mother passed away today

    So sorry to hear of your mother's passing.
  15. I'll play again: $1,044.50 Thanks for doing this again, Dr. X