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  1. ThreeSeas

    Truly Dissatisfied With Service

    Count yourself fortunate that you got 8.0's. Boy, I'd be lucky if my 70's comics would hit 8.0. The only comics I've gotten that are close to near mint are those I bought when I was an adult, because by then I figured out how you were suppose to handle them. I started buying comics on my own with my allowance money when I was 10, so 1973 and on. All of those I had from that time until maybe 1979-1980 were well read. Remember those 16 page ad things that they put in the comics in the mid 70's? I used to hate them as a kid and I removed/tore them out - I was so mad that "how dare they put in 16 pages of ads"....I almost want to cry and cringe when thinking about that now
  2. When I first read this story, the thing that stood out right away was that the finder said how he acquired the books. I thought "who in their right mind would mention that, because they are just opening themselves up for a fight over the ownership (if they were real/valuable)" If some serviceman did originally own them, then the family could try and claim them as his effects belonged to them, or whomever owned the barn before it was abandoned would maybe try to claim them. Also the person that bought the abandoned property could say that they never intended to discard those valuable chests and the picker had misunderstood his instructions. I just find it hard to believe that the finder would mention all of these details and open himself up to losing them (once again, based on them being the real thing, which after doing a lot of reading, I am in doubt)
  3. In regards to ethics. I've watched PBS' Antiques Roadshow for years, and I do not recall any appraiser or anyone else for that matter, ever tell someone "you need to go back and give so and so some more money because that item you bought for two dollars is worth twenty thousand". It seems like every show has some type of item or items that are bought dirt cheap and turn into high dollar items, and never once did I think "hmmm maybe he needs to kick some money back to the original owner.." Or are the ethics different because in comics we have a pretty good idea what books are worth a lot ahead of time versus neither the buyer or seller of some antiques being aware of an items value until appraised? So in other words, it's not unethical to get a good deal out of ignorance? I just go by my instinct - if it doesn't feel right, then maybe it's not...
  4. ThreeSeas

    Best Barks' stories

    Which story or stories I like the most? Too many to list. When I think of Barks' stories, what pops into mind is Christmas at Shacktown, the Andes story, the Fountain of Youth story, the African Adventure where they peel off part of a ticket book and all scatter for their lives, and many more. Most of these I haven't read in over 25 years so I cannot remember the titles. But I'm starting to reread them. I just got one of my old Abbeville Press hardcover books out last night (The Best of Uncle Scrooge, that one I bought in '79). I had forgotten how small those reprints were. I didn't need reading glasses the last time I opened that book. Next I'll probably go to the 30 volumes in ten slip cases set in B & W, but I may skip those and go right to the color reprints. It's a fun adventure.
  5. Yes, you do get more story for your money with digital comics, but I guess I am old school as I like my paper comics. I do read a bunch of different comics online too so I am not against digital comics, it's just that I, as a collector, want a copy that I can hold on to. For me, sitting at home I want a physical comic, but if traveling some place I would rather have digital access. Right now I am debating whether I want to continue scanning just my comic covers or maybe scan every page front to back so as to have a digital copy I can read any time. If only it didn't take so much time to do it lol.
  6. It's been a while since I have bought any new DC comics, so yesterday I had to pick up a few things at the local Walmart, and while there I thought I would look for the 100 pagers. I finally found where they keep their collectible cards and sure enough, they had some DC comics, but not the 100 page giants. Instead they had $5 three-packs. So I got three cover price $2.99 comics for five bucks. Let's see, that comes out to a price of about 55% of cover cost or 45% off, however you want to look at it. I bought four packs for the heck of it. If anyone wants to know what I got for my twenty bucks: The New 52 Future's End 7, 8, 14, 15, & 17. Supergirl (rebirth) 1 Harley Quin (rebirth) 1 Batman Trinity (rebirth) 1 Batman: I am Suicide (rebirth) 1 Batman: Eternal 23, Grayson (the new 52) 4 Infinity Man and the Forever People: Future's End 1 They are dated from 2015 through 2017 So for a $1.67 each I'm not complaining, That is until you all chime in and tell me you can find these in the dollar bins at the lcs's lol, but that's okay, as long as I get my entertainment value out of them. Anyways it appeared that there were enough comics there that I didn't envision them running out any time soon. Five dollars today is probably what it felt like when I spent a dollar or so back in my childhood so I see this as a good thing. And anyone buying this hodge-podge of different numbered issues may end up going to the local comic shop to get the missing issues so as to have a complete story. I have to believe this is a win win situation.
  7. ThreeSeas

    Any experts on Spire Christian Comics out there?

    I too, own some of the Spire Christian comics. My grandparents, who got me started in comics by buying me two or three a week, for a while they were getting me the Spire comics. I can remember how upset my little 10 yr old self was at getting these instead of the usual standard Archie comics. Now after all these years, I'm glad to have gotten them and really thankful to have had grandparents that did that. I do not recall having received any non-Archie Spire comics but I may have. I'll have to check my list. The Slings and Arrows note states that they were only to be in Christian bookstores - I never knew that. My grandparents must have occasionally shopped at whatever Christian bookstore was in Saginaw MI back in the 70's.
  8. ThreeSeas

    Show Us Your Ducks!

    Wow, Badger and AJD, those are beautiful books.
  9. I finally got a chance to hit some garage sales. Went to a city wide sale where typically comics are as rare as hens teeth, but I was able to find a couple of comics for a dollar each. The Huckleberry Hound is No. 39 from 1969 and the Donald Duck is one of a type I've never heard of being a European version and all. It is strange how "sleepy" from the Seven Dwarves is on the cover instead of Donald, but when I got it home I realized it was not in English. I've posted the front cover, back cover, and indicia of this one in the hopes that someone here would be able to tell me a little bit about it.
  10. Fish Police, Boris the Bear, ....Ohh man, one by one you all are listing my collection. Yep I bought them all back in the day, but at least it was for cover price less my discount. I should have sold them when the selling was good. And anyone remember the Fish Police Animated show? I remember watching it.
  11. I can remember back during the Black and White craze in the 80's there were more than a few books that shot up to the $10 to $40 range only to fall way back down. I do not remember ever paying more than cover price as my then LCS was good to me and made sure I got the issues that I was reading/collecting.
  12. To all of you who get pestered by the same "what's my comic worth?" question. I think that the above items 1 - 5 should be either printed on a business card to hand out, or on a big sign under the caption "What's your comic worth".
  13. When my Ex tried to start a business she went and picked up a stack of the priority boxes, which I just happened to find recently. These boxes are close to ten years old and I have used them to store household items as they fit nicely on the storage shelf. So now I wonder which one of us has broken the law, her for getting them and never using them, or me for discovering them years later and using them how I see fit...Sorry but this is all silly...I'll probably be arrested by the same people that will also get me for tearing off the old mattress tag...
  14. Probably for the same two reasons that I still like her at 55. I bought her 5ft tall poster back in the late 70's/early 80's. I'll have to dig that up, I've got it stored with my Frazetta (I think) posters and all of my old Eerie, Creepy, Rook, and Vampirella magazines.
  15. Thanks for the information Newshane, very interesting. The cedar I used was called rough sawn cedar and a funny thing, even though I thought it was beneficial for my books, I still laid mylites down as a liner so my unbagged comics did not touch the wood. I was a bit cautious about my books coming in contact with the wood back then too.