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  1. Thanks it was definitely a grind, but worth it in the end. There are still a handful I’d like to upgrade eventually, but what collection is ever truly finished?
  2. Had it and sold it! It was the 9.4 Gaines in the Feb HA auction.
  3. I got my only CLink win from the last Featured auction this week (International Comics 6), which was the last book I was missing in the International / Crime Patrol / Crypt of Terror / Tales from the Crypt run. I wrote this up when I finished the New Trend run last year, but now that I have the Pre-Tends too, I’m reposting with an updated photo I bought my first Tales from the Crypt in 2009, almost exactly 10 years ago - a raw VF+ copy of 42 I found on eBay (surprisingly it was accurately graded - came back 8.5). I decided I would put together the entire TFTC set in 8.0 or above, starting with CP 15. After collecting Silver Age Marvels, I was looking for a challenge - books that don’t just come along every week in auctions or dealer sites. I loved scaring myself with the HBO show in the 90s, so it seemed like the right title to go after. I paced myself, expanded into other EC titles, and found my way on to these boards along the way. I’ve made friends here, and when I’m excited about a recent purchase or want to discuss these great comics, this is where I come. Even though I’m in the process of selling off most of my other ECs and don’t post much here anymore, I still enjoy the Gold forum! Thanks everyone for the support and encouragement along the way!
  4. Who says I wasn’t at the bar bidding on my phone? I’m actually surprised I didn’t go higher
  5. I was a late bidder on this one as well, though I was not the underbidder. Nice pickup @jhm!
  6. Vault of Horror #22 CGC 8.5 OW/W $625 Label Notes: "Johnny Craig" written in pen on 1st page. Plus a cool date stamp on the back!