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  1. Bumping for anyone who may have missed this. Recap: Tales from the Crypt 35 CGC 9.0 C/OW $1395 Tales from the Crypt 39 CGC 9.2 OW/W $1495 Tales from the Crypt 43 CGC 8.5 OW $750 War Against Crime 7 CGC 8.0 OW $1195 Weird Fantasy 9 CGC 9.4 W Gaines File Copy (4 of 11, cert included) $1495
  2. That'll be it for this evening. Might have another book or two tomorrow. Thanks for looking!
  3. Weird Fantasy 9 CGC 9.4 W Gaines File Copy (4 of 11, cert included) $1495
  4. War Against Crime 7 CGC 8.0 OW - title becomes Vault of Horror Census: 10 Universal - 1 in 9.0, 1 in 8.5, 2 in 8.0; another very tough one (GPA only shows one sale within the last 6 years, a 5.5 with rusted staples for $264 in Aug 2018) Price is $1195
  5. Tales from the Crypt 40 CGC 8.0 C/OW $895 SOLD
  6. International Comics #1 CGC 7.5 - for newbies, this title eventually becomes Tales from the Crypt Census: 12 Universal - 4 in 8.5, 1 in 8.0, 1 in 7.5; needless to say these are not easy to find. Heritage sold an 8.5 Crowley in Sep 2018 for $2880 and an 8.0 Big Apple for $1680 Take this one home for $1495 SOLD
  7. Hello all, it's been a while since I've posted, but I'm back with some really nice books for your viewing pleasure! The rules: via post in the thread will take it and will trump any ongoing negotiations or take via PM. If you want to take the book via PM, that's fine, but if someone takes in the thread prior to me acknowledging your PM take, then the book will go to the in the thread. Clear? Good! No HOSers or folks on the probation list. Returns are accepted within 7 days, assuming the book is received back in the same condition. Buyer would be responsible for return shipping. Payment via paypal, check, or MO. Shipping within the US is included - if you're international let's discuss via PM. Please PM with any questions. First book upcoming...
  8. Thanks it was definitely a grind, but worth it in the end. There are still a handful I’d like to upgrade eventually, but what collection is ever truly finished?