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  1. I used to own the Edgar Church/Mile High Copy of All Select Comics #6. I’m sure you can all guess who wound up with it!
  2. These are all first prints. Most of them are still shrink wrapped & new. 1 or 2 have minor corner wear, but most are perfect. Look at the pics! Paypal only. No returns. They are all $20 each with $4 shipping except for the Captain America Classic Years (1st print recalled due to Bucky... um privates shot!). That slip case edition is $45. All Winners Comics Vol 55, 71 & (vol #3) (SOLD) Daring Mystery Comics vol 1 (SOLD) Human Torch Vol 1 & 2(SOLD) Marvel Comics #1 (50 Years) (SOLD) Marvel Mystery Comics vol 1, 2 & 3 (SOLD) Sub-Mariner
  3. I am Timely - - And I shall not be denied!!
  4. I’m more interested to know who paid over 2 million for a Batman than who paid over 20k for a Catman!