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  1. Show this to Marvel so they can make it into a wraparound variant cover for some new book! $$$
  2. I saw the HOS 100 cover years ago in person.... AMAZING!!!
  3. CAF Update: Batman #304 pg#11: HISTORIC PAGE: Batman is shot with a gun! Link: https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1717965
  4. That’s what I’m liking about original art. No need to press art so it can be better than another. There is only one. No need to press a 9.4 piece of art to a 9.6. And you don’t loose money when one grades higher than yours!
  5. All great books, but that is not Hitler on the Zip 26 cover!
  6. The Wrightson ST page went higher than expected!
  7. This copy of Catman #28 was on eBay for under $6000 with no takers a few years ago. Sold this weekend for $10,200!
  8. I had a chance to buy the Infinity Gauntlet page 2 months ago for WELL under 10k and I passed! I asked 2 dealers and 1 collector and no one valued it over $8k. Where the hell did I leave my time machine?
  9. Theo H. must be happy, I believe he had it on ebay.