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  1. So here's the deal with the Denver & Allentown copies of Cap #1. John Verzyl owned the Denver copy for decades. When the Allentown copy became available he went to see it. It was far nicer than the Denver, so John being John & wanting the best copy, he took the plunge. The Mile High copy had been restored so he had no interest in it. He felt the Denver was an 8.5 or possibly a 9.0. He was over the moon when it graded out a 9.0 & he sold it to help cover the cost of the Allentown purchase. It was then pressed to a 9.2. It was then regraded a 3rd time as a 9.4 (not sure if it was pressed again). John was upset about this for 2 reasons. 1st, it's obviously worth way more as a 9.2 or 9.4 than it was as a 9.0 when he sold it. 2nd, he felt the Allentown was FAR superior to the Denver, but the Denver was now a 9.4 & his Allentown a 9.6. But, John being John, took these lemons & made lemonade. He went to cgc and argued his case explaining how superior the Allentown was. It was then regraded a 9.8. That's the story John told me.
  2. There are a lot of trimmed pages of art, especially from the 70's and 80's. Why is that? Why are so many corners and edges trimmed off? It must be production related. But why? And who was doing the cutting, penciler, inker, colorist, someone in the printing department? Anybody know for sure?
  3. I can't believe the Action #62 is still there! What a deal!!!
  4. They are without question, not production cuts. My guess is someone thought the book was incomplete and tried to cut out the strips they saw.
  5. The Action Comics #25 used to be mine, I bought it from Gary Carter in 1991. In fact, most of the Action Mile Highs that have sold in Heritage or other sites were owned by me. I had 31 of them ranging from #25-102.
  6. With $6.2 Billion, he probably makes about $200,000,000 in interest alone every year! He could use EQ for toilet paper & it would hardly blip on his yearly financials!
  7. I'd say the higher the art is worth the higher the chance of it becoming available. If McFarlane covers were only selling for $800, I doubt any would ever really sell. However, when collectors need a lot of fast cash, McFarlane Spidey covers make the most sense to move as they always sell for a lot and are always in high demand. Not a bad thing IMO!
  8. Defined "all that rare"? I think there are only about 50 of them between ASM, MT & SM. I'd guess half of them are not available at any reasonable price. That leaves about 25 that could possibly be had, many are either over $100k or lower end covers that have Spidey in a bad position or not on the cover at all (307 & 324)
  9. True, but I also bet most would not recognize Conan either, I know my wife wouldn't! Lol
  10. Well, that's like taking the Mile High copy of Action Comics #1 to your local 7-11 & seeing what the highest offer you can get from people who happen to walk in. It's worth between $6-10 Million, but you probably wont get an offer over $1,000.
  11. Yes, $150k I think. Steve Wyatt had it.
  12. My favorite Frazetta is the one with the 2 T-Rex's and the cavemen carrying off a female while a flying pterodactyl is hunting them down. So primal!
  13. I think you would be surprised to see exactly what Stan Lee would sign over.... including other people's signatures!