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  1. CAF Update: I just got in a really cool Spider-Man cover by Kane. Check it out! https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1672972
  2. I’d ask Kirby to pencil and Sinnott to ink the cover to FF #26.
  3. I don’t know about “way more popular” but Miller raised the bar for both Daredevil and Batman. McFarlane did the same for Spider-Man and Keown did for Hulk. Let’s not forget Starlin for Captain Marvel and Steranko for Nick Fury!
  4. It was Profiles in History. Sold a Wrightson cover for $1.2 million, December 2019.
  5. I believe Wrightson also crossed the million dollar threshold with his work.
  6. The 129 cover is iconic! The 122 is a killer Green Goblin cover. The 121, well, it’s a cover!
  7. Anyone know if the Punisher image is a stat? With that amount of damage to the piece (foxing and what appears to be water damage/staining) you'd think the owner would spend a little & get it looking better!
  8. I prefer 1940's-1970's Kirby to 1980's+ Kirby.
  9. Isn't he the guy who put these comics in a storage locker where they were stolen & recovered months later?
  10. Out of the 50,000 or so comics I've seen from the 1940's the one has the WHITEST pages I've EVER seen!!!! It beats every MH, SF, Larson, Penn...whatever!
  11. I’m glad my question is getting a lot of responses! One of the reasons I asked the question is because my Disney friend searches eBay 5-10 times per day looking for cheap Disney stuff to add to his collection. Whenever a really great piece of art comes up that he would buy he says “I’m broke!”... yet he spends $5000 a year on 400 or so purchases. I said, if you want that so bad, sell some of your million dollar Disney collection and get something you REALLY want! His answer is alway no. I asked him his exit strategy since he has no kids. He said he’s waiting for that one Disney guy who will swoop in and take it all. I’m thinking, yeah, that one Disney guy is called a dealer and he’s going to offer you $40,000 for your $1,000,000 collection!
  12. Would you rather have 10 pieces worth $100,000 each, or 100,000 pieces worth $10 each? I’ve always been a quality over quantity kind of collector. The reason I ask is because a friend of mine has an extensive Disney collection. His house is FILLED with it! He says the collection is worth a million dollars. I occasionally see “what if” type questions, such as would you trade your entire collection for a grail piece or pieces.