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  1. Next feature Heritage auction has a copy of MMC #36 for sale!
  2. Timely

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    This is that one-off "What if Hitler was a cow poacher?" issue!
  3. The next Heritage auction has a REALLY nice looking 3.0 copy!
  4. Timely

    Heritage Feb 2019 Auction

    Especially over the last 2 decades...
  5. Timely

    Heritage Feb 2019 Auction

    To varying degrees, 99% of them do, whether on the cover, back cover or page edges. But, I will say some only have a few spots of foxing while some are quite excessive.
  6. Timely

    Heritage Feb 2019 Auction

    Out of the 1000 or so Larson Copies, only a few have graded higher than 9.2. While I agree many are lower grade due to handling defects, most IMO are not in the 9.4+ range due to the conditions they were exposed to, regardless of other additional handling defects they incurred.
  7. I'd ask them to split it into 2 lots, or simply take the color guide back if it is of minimal value.
  8. Timely

    Stolen comics

    With only 3 books, Cap #1, AA #16 & MC #1, Verzyl could be ranked #1 with over 6,000,000 points. Now, add in the other 10,000+ books in the collection... you get the idea!
  9. Timely

    Heritage Feb 2019 Auction

    99% of the Larson Copies have rust, foxing & other moisture damage. They were kept in a barn for a few decades after all! If you cannot accept those flaws, then Larson's are probably not the pedigree for you.
  10. This 8.5 Highest Graded Copy is for sale in the next Heritage... along with many more Caps & Marvel Mystery's! https://comics.ha.com/itm/golden-age-1938-1955-/captain-america-comics-26-timely-1943-cgc-vf-85-off-white-pages/p/7204-13022.s?ic4=ListView-Thumbnail-071515
  11. Timely

    John Verzyl Collection

    I just talked to Kochanek last week. He is doing well. Building his Frazetta empire!
  12. Timely

    John Verzyl Collection

    looks like 9-15 to me.
  13. Timely

    John Verzyl Collection

    You got that right!