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  1. CAF Update: Here is a #1 cover featuring Spider-Man! https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1655940
  2. I have found a LOT of pedigrees over the years. I found a San Francisco Nation Comic #27 in Harley Yee’s box in the 90’s. In the late 80’s though Jon Warrens auctions I was sent a Cosmic Aeroplane Jumbo #161. I’ve found a few Mile Highs and other pedigrees some of which I told the dealer about because I didn’t want them or they were too overpriced regardless.
  3. That was probably my favorite show so far. Pat is a great interview! You can really feel the passion & excitement as he talks about comics & art. Looking forward to the next episode...just sad I have to wait 2 weeks!
  4. “Grail” can be very misleading. I have “grail” pieces and want other “grail” pieces that are $5000, $50,000, $500,000... If by “grail” you mean by definition the one and only piece that would make you complete, I suppose it depends on the cost of your personal grail piece, if the piece is even known to exist and if it is known to exist, will it ever be available within a reasonable amount of time. Answer those questions and you’ll have a pretty good answer as to what you should do.
  5. I wasn't drawing a comparison per se, just stating sales facts.
  6. I don't know. But look at the ASM #100 cover commission from 1994 Romita did. It sold in HA for $77,675 (link below). Who's to say what an unused cover or a commission cover redue will go for compared to one another. https://comics.ha.com/itm/original-comic-art/john-romita-sr-the-amazing-spider-man-100-cover-re-creation-original-art-1994-/a/7036-92223.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 Also, if you look on HA at the Batman #210 unused cover, it went for $3734 in 2014. That's about what I'd expect a vintage commissioned cover redue to sell for. The used cover (different artist) went for $30,070, also what I'd expect in comparison.
  7. https://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryDetail.asp?GCat=25394
  8. I don’t think you understand my meaning. To me there is no nostalgia sentiments to an unpublished cover, especially if the image is drastically different than the published version. If back in 1962 Ditko did yet another version of Amazing Fantasy #15 and gave it to a fan and it was discovered today, what would that sell for? DRASTICALLY lower! Why? No one other than that fan who got it back in 1962 has any nostalgic feelings towards it. The art would sell on its own merit as a piece of art.
  9. CAF Update: Spider-Man half splash page! https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1653777