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  1. SC22 has been strong lately. The 6.0 on Comicconect sold last month for $8477.
  2. A great looking 7.0. The address stamp was more of the factor on the back of the book, which is kind of cool due to the provenance. I don't mind the date stamp, but can't satisfy all the discerning collectors,
  3. You have to consider copies graded by the other companies. Also, copies that were crack and re-subbed without the old labels not being returned to CGC; hence, will miscalculate the total. You did timed it well when you sold your 5.0 and your copy presented better than most 5.0s. Longer term within the next 3-5 years the book will rebound. Folks who bought during the 2008 spike, had to wait 3-5 years for the price to rebound and eventually eclipsing the old high. True, buy what you enjoy and if it appreciate 5-8 % average a year, that will be a bonus. AF15 is the blue chip of the Silver Age and continues to perform well in the long run.
  4. Since this copy has nice PQ, FMV 400k? To pry it loose maybe 450-475k?
  5. I agree, 85K is a bit soft for a 7.0. This 7.0 also had a chip on the back cover which didn't help the price either. Perhaps 7.0 copies FMV are in the 85K-110K range depending on eye appeal and page quality,
  6. With two 9.0 sale in the 400K range, it may perhaps give this 9.4 sale some credibility.
  7. Hey Rob, I found out this sale was at Pedigree Comics.
  8. I wish GPA can provide more info on this sale. If a 9.0 can sell almost 400k, a 9.4 at 700k+ is not out of the question. Perhaps Geoge from GPA can chime in.
  9. paul747 asked the question, just gave him my insight on the Superman 1 5.0 versus Action 1 1.0. Read above.
  10. Fair enough. Base on the date for Detective Comics #22, December 1938, that will be the same time as Action Comics 7. I would suspect the print run of Action Comics 7-12 be higher than Detective Comics #22-27, and the print run of Detective Comics #22-27 will be higher than Action Comics 1-6. So the estimate print run of 300-350K for Detective 27 is in reason plus or minus 50K.
  11. I have provided a reasonable estimate for Detective Comics 27. We can place a plus or minus 50K print run in the range of my estimate on this book. DC (National Comics) didn’t have Superman on it’s Action Comics cover again until issue 7. His popularity gained transaction and his cover appearance starred more often. National Comics began to have Superman on the covers more frequently with Action Comics issue 10,13,15,17, and ultimately on all covers starting with 19. Starting with Action Comics 10, they already knew Superman sales was increasing the titles sales. It’s safe to say by the time Action 11/12 National Comics, decided to ultimately gamble on introducing Batman about a year after Action Comics 1. With the Data they had, printing another 50-100k was not a big gamble for introducing another Superheroes with a cape. Even 50-100k is not substantial bigger print run than Action 1. Compared to the print runs of Marvel Comics 1, Superman 1, or Captain America; Action Comics 1 and Detective Comics 27 is no competition.
  12. It would be Superman 1 5.0 over Action 1 1.0 in terms of value. Due to the scarcity of Superman 1 in higher grade 5.0 unrestored condition, for many has been restored.
  13. Action Comics 1 on the newsstand cover dated May 1938 with approximate print run of 250,000. Detective Comics 27 on the newsstand cover dated May 1938, a good estimate would be around 350,000-450,000. I suspect with Superman gaining popularity, they would print a bit more Detective Comics 27 introducing Bat-Man. Action Comics 12 was on the newsstand same time as Detective Comics 27 and both books pre-date Superman 1 by a few months.
  14. I got a bottle one year. At least one other year I had a steak lunch, but I refuse the wine.
  15. It must have been an honor for you to curate this collection. Especially to handle them raw , view the fresh page quality, smell of vintage material, and adore the higher grade traits of these books. From the books and depth of this collection, would you rate this a bit better than the Mound City collection? In this current stage of CGC tight grading, I sense this collection is better in page quality and should have a consideration of a Pedigree status. I hope they find the ASM 1 and bring the perpetrator to justice. Please keep us updated and continue to enjoy curating the collection.