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  1. Dave showed me the World's Finest book in the third photo (top right), and I can vouch that it was really nice! I can't wait to see him (and all the other Carolina dealers) at a show again!
  2. The Eternals #12 VG/F 5.0 Crease in ULFC goes all way thru, travelled cover, spine tics, corners, edges OW $5 The Eternals #14 Fine 6.0 Dents back cover, spine tics, creases, corners OW $8 The Eternals #17 VG/F 5.0 Dent upper front cover goes all way thru, crease upper left back cover, spine tics, edges, corners OW $5 The Eternals Annual #1 F/VF 7.0 Corners, edges OW $12
  3. An extremely difficult book to find in high grade. The stain on the back cover is a shame. It looks like a 9.2 without it. I'd go 8.0. Still a gorgeous book!
  4. 5.0 all day long! Nice book! Would swap my 5.0 purple label copy for it in a heartbeat!