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  1. I'm searching for a Silver Surfer #4 raw or graded in 4.0-6.0 range, and even lower if presents well. Thanks!
  2. I'd really like to sell these books! If you're are interested in these books, PM me an offer! I'm pretty reasonable!
  3. Batman Beyond #1b 8.5 $450 (main flaw is bend/crease on top left BC that goes through most of book; small dink between BB's ears on FC; book is improvable tho)
  4. Batman Beyond #1a (Free Special Origin Issue) 9.2 (definitely improvable) $150
  5. Batman Beyond #1a 5.0 SOLD (Book looks great but has multiple circular stains on the FC; BC has CB crease on left side)
  6. Batman Beyond #1 (Free Special Origin Issue) 9.0 $125SOLD (This could be easily "improved" to at least 9.4)