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  1. NYCC Exhibitor pass please. Formerly known as Branget. Flying in on Wed if you need a hand, $$ or a foot rub.
  2. Are the Boomers cashing out?

    Wow do these new boards suck. When a comic is worth more than I paid I sell. Simple as that. Only 3 runs left but unless Princess Amethyst becomes a hit series I will always have one run.
  3. Looking for a dealer pass. Formerly known as "Branget". Don't spend much time on here but if any of the old crowd is still around and can hook me up please let me know. Sure I could help some at the event with sigs, lines, booth etc
  4. The X-23 Thread

    This will likely go unnoticed but welcome to the right answer.
  5. Oooooh, conspiracy theories. It's subjective. That's it. That's all.
  6. 100% agree. Before TPG's, COA's or letters detailing/summarizing work carried enough legitimacy and weight. But of course, the tamper evident case and label notes cemented it's place and won out, and the people doing the work faded to the background to the point where most of the slabs bought and sold in the last 10+ years no longer keep any information on who did the work originally, just what was done. Actually, what is detected to be done. And that is the basis of the entire disagreement between CGC and the Meyers. Acc. to my understanding, CGC could not comfortably detect where the resto started and stopped. I have no reason to doubt what you've been told or heard. With the exception of the entire cover being recoloured, and "comfortably" being defined as activity taking more than a few minutes of inspection/review time, I find it puzzling that one couldn't with the right equipment determine a machine printed cover, and a hand recoloured cover. I guess the difference here is CBCS has figured it out. or at the minimum, they think they have it figured out. Either way, this overall seems like a nearly impossible case to make. You essentially have to prove that someone at the top of an industry is acting in bad faith, but the only people qualified to judge the merits of the case is the accused. And in the event that there is another party capable of making such a judgment, that would mean admitting that the accused are not alone at the top, and therefore cannot exert as much pervasive influence as they are accused. And that's without even mentioning that the only other people who MIGHT be qualified to judge the facts/issues surrounding comic restoration are most likely direct competitors of the accused, which is almost certainly an obvious conflict of interest. I'm have no idea if any part of any accusations are true or not, but it seems like a tough case to win for the plaintiff, and CGC is obviously going to fight as hard as possible with little chance of settling. I don't know how Pennsylvania works, can the plaintiff be responsible for legal fees for both parties? Although I DO hope it makes CGC reconsider their relationship with CCS, as there has always been an inherent perceived of conflict of interest that you'd think a grading company would want to avoid. I'm tech minded, and have a printing background - I'll admit when I first discovered this technique it was the early 2000's when I bought my first restored comic. I have also evolved my techniques when inspecting restoration in paintings, and determining period and print state etchings/impressions. Maybe it's a combination of these experiences that makes it seem puzzling that someone couldn't, but I still feel someone with a printing background would have a reasonable idea of how and/or could figure out a method to tell. I definitely agree on what you said in the last paragraph. I suspect that at some point CCS will have to be let go or become the source of CBCS becoming the primary grading company.
  7. Looks like Doug did everything possible to make it right including giving a full refund. You have a 9.8 enroute to you and your money back. I see no reason for this thread to exist other than dragging someone's name through the mud. It would certainly be ironic if OP wound up on the probation list because of this hit job... I can guaranty that wont happen! But thank you again. How about Doug winding up there? Is that possible? Are you really this obtuse? I make no comment whatsoever on this situation - save this one - when people start talking about the Probation List, the rules of the Probation List obtain. And making things right will insure Doug is not on the PL. To the OP - when you get your 9.8, will you return the money and the 9.6? If you fail to do so, should you go on the PL? Everyone has the right to receive that for which they have bargained. But at what point do you realize that you are being placed on people's "do not deal with" list for being unreasonable? I do not agree with you, in fact Sean quite the opposite. I guess time will tell when others get involved. And as for someone trying to make things right after the fact that is getting your hand caught in the cookie jar. Especially when then is not a single incident. Again, I am speaking purely about the PL rules. Not your "honor code" or the "cookie jar." It is clear from your PMs that this deal has a moral imperative attached to it. That is fine. Just understand that your moral imperative does not change the rules of the PL. My attempt to clarify is a FAIL, and I feel stupider for the effort. Thank you. Sean, I very nearly spewed a mouthful of good Chimney Rock. Chimney rock seems like something one should not ingest. If Sean had a nickel for every time he caused this reaction he'd be retired. Fun stuff.
  8. I leave the boards for a bit and nothing changed. Go figure.
  9. Here's hoping this forces CCS out of the family. A man can dream.
  10. Continuing to cater to the "talent" is starting to sink the ship. Tell me Hawaii is better attended.
  11. Chew Double signed by John Layman and Rob Guillory 2011 Sketchbook CGC SS 9.6 $40 2012 Sketchbook CGC SS 9.8 $75 Game Edition #1 CGC 9.8 ($150), 9.6 ($75), 9.4 ($35) #2 CGC 9.4 SS $50 #3 CGC 9.6 SS $40 #6 CGC 9.8 SS $60 #25,31,32,40,44,45,46,47,48,50,50 Convention,51,52,53 your choice $40 Preacher Double signed by Garth Ennis and Glen Fabry #46,59 CGC SS 9.6 your choice $40 #60 CGC SS 9.8 $80 #66 CGC SS 9.8 $225 Thief of Thieves #1 CGC SS 9.8 Image Expo edition signed Kirkman, Martinbrough, Spencer $175 #3 CGC 9.8 $35
  12. Looking to list a variety of books and art. A year end Christmas blowout. Feel free to make offers. Initially I will list the books in the following post and bump for updates while trying to avoid overbumping. I went through the rules just now but if I missed anything please let me know. Kudos thread is likely buried under my prior name - Branget. Shipping is $10 in the US or Canada for the 1st CGC, $5 each additional with maximum shipping of $25. Worldwide please ask for a quote. I accept returns for any reason. I am not looking to sell you something you do not want. Please be respectful. ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS!!