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  1. N/A

    NVM :-)

    Nevermind. I thought it was a single post. Apparently I need to learn to read the whole thread. Thanks!
  2. N/A

    NVM :-)

    Thanks it doesn’t say why or any eta. My entire list is MIA and books are piling up for submission.
  3. N/A

    current turn around rates at CGC

    Nice! Mine are still MIA. Any communication on why this happened?
  4. N/A

    NVM :-)

    Any word on when invoices will become visible again? Any communication on why they disappeared? thanks!
  5. N/A

    Metropolis is Suing Voldemort

    I am making the switch unfortunately as I have grown fond of my routine. Too many books set to be recased that are just sitting and collecting dust at CGC. Oh, well it has been fun.
  6. N/A


    Looking for Chew 1 or possibly runs. Always been a fan and it seems like a good time to buy is it a good time for you to sell? raw and CGC considered in all grades Thanks!
  7. N/A

    Metropolis is Suing Voldemort

    Metropolis should generally be avoided anyway.
  8. N/A

    current turn around rates at CGC

    It’s amazing how little has changed over the years. Same people. Same discussion.
  9. Thanks for trying. It appears a single point is awarded for having a description. $on’t see any notification or explanation of this except by experimenting.
  10. I see a bunch of my signature books went from 28 points to 27 causing me to lose top spot. Anyone know how you qualify for 28 points on a 9.8 modern SS book?
  11. N/A


    What in the world happened to the registry? I see I lost top spot in my Y The Last Man collection which should never happen unless someone changes the scoring. I look at the history and a bunch of my signature series books went from 28 points to 27. Uhm.......why?? also see as soon as I relinquish top spot in Preacher then it is voted best set for the new #1. Gotta love CGC politics.
  12. N/A


    Mollie Please add Chew 51-60 to the Chew set. Thanks!
  13. NYCC Exhibitor pass please. Formerly known as Branget. Flying in on Wed if you need a hand, $$ or a foot rub.
  14. N/A

    Are the Boomers cashing out?

    Wow do these new boards suck. When a comic is worth more than I paid I sell. Simple as that. Only 3 runs left but unless Princess Amethyst becomes a hit series I will always have one run.