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  1. Yes, he can carry on the long term tradition of other HoS members buying and selling behind the scenes, because when it comes to money and Cool Books™ who cares right? The fun part will be if he openly brags about it as others have done in the past.
  2. He may not have physically interfered with someone's business, but starting a probation thread about a person could potentially damage their business reputation...this is not a large community and word gets around. The fact he started that probation thread purely out of spite is yet another strike against him IMHO.
  3. Unfortunately this character isn't the first to act this way and won't be the last If one wants to be a big time comic book dealer, they can't act small time.
  4. His response doesn't change the fact he went all fatal attraction on the guy. Harassment should be verboten, no excuse.
  5. I didn't know and I didn't appreciate it. I retract my thank you for your retraction as it's obvious it wasn't sincere. Easier to just put you on ignore
  6. Since we don't have any relationship, let alone one where we can joke around with each other, I would ask you to retract that.
  7. Sussing out Stu is a simple 3 step process. 1) Engage him in small talk. 2) Mention you're friends with Borock 3) Say that Alan Moore is the most overrated writer in the history of comic books.
  8. I do not remember the context from this 4 year old quote I've been here since 2009, you couldn't find anything older to respond to?
  9. Another book for my Byrne collection. Daredevil #138 which is the 1st of a 2 part crossover with Ghost Rider #20. I have wanted one of these for a long time and there are only 8 non pedigree copies in 9.8 on the census and I'm the proud owner of one of them now
  10. mambagar_30 Winner of an auction item and messaged me asking if they could pay on November 3rd which I agreed to. No payment was made and I messaged buyer asking if they needed more time and received no response. Had to submit a non payment case which I easily won.
  11. Just hearing about this now and it's very sad news indeed. Bob was one of the first boardies I met in person and I always enjoyed seeing him and talking to him. Like many who have met me in person he really liked my wife a lot. We will both miss seeing him at local shows. RIP
  12. I personally found I could get a better line variation using the lead holder and a finer point if needed.
  13. It's also better IMHO I hated using mechanical pencils and quickly moved away from them...but then again I was never published in MAD so what do I know.