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  1. Just hearing about this now and it's very sad news indeed. Bob was one of the first boardies I met in person and I always enjoyed seeing him and talking to him. Like many who have met me in person he really liked my wife a lot. We will both miss seeing him at local shows. RIP
  2. I personally found I could get a better line variation using the lead holder and a finer point if needed.
  3. It's also better IMHO I hated using mechanical pencils and quickly moved away from them...but then again I was never published in MAD so what do I know.
  4. Byrne uses a lead holder. He has used several different tools including mechanical pencils and regular old Faber Castell, but he went back to the lead holder.
  5. 6 of one, half dozen of the other. I love Miller's DD run, but I also love Byrne's FF and Alpha Flight. Different flavors but both excellent. I'm glad I can enjoy them both and not have to choose
  6. I would never blame a dealer if books I bought from them graded lower at CGC than the dealer grade. I have two eyes and can look at the books before I submit them. No one is perfect and no one gets their grades right 100% of the time, there are also a lot of times I'll submit books that are "coin flip" type books. That being said, if I knew that I wasn't very good at grading there is no way I would submit without either 1) learning how to grade or 2) getting the opinion of someone more experienced before submitting...and no, I would not count the dealers grade into that equation as no one is perfect and it doesn't hurt to get another opinion
  7. I get it, all his faces look the same...except when they don't.
  8. You're debating with a guy who says art is opinion, but started a thread with the question about who is better...yet saying it can't be quantified. Not to mention that a lot of his "opinions" can be proven wrong. For example, perspective is either correct or it isn't, there is no "feeling" about it.
  9. To be honest, not a truly fair comparison because most of the time they weren't designing their own covers. I think I prefer Perez's covers just a bit more though and when he designs his own they're generally outstanding
  10. I personally dislike arguments like this...if it's all "opinion" (and remember, opinions can't be wrong! ) as some would have us believe than how do we quantify who is "better"? Is it popularity? Is it sales? We've already been told "Liefeld"...so there goes that. Is it eye test? There goes that pesky opinion thing again.