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  1. Talking about bad actors... "I have nothing against Stan and have respect for what he did in the industry....now here's 50 pages of stuff making him look like the biggest horses rear in the history of the business". Heard it before and it's still dull and disingenuous. "I can't see anything you're saying...except when I toggle and look at it".
  2. Can anyone really argue that the work that they did separately was better than the work they did together? I know there are people here who can and will argue any position, no matter how ridiculous as if they have some odd compulsion. But would anyone argue that FF and Spider-Man aren’t as good as New Gods, The Creeper and Ravage 2099?
  3. Context is important. John Buscema saying he had a story torn apart by Lee is not the same thing as Ditko and Kirby claiming he's a thief. Did anyone think that seeing "Stan Lee Presents" meant he directly worked on a title? I didn't, not even a little bit. It's important to not just look at one side of the story, which is what's being portrayed here unfortunately.
  4. Yeah, where are the scathing comments from Gene Colan, John Buscema, John Romita, Roy Thomas, Marie Severin etc? You're getting one side of a story here unfortunately. No one ever claimed Stan Lee did it all himself, including Lee. Kirby's boot licks were in his ear so much towards the end they had him convinced he was solely responsible for the creation of the MU, including Spider-Man.
  5. That doesn't fit his narrative, but wait, maybe he'll pay a little lip service to how much he actually respects Stan Lee. I've heard this tripe for years from him and it doesn't get any better with age.
  6. Just back from the framer. Deadly Hands of Kung Fu by Neal Adams circa 1974
  7. One of my favorite lines I've heard him say is "don't be embarrassed about making a profit", between that and thinking about the long run as opposed to short term sales changed my entire business model
  8. Were any of them published authors with books on Amazon?
  9. Disagree. If he had paid near a 9.8 price for raw copies it would not be worth slabbing. At cover price invested, if the books grade out even a bit lower than what he expected it's still profit taking those other things into consideration. Maybe you think I don't know what I'm talking about, but when it comes to flipping I'm in the black
  10. If you want some assurance, you should post front and back cover scans of the books in the "Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?" thread. If it were me and the grades are accurate and I had only cover price invested I would slab them in a heartbeat.