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  1. I disagree. If what the seller states is true...that the buyer wanted it shipped to a different address than was on his PayPal account ( 1st red flag ), then said, ship it there anyway, it's only a few blocks from where I live now ( 2nd red flag ), I would've cancelled the deal too. How hard is it as the buyer to edit his PayPal profile to put his new address? I've moved a few times since I started using PayPal and I never has an issue with changing my shipping address. For a $10 book, I probably would've sent it, but for a $1700 book? No way, no how.
  2. Would you feel any better if they were pushed out of windows? Yes, I can do convoluted logic too.
  3. Not all 9.8's are created equal. Were you able to see pictures of the book before your purchased it? In the future always ask for pictures and if they're not great pictures, ask for better ones, the worst they can do is say no. If you're not happy with it and the money isn't a big deal, sell it and look for a copy that'll make you happier.
  4. That's good information that I was not aware of, thank you. It really feels like Shelton is going to wait until the last minute to see if Heroes can happen. Is that an incorrect assumption on my part?
  5. No notice yet and cons further out have already cancelled My bet is if North Carolina doesn't have a stay in order in place by then or no restrictions on large gatherings it'll still be on. I will be missing it because I'm not taking the chance, which is a shame as it's my favorite convention city of the ones I go to during con season.
  6. Isn't that like saying you'd like a large, big salad?
  7. So, Greggy doesn't like cabana boys or shart bananas?
  8. Just bought a book and the turnaround was super fast. Book came in perfect shape and packaged really well, I would not hesitate to buy from him again.
  9. Superhero comics as we know them generally aren't meant for adults. Adults who can accept them for what they are will probably enjoy them more than people who 1) over analyze and 2) wish the books / characters to mature with them.
  10. Maybe if he started selling keyboards and mice like Gamestop?
  11. Anime Central in IL which was scheduled for mid May has been cancelled for this year. I suspect Heroes Con will also get postponed or cancelled but I have not been able to find any news on that.
  12. I thought it was suspension of disbelief? These are superhero comics, do we really need everything quantified? A wise comic book creator has said when you start worrying about how The Thing goes to the bathroom, it might be time to move on to another genre.