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  1. Please don't take this the wrong way as I have never bought from you, but there are plenty of people on here who can't grade for shiz and they sell a lot of books
  2. He's not wrong though, you're all just a bunch of bullies, especially the members who joined in 2016.
  3. I can't argue with anything you say. Somehow he was able to have an incredibly successful career on little artistic talent. I understand taste in art is subjective, but I'll never understand how his work has fans.
  4. I don't need "proof" of something that isn't true, because I already know the answer. The onus is not on the person who already knows the truth, it's on the person spreading misinformation to prove that they are not spreading falsehoods
  5. Yes, it's very easy to ask John Byrne on his website and he has made his thoughts very well known on it. None of those reasons include others making profit off of his work, let alone him saying they don't deserve to make money off of his work. Again, if that were the case he'd be upset every time one of his X-Men pages sells for 5 figures at auction.
  6. When being wrong is anathema to someone, when it's pointed out to them it's always taken as a "personal attack".
  7. All one has to do is go to Byrne's own website and do a search, or better yet, ask him. No "contacts" needed
  8. The information here about John Byrne is false, amazingly false. I would love to see proof of him saying he doesn't want anyone making any money off of him, let alone how they don't deserve it. Byrne has stated many times on his own site why he does not like the idea of slabbing and none of them have anything to do with people making money off of him. If that were the case he'd be crying every time one of his x-men pages sells at auction for 5 figures, he doesn't. Edit: At the NYCC he would only sign 3 items and I believe the policy was the same at the con in Canada. At the most recent one in Dallas he was back to 10 items. The number of items isn't important, just more smoke and mirrors.
  9. I don't know much about the BWS situation, so I cannot speak to that. I'm wondering how JB is being "selfish and greedy" because he refuses to sign for SS? He doesn't charge for signatures, is he being "selfish and greedy" because he only allows 10 signatures per day, per family unit? It's his choice, I think it's worth respecting that choice.
  10. I went today and it was a well put together show at a nice venue. There were a lot of quality books in the room which is not typical for a local non national type show around here. We had a really nice time and I hope they put on another show next year. Hopefully the weather cooperates next time as today it was really terrible, maybe the worst I can remember this late in April.
  11. That ASM #189 is horrible and CGC should be embarrassed that it exists IMHO.
  12. It must've been that dry British humor I hear so much about.
  13. How can people tell when their post has been reported on the new boards? On the old boards it was easy, not so sure how to tell on this one Or are people just paranoid?