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  1. Grabbed these for $30 at the flea market on Sunday. Highlights were Batman 85 and 92 (first Ace the Bat Hound - no back cover, but not complaining for the price 😎)
  2. I went to it (along with the PCC flea market). Great local show - you should definitely get a table for the September show - I think you would do really well. I bought a ton of dollar books (including 6 copies of a Spidey 431 that I saw for sale at the next booth over for $30) and splurged (for me) on a beat but complete Detective 127 (half priced down to $50). Was a little bummed since they normally give you a coupon for a free slice of pizza at the adjoining Italian restaurant - but, sadly, was informed on the way in that the restaurant is no more
  3. Yesterday's haul - all this for $30 Highlights include mini-runs of Bomba, Inferior Five, and House of Mystery(including 160), a couple of Suzies, an old Archie, and Four Color 328. Most were well read, but for the price I ain't complaining
  4. Thanks - I hope you feel better soon so you can get some more great scores
  5. Pasadena City College (which I know is usually your neck of the woods - glad you left some for the rest of us )
  6. It was cold and miserable this morning - but I'm glad I headed out to the flea market These were $3 each Oh yeah, these two were also $3 each from the same vendor These were $40 total from two different vendors And finally, I couldn't pass this up for $3, even though it doesn't have any of the prints All in all, a good day at the flea market.
  7. PIcked up this lot for $50 total this morning at the flea market
  8. Just picked these 3 up as part of a small GA pickup - definitely top 3 of the year
  9. Hit a bunch of garage sales this morning - bought these from 2 different sales, all $1 each
  10. Nothing at the flea market this morning, but I did pick up these beauts for $1 each at the Goodwill afterwards
  11. Some highlights from a group of 50 I picked up this morning at the flea market for $1 each
  12. The book signing was on my birthday - went through the line the first time, he said no to the sketch. Waited for everyone to go through, and came back to the end - told him it was my birthday and asked again - and he was nice enough to draw it for me.
  13. I got this one at a book signing a while back ...