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  1. First flea market in 3 months - was it worth the risk? Well, I did find this for $10, so I guess so found these as well - not as well priced, but happy to get them Also found this “sculpture” that appears made of play doh that I couldn’t pass up Overall, glad to be back to the hunt!
  2. Local pickup - paid a little less than $1.50 a book. Nice run of Tec 544-658 (missing the 4 Year 2 books) and Batman 443 - 487. Most appear to be high grade.
  3. I bought 7 comics from Srezvan - shipped quickly and well packed
  4. I'll take the Battlefront 39, Navy Action 7, and Marvel Tales 134
  5. They just announced ECCC has been postponed until summer
  6. My guess is they are waiting for the local government to officially shut them down so they can make an insurance claim (voluntary shutdown likely prevents them from making a claim).
  7. Yup - that was it (hope I didn’t leave behind a good one)
  8. Took a bit of a gamble on these, as TMNT books aren’t really my thing and I don’t know how to tell reprints from originals - guy said he bought them off the stand in the ‘80s, read them once then put them away. I said fine at about $13 each. The #1 he had was marked a reprint (not a later printing) so I left it behind. This is from inside the #2, where it would usually say second printing, so I think it’s ok.
  9. All this for $20 - knew it was going to be a good score when he said $2 for the Tarzan book
  10. Got a small stack of books today. Highlights were the Tec below - although I was apparently late to the party, as the dealer said someone had just bought a bunch from him Then the find of the day was this - was looking through the guys small stack of 70s Archies when he says “I have Archie #1 over here for $40 - you interested?” He had my attention - not what I was hoping for, but still very happy with the purchase.
  11. Great morning for hunting comics - came home with a nice little stack, including a few wonderful Golden Age beaters purchased from our very own Robot Man. Best of the bunch were the 3 purchased below - guy was getting rid of his comics 3 for $5. Found the More Trash from Mad #1 from another vendor - was in great shape and had the insert, very cheaply priced.
  12. Good morning at the flea market Paid $30 for all of these Paid $2 for this one Not comics related, but picked this up for $15 - very nice toy display sign (included the original shipping box, mounting bracket, and instructions!)
  13. Grabbed these for $30 at the flea market on Sunday. Highlights were Batman 85 and 92 (first Ace the Bat Hound - no back cover, but not complaining for the price 😎)