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  1. Pickup from a Craigslist ad - about 200 comics, mostly Epic/Eclipse and other random mid to late 80s titles. I missed the best of the bunch when I was looking at the collection - but was pleasantly surprised to see the Raphael jammed into the right side of the box when I got home and took a closer look
  2. $40 Craigslist purchase - about 85 books including 15 DC Universe logo books and 2 copies of Flaming Carrot 27
  3. $3 Thrift store find- gotta always check inside those books...
  4. Went back to the thrift store where a couple of months back I purchased a nice stack of comics that were once owned by someone named Caleb. They must’ve brought out another box of Caleb's books, because I bought another 20 or so today - mostly sketchbooks and indies circa 2007-2013, the highlight being Head Lopper 1 and 2 (self published version) - not bad for $20 all in.
  5. Picked this up at an estate sale this morning- wasn’t cheap, but was able to bundle with lots of other stuff so that the total price for everything I purchased was very reasonable. The estate had literally tens of thousands of books - but very little in the way of comics (although it was day 3 of the sale). What’s interesting about this (to me) is that it appears to be a reviewer copy - but the bibliography is still cut out - although the classified ad inside said it was intact.
  6. Craigslist find - 150 random Bronze Age books - 100 Marvel, 50 DC. Nothing too spectacular but the price was right
  7. Picked up about 70 comics for $1 each at the thrift store that normally doesn't have anything - they got in 3 tubs of comics from someone named Caleb - thanks Caleb!
  8. An interview with Jim Lee on the current situation - Interesting quote at the end - We’ll take the most successful books and repackage it as physical books .I think there is definitely business to be had in physical periodicals. But that said, I think there’s greater upside in digital because we can go to a more global audiences and the barrier to entry, especially in this pandemic, is lower. It’s a lot easier to get digital content into the hands of consumer
  9. First flea market in 3 months - was it worth the risk? Well, I did find this for $10, so I guess so found these as well - not as well priced, but happy to get them Also found this “sculpture” that appears made of play doh that I couldn’t pass up Overall, glad to be back to the hunt!
  10. Local pickup - paid a little less than $1.50 a book. Nice run of Tec 544-658 (missing the 4 Year 2 books) and Batman 443 - 487. Most appear to be high grade.
  11. I bought 7 comics from Srezvan - shipped quickly and well packed
  12. I'll take the Battlefront 39, Navy Action 7, and Marvel Tales 134
  13. They just announced ECCC has been postponed until summer