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  1. Looking for a Ms Marvel 18 9.8 White pages nicely centered for $800 shipped
  2. hermster

    Stan Lee RIP

    rip stan the man lee
  3. hermster

    Vox Virtus Kudos Thread

    Ty purchased a sentry 1 9.8 from me. Fast and reliable dude. I hope you enjoy the books and would do business with him any day!
  4. hermster

    [CLOSED] Sold

    thank you
  5. hermster

    [CLOSED] Sold

    Sentry #1 SDCC 2000 Exclusive - Sold
  6. hermster

    [CLOSED] Sold

    No Probbies or HoS http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1646534&fpart=114 All books will be shipped via USPS priority and you will pay the exact cost. has priority over PMs, PM offers are always welcomed I take Paypal only My Kudos Thread USA Only, Sorry no international buyers
  7. hermster

    current turn around rates at CGC

    Modern (non fast track) 9 books Verified 7/24 Scheduled for grading 8/15 Graded 8/20
  8. hermster

    current turn around rates at CGC

    Modern 9 books Verified 7/24
  9. hermster


    ebay id: nixicolo_0 bought a book from me and after delivery did an unauthorized charge thru paypal
  10. hermster

    DavidTheDavid's Feedback!

    Did a deal for a couple of Judge Dredd books with a super boardie. Solid guy all around. Definitely was a pleasure dealing with and hope to deal with again!