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  1. Thank you guys for your help it is Danny Miki
  2. Hello, do you know what artist signature is on the cover? Looks like it is no one mentioned on the cover . Thank you
  3. Hi, guys, is it better to send comics in polybags or unwrap them before sending them for grading? Thank you.
  4. Hi, guys do you recognize this signature? I can not find it . Thank you for your help
  5. Hi, I have signed 1995 Windstorm Spawn cards by Actors of the Movie and Todd McFarlane. They just came from PSA check them out #68 signed by Martin Sheen #69 signed by Theresa Randle #79 signed by John Leguizamo #146 signed by Michael Jai White #150 signed by Todd McFarlane What you guys think I should to put them on eBay for?