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  1. Yeah, it's all those nasty, law abiding gun owners that are causing all the mayhem!!
  2. So you assume the other neighbors are just going to stand and watch? Not in my neighborhood. Your concern is valid, but it does not speak for everyone.
  3. 1) Not technically a comic creator but my number one is still: Rebbeca Romjin (Mystique) 2) Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) 3) David Mazzuchelli
  4. I would whole heartedly agree with Turtle's comment. As a collector of Hero Initiative sketches I have been saddened to see a handful of these with added signatures that has certainly lessened the art's appeal.
  5. And I still have it my friend!! As far as the Severin, as far as I know she only did the Spider-Man Hero book, no Hulk sadly.
  6. This is something of a white whale for us SS guys. I'd love to contribute where I can. The "collector" knows a ton, alexH, man, it would be great to get this off the ground. I've personally always wondered how many Eisner's were ever done......
  7. Lord knows there's not any other comics to read except the ones entombed in plastic.....
  8. My entire family are Pokemon nerds and can't wait to see this!
  9. MY O.O. 8.0 is doing ok on comiclink http://comiclink.com/Auctions/item.asp?back=%2FComicTrack%2FAuctions%2Fauctions_first.asp&id=1309264
  10. Looking for a low grade, but complete copy of Tales of Suspense 52. Got $200 to spend. Longshot maybe, but let me know if you've got one! Thanks!
  11. That's awesome man! Great story and congratulations!!
  12. FWIW, looks like someone trying to do an Alan Moore signature, and not very well!