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  1. Keron Grant Warren Louw Inhyuk Lee thanks to @RadiantGraphix
  2. Sold this one and wished I hadn't. Thanks @littlebull for sending it home.
  3. 15% off, will keep this open for another day or two before moving some back to my collection or to the bay.
  4. Fixed but decided to keep it.
  5. Withdrawn, keeping it.
  6. Uncanny X-Force 1 Deadpool sketch by Clayton Crain CLOSED (He didn't sign it as noted on the label)
  7. Wolverine 300 Wolverine sketch by Stephen Segovia CLOSED
  8. Fantastic Four 1 Doom sketch by Jeff Edwards $old
  9. Avengers 1 Iron Spider-man sketch by Jon Hughes CLOSED
  10. Avengers 1 iron Man sketch by Brad Walker CLOSED
  11. Detective Comics 877 signed by Scott Snyder & Jock CLOSED
  12. Will post more later, open to offers or trades. Looking for Batman, Catwoman, Harley and Thor sketches.