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  1. Haven't been chasing too many sketches lately but that was one I was looking at. Love the Leia's and color Boba Fett he did but they're to rich for me right now.
  2. The Dave Dorman books are awesome. Missed out on his Obi-Wan sketch that was on the bay.
  3. More goodies from these 2. Inhyuk Jeehyung
  4. Nice pickup @exitmusicblue I've got a Thor sketch by Inhyuk that's one of my favs.
  5. 2 of my favorite artists. Inhyuk Jeehyung The 2 Gwen covers
  6. Afua Richardson $150
  7. Brent Peeples & Steve Lydic $175
  8. Livio Ramondell $175
  9. Freddie Williams II $175
  10. X-Men Legacy #273 (only 3 graded) $70