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  1. Loved looking back through this thread. So many good sketches I had forgotten about as well as some really nice newer ones. Here's my favorite 5, really hard choosing and could have easily put up another 5. Thor Mangila Doug Mahnke Sajad Shah (Yellow holder lines suck but still love the sketch) Johnny D Sara Richard
  2. Love this guys work, nice pick up @Ron C.
  3. Some Batman pickups. Nick Justus, huge thanks to Par2ch for this one. Tony Saylor Roger Andrews
  4. Some really nice pieces being posted. Keep up the good work. Here's some of my recents. Lynne Yoshii Tone Rodriguez Al Milgrom from Par2ch's opp Ace Continuado from the awesome Nino_013.
  5. For Lloyd CGC 9.8 Harley Quinn #1 2nd print Signed by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmotti and Clay Mann $150 shipped CONUSA -International pays shipping fees
  6. For Lloyd CGC 9.8 David Finch Ultimate Hawkeye sketch $250 - Sold, thanks @littlebull ! O
  7. Pretty disappointed in this issue and DC for hyping a non-event with 100 variants. Half of King's run is not worth the re-read for me now.. At least I only picked up the Lee variant.
  8. Both of the Batman 49 covers are great but Artgerm's is really good as is his Catwoman 1 cover.
  9. Taken from BeachBum's sales thread. Alex Ross's Set .
  10. deleted, rude post because I'm in a bad mood, sorry.
  11. Johnny D from Par2ch's opp, should be here tomorrow . Ed McGuinness and just snagged this Adam Hughes and Allison Sohn
  12. Nice Ron C, love this Joker! Mine should be here today.