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  1. My Butler was snagged off eBay and wasn't a lot of money, so I imagine he's not very pricey. He does really nice work.
  2. Mike DeBalfo, love the newtons, this one's going back for new case. Steven Butler Alfred Trujillo, just wow! and last but not least, the amazing Brian Massa, who sketched this so good that CGC didn't give him credit for it. Thank you my friend!
  3. I've got a sketch sales thread going in modern. A few sigs and blues as well.
  4. That's it for now.
  5. Serenity 2 signed by Jewel Staite, Summer Glau, & Nathon Fillion $650
  6. Harley Quinn 1 2nd print signed by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti & Clay Mann $100
  7. Wytches 1 NYCC $150
  8. Harley Quinn 25th anniversary $175
  9. Mike Perkins $300
  10. Yildiray Cinar $400
  11. Ramono Molenaar $200
  12. Adelso Corona & Jeff Balke $300