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  1. 7k for xmen 4 9.2 on HA with 6 hours to go

    That is not really that far off, the book two a large jump a few years back, when the Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver were announced for the Avengers movie. Very few high grade copies have sold in the last few years.
  2. Invincible Appreciation Thread

    Me too, I was hoping that this book was going to go for many more issues.
  3. Seven to Eternity Thread

    Did not realize there was that large of a gap.
  4. Books you just cant find in the Wild

    A CGC 9.4 2nd print sold for $450 back in December.
  5. Selling...Auction site vs Ebay?

    What he said, you have scammers all over Ebay looking to screw sellers. I would not take the chance of selling it to someone and having them state they received an empty box. Comiclink is definitely the way to go. No chance of anything like that happening there.
  6. Seven to Eternity Thread

    I do not think Saga had breaks to that degree but it has not always come out consistently every month. Walking Dead was not delayed but Invincible took the back seat to Walking Dead once the show got running and IMHO it hurt the book. There were large gaps as to when it was coming out, Invincible is ending at #144 and Walking Dead is over #170 and they came out around the same time.
  7. Seven to Eternity Thread

    He worked on Uncanny X-Force with Remender and his artwork wasn't as delayed.
  8. Post xmen 94 keys ??

    I think after 300 was the turning point for the book. The next good X-men run, in mind, was the Grant Morrison New X-men run, which was better than Uncanny during that time. He introduced many new characters, Fantomex, Quinton Quire, Dust, Beak, Xorn, and put Magneto back to a bad .
  9. Post xmen 94 keys ??

    Just off the top of my head 148 is the 1st Caliban 168 1st Madelyne Pryor 169 1st Morlocks 184 1st Forge
  10. It was book that was found in large collection of sealed distributor cases in a warehouse, probably something similar to the Mile High II collection, but to a lesser degree.
  11. FANTASTIC FOUR 45 cooling off? FF 52 red hot?

    I cannot believe that JR Jr has had such a long career over the past few decades with this art. There are probably dozens of board members who could product better quality work.
  12. Giant Size X-Men #1 vs. Fantastic Four #12

    Most larger dealers will consider, Bob Storms (Highgradecomics) or Greg Reece.
  13. Batman 1 CGC 3.5 vs Cap 1 CGC 3.5

    Depends also on the amount of resto, a color tough would be worth more than one with pieces added, etc.