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  1. There is one on ebay but price is pretty steep at $250.
  2. Does Larsen believe anyone would pay $100 for his sig? I wouldn't care to take it for free.
  3. I have always wondered, where did he get some many copies of all these keys to start out with?
  4. Not trying to derail a thread but the ad should say Marvel is multiple places in the ad but the picture does not show that?
  5. None of these are for sale. They were sold last year.
  6. What ever happened with him? Did he stop selling all together?
  7. It's amazing to me how Bryan Singer has a career in Hollywood considering his lackluster attempts at the X-Men, but I guess each movie made a profit so that's all that matters.
  8. I really enjoyed Mike Carey's Lucifer which is rarely talked about but thought it was very well done.
  9. Not being rude, but have you read the Morrison run? Or the Remender Uncanny X-force run? Both runs focus heavily on the character compared to others created during the Morrison run. I would put a better bet on Xorn or Quinten Quire than Dust as Marvel has used them after his run ended.