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  1. I cut the price by 25%. If the price is still too high, and you want the books, please make me an offer.
  2. I sell as josfriend2 on EBAY and you can check out my status there FLASH Issues 201 thru 350 complete $1,000 $750 $500 The average Grade is FN+ Postage is $50 in the US. Returns accepted for 30 days. Postage outside of the US will be determined I will try to post all of the covers between now and Sunday Payment is to be made by check from a US bank, Paypal or USPS money order
  3. The grail is actually a non-comic book grail of my wife's. It is my hope to sell one of my grails to get hers because without her I wouldn't have any of these books.
  4. Human Torch 6 CGC 9.0 S(A) Chicago copy $5,100
  5. It has been suggested that my All America 16 is great but it is too dear. Today I offer a book just as dear, but not as expensive. Golden Age Green Lantern 1 CGC 9.0 M(P) $12,000
  6. It has been suggested that my prices may be too high so tomorrow at 7:00 PM CST I will offer my Amazing Fantasy 15 CGC 4.0 at my rock bottom price, unless the books sells before then.
  7. All American 16 CGC 8.0 E(P) Origin and First Appearance of the Golden Age Green Lantern $40,000
  8. It has been mentioned to me that Amazing Fantasy 15 and Batman 1 are commonplace so tonight I will offer a rarer key.
  9. Thanks Peter. I do my best to follow the rules.