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  1. SOLD Thanks very much Uatu13
  2. Price cut to $400 for 150 books
  3. I cut the price to $500. Offers welcome.
  4. I cut the price by 25%. If the price is still too high, and you want the books, please make me an offer.
  5. I sell as josfriend2 on EBAY and you can check out my status there FLASH Issues 201 thru 350 complete $1,000 $750 $500 $400 The average Grade is FN Postage is $50 in the US. Returns accepted for 30 days. Postage outside of the US will be determined Payment is to be made by check from a US bank, Paypal or USPS money order
  6. The grail is actually a non-comic book grail of my wife's. It is my hope to sell one of my grails to get hers because without her I wouldn't have any of these books.
  7. It has been suggested that my All America 16 is great but it is too dear. Today I offer a book just as dear, but not as expensive. Golden Age Green Lantern 1 CGC 9.0 M(P) $12,000