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  1. Yeah, I'm just saying that a deeper, Vader like voice would sound better for a half ton mad Titan. Still trying to get over Spader's voice coming out of Ultron.
  2. Does her forehead open up on this show too?
  3. Statue Collections

    Waiting on mine to come in the next couple of weeks. Any problem with over spray on the teeth? Is the collar piece more ornate than the prototype?
  4. Anybody else think that Thanos has a wimpy voice? I mean, all I can think of is James Earl Jone's voice coming out of Vader.
  5. I Miss Dave (Stevens, that is)

    would have preferred Betty in blue dress. Looks like Sideshow is distributing the statue.
  6. What a fun movie! Much better than Bond? If this Vaughn guy wants to help DC, I say HELL YEAH!
  7. Gotham

    This show seems like the kind of place to introduce The Question to the masses that don't know him.
  8. Statue Collections

    Any thoughts from the veteran collectors as to the rarest/hard to find statues?
  9. THE PUNISHER on Netflix

    Okay, just binged the second half of episodes. Can we agree that Frank is done missing his family? He's done with cleaning up his past in the middle East? Can we have some non stop action next season? Lotsa bad guys out there to deal with.
  10. if his claws are natural/bone, then how do they go "snikt"?
  11. Statue Collections

    Thought about it. Then I saw the gloves. Too small.