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  1. kdoginohio

    Venom Movie

    will Venom sound like Sean Connery?
  2. kdoginohio

    LUKE CAGE on Netflix

    What surprises me more is the hype for Black Panther(a monarchy that hides/protects it's borders/riches from surrounding countries), while a man trying to clean up an American neighborhood from corruption/violence is somehow passed over except for comics fans. Don't get it. Am I missing something?
  3. kdoginohio

    Statue Collections

    So, I opted for the brown suit Wolverine over Zatanna. Didn't realize it came with two different portraits! pics a little blurry
  4. kdoginohio

    Statue Collections

    Yeah, I passed on this statue because of the gloves scrunching around his wrists. I know it's sounds petty, but...
  5. well, they need something since they haven't gotten the FF right yet.
  6. they need to visit the Savage Land and give Phoenix a break. we all know the story. maybe a little Sauron, considering all the jurassic stuff.
  7. who posted them? i for one think that an out of work actress with a excessive spray tan got passed over for the part. there is the real crime in this.
  8. Mindless Ones this time?
  9. so, i'm still working my way through this show and i've and some questions have arisen. 1) why don't these people have/want weapons? 2) why are all the guys wimps? 3) could they have let John try to fight off one of the "moth eaters" till the robot showed up? a little alpha male moment.
  10. kdoginohio

    LUKE CAGE on Netflix

    yeah, in one episode. not impressed. going back to catch up on Jessica Jones S2.
  11. the guy is Superman. I would think there would be some leeway. wow.