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  1. What should be graded?

    yeah, i still shake my head when folks in the WTB thread are looking for slabbed books that aren't worth the cost of the process.
  2. Gotham

    okay, this season is building the rogues gallery. so might next season show us Bruce's growth into the world's greatest detective?. with the movies being all action, maybe the show will focus a little more on solving crimes. oh, and the development of lotsa wonderful toys.
  3. but, it must be true. it's on social media.
  4. He's not Pip? He would have more involvement after Adam Warlock is introduced. Sometimes I don't get these castings.
  5. one week to go. got thursday night tix.
  6. just finished episode one. not feeling the warm fuzzy feel that was the original Robinson family. too much change for this old dog. can we not have a dysfunctional family show? i'll give it another episode or two.
  7. Gotham

    Bruce has a Batmobile! And, Bab's is Iron Fist!
  8. Statue Collections

    check out the secret sanctuary video on his Thanos head. it made me cry.
  9. if wakanda is so advanced, why wage a battle with foot soldiers and spears? i don't get it.
  10. Gotham

    i'm still seeing Lee Thompkins as Nocturna. is her skin getting paler, or is it just me? also, i see Jerome or Jeremiah having run in with Joker gas.
  11. surprised that she hasn't popped up on AOS with all their timesy-wimesy stuff
  12. I Miss Dave (Stevens, that is)

    Last week marked the anniversary of Dave's passing. I knew there was something important about 3/11, but couldn't remember why. Rest in peace Mr. Stevens, you are missed.
  13. If you're gonna have the Surfer, why not Galactus?
  14. Ava DuVernay's New Gods

    I hope she can fade into the backround and not be the focus that takes away from the movie(s).