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  1. I Miss Dave (Stevens, that is)

    Fun fact #321: DC made Dave switch her to side saddling the broom instead of a traditional straddle. Thought it might be too offensive.
  2. Statue Collections

    This is cool
  3. Gotham

    okay, Jerome is the obvious choice for Mr. J at this point, but what about the kid Bruce shut out of the nightclub?
  4. I have to give kudos to DC. Looking back at all the misdirections with the trailers/leaks were awesome!
  5. Statue Collections

    it's a great piece. got mine as the centerpiece in my office.
  6. Well, I hope they don't try to sell it as a "black" movie. The Panther always seemed to transcend color to me.
  7. Enjoyed it. Only negative for me was Other than that, very enjoyable.
  8. Gotham

    Okay, does anyone else want Victor to take care of Sofia? Might be worse character than Fish. Will we see Penguin's bookeeper have a puppet soon? Also, am I the only one that thinks of Dave Stevens' Vampirella when they show Lee Thompkins?
  9. Only good thing so far is Lockjaw. Also, can someone get the king of Attilan a membership in the Shave Club for Men?
  10. Gotham

    So, I'm all caught up this season. Scarecrow looks good. Bat suit coming together. Characters are moving in good direction. Can't wait or Grundy! Oh, just a thought....
  11. Statue Collections

    So, in the event of a break in, could I use the claws off of my Hulk/Wolverine maquette as a self defense weapon? Sorry, sometimes I have too much time on my hands.
  12. Statue Collections

    Let it go, let it go.
  13. The Dr Who Thread

    I'm cool with it. Reminds me of the Doctor's daughter.
  14. Statue Collections

    is there a Surfer that's goes as a companion piece?