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  1. My latest acquisition from Quantum Mechanix.
  2. Happy Birthday to Dave Stevens. July 29, 1955.
  3. Shouldn't Fu Manchu be in there somewhere? Can Black Jack Tarr still call him China man?
  4. It should read, "Thanks for all the money, now we're going to throw garbage on the screens for you".
  5. Anyone pre order this? HMO Collectibles version.
  6. Can someone please give us a decent live action Bane?
  7. You know it's funny that I've seen all of these people excited to see Godzilla running at King Ghidorah in the trailer. Have they never seen a sumo match in between their Anime binge watching? Or two NFL lineman going off the ball?
  8. So many inappropriate comments come to mind. I'll just say,"meow".
  9. One episode in of this season. Scarecrow is not disappointing! Just wondering, will this show end up on DC's new channel next to Titans?