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  1. kdoginohio

    Statue Collections

    Saw this at my local shop. IT'S YUGE! What a behemoth!
  2. kdoginohio

    The Dr Who Thread

    Poor Lady Doctor Who. Will she be the George Lazenby of the franchise?
  3. So, looking back, is anyone else pissed/disappointed that we got more Puny Banner and less hulk in Infinity War?
  4. So, if Thanos took the Gauntlet from the Asgard vault, why did he need the dwarves to make one? Is there a back up? Does he go back in time to remake the one destroyed at the end? Is it all timesy- wimesy stuff?
  5. Or, they realize that everyone else is in the soul gem and they need Scott Lang to shrink them to get in the stone.
  6. kdoginohio

    The Dr Who Thread

    Will the TARDIS have issues with the new Doctor, seeing that they both are feminine?
  7. After they realize where they are, they have to get out somehow. Only the stones can possibly do that.
  8. Captain Pike at the helm! Cameos by Spock?
  9. He'll get some award some day and Meryl Streep will give him a standing ovation.
  10. kdoginohio

    Statue Collections

    would have liked to see her in the blue dress.
  11. kdoginohio

    I Miss Dave (Stevens, that is)

    stumbled across this little tidbit. Dave had a knack for giving homage to others thru his work.
  12. trying to remember if anyone "dusted" away in the last episode.
  13. kdoginohio

    Statue Collections

    let me rephrase that. there was nothing that I saw that made me say, "I gotta have that right now"! and I did enjoy your videos from there. will you be posting your Rocketeer review here soon?
  14. kdoginohio

    Statue Collections

    kinda underwhelmed by all the stuff they showed at SDCC 2018.