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  1. Wide release films have decreased in frequency by a huge margin over this time period. In 2006 there was 128, a decade later there as 96. Overall film releases have increased, but if it’s not wide release it’s usually straight to redbox or streaming B movie garbage. The threshold for a movie to be considered “wide release” is incredibly low. It has to be shown in 600 theaters. Southern California alone can get you there I’m pretty sure. There is definitely a trend of mainstream movies heading this direction. Regardless if you liked the new Robocop or not I think we can all agree it was better when it was a new idea. And TV is irrelevant because we are talking about movies. Wide release theatrical movies in particular. It’s true not all low budget movies are bad and not all streaming exclusive content is bad, but the staggering majority of these movies that fall outside the wide release umbrella are forgettable at best. TV is great right now, golden age of television. Movies, not so much Edited to add: the few sequels we had in the beginning were at the very start of franchises still in theaters to this day. Rocky, Rambo, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc. how many is enough? How many entries? How many years? 007 was pretty much the only long running franchise in cinema back then, and honestly, that was more than enough.
  2. Black Panther isn’t a character drama. I actually spent a fair bit of time researching top ten international box office releases over the course of 40 years. This is what I got 1979 - 1 sequel 1980 - 2 sequels 1981 - 3 sequels 1982 - 2 sequels 1983 - 2 sequels 1984 - 2 sequels 1985 - 2 sequels 1986 - 3 sequels 1987 - 1 sequel 1988 - 1 sequel Average of 1.9 sequels per year. Low of 1, high of 3 1989 - 4 sequels 1990 - 2 sequels 1991 - 2 sequels 1992 - 3 sequels 1993 - no sequels 1994 - no sequels 1995 - 4 sequels 1996 - 1 sequel 1997 - 2 sequels 1998 - no sequels Average of 1.8 sequels per year. Low of 0, high of 4 1999 - 3 sequels 2000 - 1 sequel 2001 - 3 sequels 2002 - 7 sequels 2003 - 5 sequels 2004 - 5 sequels 2005 - 3 sequels 2006 - 5 sequels 2007 - 5 sequels 2008 - 5 sequels Average of 4.2 sequels per year. Low of 1, high of 7. First year with majority sequels 2009 - 6 sequels 2010 - 5 sequels 2011 - 9 sequels 2012 - 7 sequels 2013 - 8 sequels 2014 - 8 sequels 2015 - 6 sequels 2016 - 8 sequels 2017 - 10 sequels 2018 - 10 sequels Average of 7.7 sequels per year. Low of 5, high of 10. First decade without a year with majority original content. First year with all sequels. First decade with majority average. For convenience I listed all franchise movies and remakes as “sequels” on the list. So modern live action Disney remakes of classic cartoons, like Jungke Book, are counted among them. Franchise movies considered sequels, so all 007 movies. I didn’t count the first entry in a series intended to become a franchise, so the first Lord Of The Rings or Harry Potter movie won’t be included. Cheech & Chong’s Nice Dreams considered a sequel here, even though there appears to be no continuity and the characters don’t have the same names they did in Up In Smoke. Moviegoers knew what they were getting when they went, and that was the point. Star Wars Episode IV not considered a sequel. Worldwide box office used from 2002 Spider-Man counted but 1990 Batman didn’t. The Batman serials weren’t really movies, and the Adam West movie was a TV adaptation, so I consider the 1990 Batman movie to be the “first” Batman movie, and not a part of an existing franchise, TV adaptations not counted, so the Simpson’s movie not counted, Smurf's not counted. All MCU movies counted. Marvel feature cartoons not counted if a first entry, big hero 6 not counted. IT counted but maybe it shouldn’t have since the miniseries wasn’t a movie. Oh well. DC superhero movies counted except 1990 Batman since Superman. I counted Wonder Woman what TV does is irrelevant to the discussion. It is not a matter of opinion that sequels, remakes, and franchise movies have taken over Hollywood.
  3. I agree with him completely but it’s not limited to Marvel movies the slightest bit. Wide release theatrical movies, on average, are just getting worse. They’re all sequels and franchise movies. CGI spectacles light on plot and heavy on nostalgic IP. Audiences aren’t looking to be challenged when watching a movie. They don’t want to feel emotion when watching a movie. They want to see Spider-Man, car chases, and explosions. I feel like the influence of international box office is a major contributor to this. If you look back at international cinema, fantastic senseless rainbow colored super powered action goes back decades. It wasn’t comic book super heroes, but comic book super heroes fit right in with what they were already familiar with.
  4. I know it was sold at SPX but have not seen a copy come up for sale on eBay. Don’t know what it initially cost, the print run, or if it will be made available again so don’t know what to offer, but if you’re willing to part with a copy we can talk
  5. A private golf community out here has an annual yard sale event where they allow commoners beyond the gates to buy the residents unwanted belongings. I did see a guy selling antique silver coins in his front yard one day. Thought it was odd. He was really old though
  6. Why do criminals always have the Dumb & Dumber haircut these days?
  7. I bet there’s some legitimate slab owners that don’t know what that means. Shop owners too
  8. Crazy Larry’s Cardboard Emporium in Tustin guarantees your purchase to appraise for double
  9. This is exciting. What a insufficiently_thoughtful_person saying he got it in a yard sale. If he had just acted like a collector there might not have been any suspicion
  10. That cover is something else. Did Wrightson do interiors on that too? If so I’d like to see it in black and white
  11. I remember the day pretty well. My mom gave me a dollar for the quarter bin. I grabbed a Whitman Super Friends comic, that Saint Francis comic from Marvel, a religious comic called Crossfire, and Run Baby Run. Still have 3/4
  12. Gonna have to get that issue. The movie parodies have been my favorite since the Beverly Hills Cop issue
  13. That or just walk if you don’t like the price, which is what I do
  14. The guides were written by the dealers (some of whom were known undisclosed restoration scammer types). GPA is written by actual sales results. Using GPA as a reference for pricing is like using CGC standards as a reference for grading, but a few of the old school guys will still call everything NM