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  1. How are porcelain baby Jesus dolls from the Home Shopping Network selling these days? That’s more what I would compare Funkopops to than comics. I agree with Kav that modern variants probably won’t retain their value. I also believe ultra high grades won’t. The price difference between a 9.0 and a 10.0 is going to consolidate one day. Funkos take up a huge amount of space and use the same mold for every single one. Nowadays people think they look cute. People used to think Tomagochis were cute too and I guarantee someone was buying them as an investment. My philosophy would be not to buy modern collectibles right off the shelf as an investment. Anything on the toy isle at Target or in a mall kiosk is more likely to become garbage than it is going to beat inflation long term. The storage space required just isn’t worth it for the possible ROI. And yes, comics are the same. The majority of comics I bought are worth a whole buck after 30 years of careful climate controlled storage. If they’re fun get them, don’t worry about what they’ll be worth in 30 years, and absolutely do not buy a thousand dollar collectors item limited edition Funkopop
  2. Board etiquette has always been let the sellers charge what they please. One rare time I saw a seller get called out was on some kind of comic related memorabilia, can’t remember what, that was readily available in no short supply for $40 or so on eBay but hyped as ultra rare with a much higher price here on the boards. From a new seller I believe
  3. Bring an 80’s/90’s kid a lot of big 1st appearances were bought off the rack. First time I bought one from a bin was Marvel Team Up 65 on recommendation of Wizard Magazine. Found mine in a 10 cent bin, it had “Bill the kid” written in pencil on the cover. I think I sold it here on the boards
  4. If Diamond can only survive as a 100% monopoly then it’s not anyone’s fault but their own if they fail when they lose an account that according to one retailer here makes up little more than 10% of their orders. in most industries it’s the manufacturers and retailers trying to look out for the consumer. In comics it seems we as retailers are supposed to look out for the publisher and retailer.
  5. Is DCBS set up alongside Diamond or are they a Diamond account?
  6. There was and is nothing stopping any Diamond vendor from setting up a similar online outlet
  7. Your business can be completely in the red and still compensate executives very generously
  8. I can’t get online and order one avocado directly from the farm. I wouldn’t compare DCBS to a farm either. They’re still just a retailer of comics like any other
  9. If distributors didn’t deep discount to the consumer then how come DCBS can beat every shops price by a good 40%?
  10. Everyone complains about Diamond until someone does something about it, and then they complain about that too
  11. I’ve never been driven by characters so I always assume it’s not as big an issue as actual quality of content. If the comics are good, and priced friendly, they might do okay. You should see the numbers some of these kids comics do outside the direct market.
  12. Do you grow your own? I don’t drink beer but it’s an interesting hobby I’ve learned about mostly from Marc Hansen’s blog
  13. Some new company. Who knows if they’re gonna be good or not, but this is good for multiple reasons. New Avenue of distribution outside Diamond and the direct market, and more eyes on comics who usually wouldn’t enter a LCS