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  1. Yeah the rollout was weird. I couldn’t list silver for like two months
  2. I’ve been using it for several months now and have been more active selling on eBay than ever before. Managed payments is fine but I wish it were immediate like PayPal
  3. There’s plenty worse than Green Day, remember Fred Durst?
  4. People who hoard silver bullion call themselves “stackers”
  5. Just got a nice copy today for $80, and I was willing to spend $200
  6. I’ve read the Archie section in the Archie Archives so I had assumed it was a teen humor book all the way through
  7. I’ve been buying them since the first volume for like $60 each no problem. Sometimes a month after release. This is the first volume I’ve had trouble getting. I mean, I have one, but it’s pretty bad. I got another order in from book depository and I’m hoping it comes through but I’m only about 50% confident they send me one
  8. When it came I immediately checked the corners and they all looked good and I was relieved. Wasn’t until I had come home from work and was about to tear the plastic off that I noticed the giant gash in the cover/spine
  9. Amazon destroyed mine, looking for a nice copy. edit: fresh crispy copy in hand!
  10. Yeah but Stan Lee signatures aren’t all that rare. Neither is Marvel Age #32. And comics are one of those things where the condition of the item isn’t exactly secondary. It would be like Stan Lee at a convention signing a comic, folding it in half horizontally, and handing it back to you. In order for condition to not matter the signature would have to be so rare that buying a better example isn’t an option. Something likenAlexander Hamilton, Billy the Kid, Jack the Ripper, Shakespeare.