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  1. He wasn’t the only one doing teeth, claws, and horrible anatomy. A lot of his harshest critics consider artists whose work I could easily mistake for Liefeld to be the best in the business
  2. I didn’t even realize it had been almost a month since he had posted
  3. I wonder if the police thought it was some kind of insurance scam and that’s why they didn’t pay it the attention it deserved? I’m still convinced if $100k worth of Rolex watches had gone missing they’d be on the case.
  4. I hate that you can’t block sellers and have their listings just not show up for you anymore.
  5. Every time someone finds out I’m into comics they say “OMG Liefeld is my favorite artist!”
  6. Drove to the grocery store to return a Redbox and there was about 8 women in thong bikinis over by Carl’s Jr.
  7. My small town of about 20,000 residents is completely overrun with Instagram models right now due to Coachella. Like infrastructure problems because of the sheer number of hot women.
  8. Any chance of finding Bronze Age mags in any of these places?
  9. $100k in goods and the police aren’t interested. What if it had been diamond rings or cars?
  10. The LCS owner out here had never heard of Fantagraphics.
  11. That already happened in the 90’s. I’ve pulled plenty of signed comics out of bargain bins. Even the polybagged platinum variant editions with COA’s
  12. We’ll see. I’m not sure the appeal of variants will survive much longer. Two reasons, one is variants jumping the shark, exactly like this 80 variants for Tec 1000. The other is we can look at these images for free any time we like online. All 80 of them. Back when the variant craze started the internet wasn’t really a thing. You couldn’t right-click-save a variant cover and make it your phone’s wallpaper or print it on a mug if you wanted. also, hopefully sooner or later people will realize a comic isn’t “rare” when half a million copies are sold just because the cover is different
  13. Bid what you want to pay and forget about it
  14. I’m interested in knowing how he recovered them. I suspect the guy who stole them walked right into s local comic shop or pawn shop with the whole lot