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  1. That one where Alf is sodomizing a seal, and the other one where Archie is giving out hj’s at the beach. Oh, and the one where the Rifleman has major wood
  2. I don’t think it could be sold for a dollar. Newsprint really isn’t a whole lot cheaper. I think a square bound magazine half new stuff half reprints and cutting room floor stuff quarterly for maybe ten bucks might work
  3. Print can stay, but what we don’t need is $4-$5 weekly installments to our stories purchased from specialty shops. What needs to change is the comic format. Get rid of the continuity porn. Get rid of the crossovers. Get rid of the floppies. Instead release a square bound anthology book like Heavy Metal or a manga book, but with the DC properties. Top talent, loose deadlines, with a new focus on quality over flooding the shelves. Distribute directly to the consumer through an online marketplace. That in addition to digital, and the eventual premium collections for the more popular series, should have just about everyone catered to except people who buy these things strictly to put in a plastic sleeve without ever looking in them or reading them, and that is just simply not a demographic they can cater to at the expense of people who might consume the product as intended for much longer. The biggest sign we are in the final stages of print comics is people paying extra for a blank cover without any regard for the contents inside
  4. They’re not offering us a competitive price though. These days an ad-riddled 22 page Big Two comic costs 33% more than an in-house ad at the back only Indy comic with better production values. The quantity they offer is a bloated catalog in an attempt to squeeze shelf space at the LCS. It’s worked great until the LCS stopped being the place everyone goes for comics. Back in the day the shop would carry 50 Marvel titles, 50 DC titles, and 15-20 indies. If Marvel or DC cancelled a title without replacing it that would be another slot for a competitors comic that a kid with a $10 allowance might buy instead of Avengers West Coast or Vision & The Scarlet Witch or whatever, so they had to keep a huge catalog to keep dominating the shelves
  5. The movie tickets already outsell their top selling comics 20-fold. The staggering majority of Joker & Harley fans have never even seen a comic book in real life. Many lifelong TMNT fans don’t even know there ever was a comic
  6. Yep, I’m way too nerdy to respond to that question honestly 😂
  7. I used to get Popeye’s spinach and Donald Duck orange juice every time we went shopping. Canned spinach is not great but I’d gag down every bite so I could be strong when I grew up
  8. I’ve already owned an ASM 300 but ever since I was a child Hulk 181 was a big book far out of my price range
  9. My collection is a mess, not even all in one location currently. After I get it all in this closet I’ll try my best to organize it so I can find what I’m looking for.
  10. If this is for the benefit of your family liquidating the collection when you pass is separate keys from commons and put a post-it on the back of the bag explaining the comic is valuable and why. Not a price value, but like (first appearance so-and-so, death of so-and-so, first so-and-so on this title)
  11. I’m actually shocked there hasn’t been some kind of 6 part story in the 80’s or 90’s where the last page of each issue had a single panel cameo from a mysterious new character who finally gets revealed in the final pages of the arc
  12. If you like Johnny Ryan or maybe even early Peter Bagge you’ll like it. Loser stoner comedy. Hard to find self published stuff. Seems like you have to call in sick the day he releases a new book to get it. I missed this one but luckily a Fantagraphics book store employee agreed to mail me one. In the past they’ve refused to mail their store exclusive stuff