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  1. I ordered some shoes that were in Los Angeles, about 100 miles from me. Then they were in Texas. I figured it was just the USPS screwing around delaying packages just because the boss man likes it that way. But then they were delivered to a post office box in Puerto Rico. Still waiting on my replacements
  2. The lottery has some sort of oversight so even if the odds are one in a million they’re higher than nothing
  3. I’m ready to do another purge. I want to wait until unemployment is somewhere under 20% when I do it though. My fiancé would rather I threw them all away right now so she could have that closet space for purses
  4. Depends on your space and your disposable income. At one time I had about 10,000 comics. Now I have maybe 2000-3000 and can’t even fit them all in one place. If your house looks like an episode of hoarders you have too many. If you can’t pay the bills you don’t have money for comics either. But if you can live comfortably with the size and cost of your collection it’s not too much
  5. It would also be super easy to make sure your friend won the comic, or just not ship it out at all and make an extra 2 grand. I participate in somewhat high dollar raffles online. The raffle holder has to be reputable and the way I’ve seen it done that makes rigging the raffle least likely is to pull numbers from a box where the last number pulled is the winner. There’s still ways to skew the odds, and I’ve seen raffles where the cousin of the guy hosting the raffle wins the car or whatever, so I’d say participate with caution
  6. I actually don’t mind the boards being moderated to keep trolling, fighting, politics, hate speech, and all that stuff off the board to keep it from becoming a toxic board that could make CGC look bad by association. I don’t like their deleting and locking of threads critical of CGC for valid reasons or their selectively enforced policy of not discussing competitors. That seems super sketchy and low class and not something I’d expect from a legitimate company.
  7. It’s not even as if they’d have to root through those bins to find the good stuff. It was on his wall and in his display case. It’s gone
  8. Got it for $20 shipped for the kids birthday in 2 weeks
  9. Can’t remember the exact year but it was right before Ultraverse was launched and they were giving away some Ultraverse swag at the door. Can’t remember the location either but it was relatively small, maybe Long Beach. I met Jae Lee there, he had the longest line so he must have been the main event. It was before he went to Image or right around that time. I had him sign a Namor comic
  10. For comics, very likely zero impact. For the IP, slight impact since among 11 year old kids there’s probably lots of crossover between marvel movies and Fortnite. My kid just told me about it. He didn’t ask to go get a Galactus comic. He reads manga on his phone pretty much exclusively now
  11. I think the advice against not buying a modern under 9.8 they are talking about common recent moderns. Since “modern” in comic book terms spans what, 30 years? If something came out 6 months ago and isn’t small press you have your options and don’t need to settle for lower grades. If something came out 30 years ago and is a mega key and you’re looking at a $1200 price difference between NM and NM+ I’m one of the people who thinks chasing ultra high grades is going to be a bad decision long term.