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  1. I just received from Bob unquestionably the HEAVIEST boards purchase I've ever made, a massive two-volume hardback tome that weighed easily north of 12 lbs. It arrived in fantastic shape given the care that went into the packaging. Throughout the buying process Bob was quick to respond and a fun seller to work with - he definitely gets my thumbs-up not just for how he sells, but WHAT he sells - his threads are always the coolest!
  2. Tough to pass this up, despite the fact I really should be selling instead of buying!
  3. Got here late but I’ll bite - what was the deal with that FF49? No way that looks like a 1.5 based on the scans alone.
  4. Those Suscha books are so great. One of my favorite pedigrees in terms of PQ along with Twin Cities to come along in the past 10 years.
  5. This is cool. Ellison is awesome and neat to own something from his collection.
  6. Yep, this is a great copy. I daresay physically it could even approach 7.5 minus that writing on the back. Cool date stamp, too!
  7. The line above Diablo's waistline could simply be a printer's crease that was always there from Day 1, though those usually run from the outside edges... it could also just be a wrinkle that appeared from handling over the years that was flattened out from the press. The color loss by the Thing's elbow could be something that lifted off due to a bad press, or it also might have resulted from a bend in the cover and subsequent rubbing over the years, as well - tough to diagnose without the "before" pictures as a comparison.
  8. Lots of great covers and memories there! Still have a bunch of these somewhere... someone should grab them - tons of great reading for $25.
  9. Same issue for me. Blank login screen on desktop using variety of browsers (Chrome and Safari), no problem on tablet or phone using Safari.
  10. I just love that Zeck cover, very cool to see it in a multi-pack... too much temptation to resist. Probably my favorite Cap cover he did next to the annual with Wolvie.