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  1. The stuff Foam Brewers puts out is sooooo good. Discovered that place soon after it opened and absolutely fell in love with their hazy IPAs and DIPAs, but with the border closure I've been stuck in Montreal and unable to get back down there en route to the family home since early January. I've been lobbying them on Instagram to drive up to border and throw some cans into Canada...
  2. Many years back in one of my first sales threads, I sold a book to Bob and as a relative n00b, was actually a mix of nervous and excited to have a transaction with someone who was clearly a respected veteran on the boards. Interacting with him and then getting some nice feedback about my packaging and shipping - and my grading of the book itself - did a lot for my confidence and sense of belonging as a member of the community. Very sorry to learn of his passing and will miss seeing his contributions here.
  3. So cool to see this offered on the boards (even though I can't afford it). I always wondered if the poor guy on the cover attempted to smoke a cylinder of radium, and what would have possessed him to make such a poor life choice.
  4. As an important experiment, I actually stared at the back cover here and *on my computer screen* saw the 3D "Mallrats" come into focus. I figured I should share.
  5. Love that date stamp! So cool, and great placement. It's fun to think about a fresh stack of these being unloaded onto a magazine stand somewhere in the Bel Paese in 1966.
  6. Sharon, I've long appreciated your generosity and contributions to the boards as a lurker in threads... I've been watching this one too but figured I might as well pipe in on behalf of my 9-year-old daughter, who would definitely love some of these. Do you still have the Teen Titans on pink background and the Ariel (purple/pink print on white background) in medium available? If yes I would certainly appreciate claiming those.