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  1. I’ve actually saved that photo so I can use it as a reference at a local shop should I get some of my own OA framed down the road. Really great.
  2. This is an absolutely beautiful framing job - one of the nicest I’ve seen for a piece of OA. Love the idea of including the finished page, and those subtle connecting lines from one visual to the next are great.
  3. This book must be heating up! Was over on eBay and it popped up as a suggested listing with a new asking price of $1.2M... Truly one of the great instances of hucksterism I’ve ever seen in a product description. The hard-sell/justification of the asking price is quite something.
  4. Spidey 156 and 172 NM- (assuming this is the lower copy of the two shown?) @ 20% off
  5. Also Superboy 104 and 171 (FN - $10)
  6. Nice grab. Always loved this cover and have been intrigued about tracking down an affordable copy...
  7. I have not, but it looks great and I have it saved in iTunes as something on my wish list for rental. Over on the Birth. Movies. Death. site I know a lot of users have been raving about it as a top film from last year, comparing it directly to Venom as the movie Venom really should have been. On a related note, if you like Logan Marshall-Green in the lead role there - or if you are a fan of suspense thrillers in general - do yourself a favor and go watch The Invitation, which I believe is still available on Netflix. An excruciatingly intense slow-burn of a film that explodes in its final act - one of my favorite movies, period, of the last few years. Great, great, great.
  8. A colleague at work lent me Image's Ancestor trade. Not sure if any of you have heard of it - I certainly hadn't. Anyway, obviously a very recent title, but despite a start I really got into (a future where people have their brains connected to something called "The Service" that essentially helps provide all the guidance and programming to help them navigate life; a messiah-like tech leader who brings the protagonist to his secluded compound), it takes an absolutely wonky hard left turn that left me essentially laughing in disbelief as I was reading the final issue and the climactic resolution. Truly a "WTF!!!" moment in comics reading where the level of fantasy envisioned just goes beyond anything I think you could reasonably choose to accept.
  9. Where and when is this show? See you're based in Gatineau - could be interested in coming to check it out and say hi if timing works.
  10. Prez 4 + What Ifs 8 and 38 ... ...and I’d just like to add that as old-school DD fan who has been slowly trying to assemble a complete 1-225 run, this thread has been simply magical in its breadth and quality of books offered. Thanks so much!!!