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  1. Going to add one more book before closing this thread on the weekend I will consider a trade for/towards an Amazing Fantasy #15 (cash can be added on my end if needed , no incomplete or brittle copies though) Action Comics #5 CGC 5.5 FN- Cream to OFF-White pages Unrestored Classic cover 5th ever appearance of Superman! $12,500 **this book is listed on another website for more $ but I can assure you it is an old listing which has not been deleted from a previous owner**
  2. Daredevil Comics #24 CGC 9.0 Cream to OFF-White pages Rockford Pedigree Tied for the highest graded copy (mile High copy is 8.5) Brutal Punch and Judy cover you won't find a nicer copy $1500 now $1250 Sold!!
  3. Top-Notch #21 CGC 8.0 Rockford pedigree NFS Can't sell this one, its my last pedigree MLJ book 😢
  4. Smash Comics #42 CGC 9.0 Cream to Off-White pages Rockford Pedigree 1st appearance of Lady Luck Key overlooked issue Unpressed $1800 now $1599
  5. Daredevil Comics #22 CGC 8.0 Cream To OFF-White pages Rockford Pedigree Crazy the Tramp bulldozing over children cover! $950 now $799
  6. Two-Fisted Tales #26 CGC 9.6 NM+ Cream to Off-White pages Gaines File copy (no certificate, this was graded originally in 2000 when CGC would throw out the certificate after grading) Great cover, definitely one of the best in the run $1650 now $1599
  7. I've submitted a few dozen books to CGC and a few are back which I'll be listing today Payment by money order, check. PayPal for books under $1500, please PM if over first Shipping to USA and Canada $30 via Canada post (there haven't been any delays shipping from Canada to the USA although books shipped from the USA to Canada by post have been delayed by weeks) No returns on CGC books. First ill take it gets it. Will usually entertain trades Also None of these have been pressed