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  1. Jumbo #109 CGC 9.2 NM- OWW pages 2nd highest graded copy Weird alligator man cover $685
  2. War against crime#10 Good Centerfold missing 1st appearance of the Vault Keeper Scarce key issue! $350
  3. Archie #37 and 58 GVG 3.0 copies $160 for the pair now $150 #37 has a 1.75 inch tear on the front cover
  4. Incredible hulk #6 Good 2.0 (probably closer to 2.5) Solid copy, first appearance of teen brigade and Metal Master $250
  5. The Book of 1000 Comical Stories; an Endless Repast of Fun. New York: & Fitzgerald, 1859 Publisher's illustrated wrappers. Front cover detached. Covers spotted. Tiny marginal tear to title page. Nice interior pages. I know little about this book, all I know is it's rare. Has great illustrations throughout and is 160 years old! $150